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The light that filled the laboratory disappeared in an instant, and the crimson that had been scattered around was visible again.  

The wings were enlarged to match the size of about 4m.
On the side of his head, a pair of small horns and a straight scar appeared between the forehead. 

The atmosphere was quite different from before.  


A change followed unexpectedly.
As Kang Yu-shik was examining Crimson’s body, his closed eyes flashed and he stood up. 

[New power overflows! !!] 

Crimson vigorously shouts.
When he saw that, Kang tapped his body and asked.

“Exactly what has changed and how? Please explain.” 

At Kang’s call, Crimson glanced at him with narrowed eyes and answered slightly bluntly.  

[I don’t have the awakened ability yet because I don’t have enough pieces of power yet.
However, it seems that the overall physical ability and magic power have increased, and the growth rate has also increased a bit.] 

That’s right.” 

It seems that he did not reach the stage of awakening. 

‘Then, all we need to do is collect more curses.’

For others, this is the level of finding other products among the scattered sandy beach, but for Kang, it is different.  

A high-ranking hunter who died of natural causes before regression.
And among them, it was enough to select only those who did not oppose or cooperate with the Black Dragon.  

‘I’ve already selected a few people.  The problem is the approach.’ 

If the black man knows that the curse he has placed has disappeared, there is a high probability that he will make a move right away.  

“That’s why you need to get it as fast as possible to break the curse, and in this case, there are two problems.”

‘Persuading about the curse is hard work…  It’s also normal to hide your identity from the black man.

If this debt arises, there is no need to worry about the story leaking out, but it can be said that anything with a long tail will be caught.  

If possible, it is better to remove the curse while hiding the identity of this person, but the problem is that it becomes difficult to give credit to the other party.  

Kang Yu-sik is deeply immersed in thought.  Suddenly, a person flashed through his mind.  

It is a guy who appeared in various places even before.
Kang Yu-sik, who reached the conclusion, immediately tapped the Crimson.  

You’re in.” 

Seeing Kang slap his leg, Crimson flicked his hand with his tail and looked at him with cold eyes.  

[I wish I hadn’t said it in command line.  Even though it’s a contracted relationship, I’m also an intellect.] 

Crimson bluntly answered whether he was dissatisfied with the reckless slap of the curse.
Kang Yu-sik, who smiled at the sight, spoke calmly.  

“A piece.
Hand it over to the Phoenix?” 

[I’ll go in first.
If you need power, tell me, master!] 

The crimson with a tail suddenly disappeared with the light, and Kang, who cleaned up, approached the three people who were bewildered from behind.  

“I have a place where I will go to for a while, so please explain briefly when the elderly person wakes up.
And, wait a minute, teacher.” 

“Uh, uh…” 

Then asked, 

“Sir.  Have you ever met Hermit?”


“How did you meet?” 

Ban Hye-young answered Kang Yu-sik’s question while being puzzled.

“Usually, they send a letter first.
Like this.”

“Have you never met in any other way?” 


After thinking about this for a while, Hye-young of the class looked to see if something came to mind and answered with an expression on her face.  

“I was looking for you.”  

“I’m so angry that I don’t need you.
I’m in a hurry.
So how did you know and come to me.”

“No, it’s not like this every time… …” 

Kang Yu-sik made an interesting expression on the shy Hye-young.
It could be said that it makes sense, but it was because it seemed possible if it was Hermit.  

‘The last time I brought you something was appropriate”


“It’s well worth a try either way.”  

After making his decision, Kang Yu-sik held Ban Hye-young’s hand tightly.

I’ll go then!”  

“Uh, uh, ah! Ignore everything he says!” 

Kang Yu-sik, standing in front of the door of a room in the lab with Ban Hye-young behind, took a deep breath.  

He said, “You’ll know everything anyway.
Don’t waste your time.” 

When Kang Yu-shik was muttering inside.
He wondered why he felt a strange sense of dread, and then the door in front of him began to change.  

The overall design is similar, but different crime prevention magic is added here and there.
After seeing the change, Kang Yu-sik immediately opened the door and went inside. 

The room that was originally a shelter was turned into a laboratory with all kinds of flasks, filled with a strange drug smell and suspicious smoke.  

When Kang Yu-sik was looking around with his nose covered in the strange scenery.  

“I knew we would see each other in at least a few months.
I didn’t expect to see you this soon…” 

He heard a voice that had lost its strength.
He heard it from the corner.
When he turned his head, he saw a man in a white doctor’s robe lying face down on the lab table.
He has long hair, slender eyes, and slender cheeks. 

He made a shaky exhausted expression on his face that Kang thought that he was almost a corpse. 

How is it like that?  

“A place like a laboratory is usually a place where living corpses walk.”

Hermit muttered in a tired voice and shook his head.
Kang looked at it while holding it up. 

“Like the last present, I want to ask you a lot of questions, but it’s hard because I’m tired with this body.  What did you find me for?”

“I have something I want to help you with.”

Kang Yu-sik roughly explained the current situation, and Hermit rubbed his forehead at the story and asked.

“So…  You want to cure a hunter who might have been cursed while hiding your identity?”

“Yes.  That’s it.”

Are you sure you can remove someone else’s curse too?”  


A slightly vague, but confident voice.  Hermit looked at him with a curious expression.  

‘That was a curse that could not be undone …  …  ‘

It was the curse of aging that was so persistent that it was impossible to know whether it would disappear even if the person who was the source of the curse was killed.  

But can you cleanly remove it?  

His performance in New York was also amazing, but this one was incomparable to that.  

‘Even if I borrowed the power of Jerim Nir, I can’t believe it.’ 

I could understand how they had accumulated a huge amount of gold in such a short time.

Hermit, who was looking at Kang Yu-sik with a strange expression, made an estimate for a moment, and then slowly opened his mouth.  

You’ve accumulated enough ‘money’, so let’s arrange a seat in the situation you want.”  

“Is that true?”  

“Yeah, there are a few restrictions.” 

Hermit opened the chest of drawers on the next table, pulled out a chart, and put it on the desk. 

“The only ones I can arrange are the guys over there.
Anyone who isn’t there would be better off personally trying or giving up.”  

About Hermit’s story, Kang Yu-sik looked at the chart.
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“At least three people are visible.”

It’s a bit disappointing that some of the people he knew are missing, but there’s nothing wrong with being too greedy as your opponent is your opponent.  

Having made the decision, Kang returned the chart and nodded his head.  

“All right.”  


Hermit nodded, stood up from his seat, then pulled out his white robe.  

“From now on, you are a doctor,” he said.


Satya Khan is a Class A Hunter from India. 

As a first-generation hunter, he performed numerous activities and led the gigantic guild ‘Rokapala’ and was about to be promoted to an S-class hunter. 

His influence was one of the best in India.
He was seriously injured in the accident, and as a result, he retired from active duty and was recovering, but his condition was not very good.  

“Ugh.” Satya, clutching his chest, leaned back in her chair, unable to breathe properly.
His wounds had started seizures again.  

“Damn it…” 

Satya twisted his eyes and looked down at his body at the pain that was squeezing his neck.
It’s been half a year since he got hurt.

Because it was such a life-threatening wound, it was said that only surviving was a miracle, but Satya thought that he would rather die at this moment.  

Contrary to the story that said he would heal naturally, the pain increased as time passed, and the cycle of seizures shortened.  

“Ha ha ha…” 

The pain that seemed to tear his chest in half gradually subsided, and exhaling heavily, Satya leaned back on his chair with a blank expression on his face. 

He said, ‘It must have been only half a year…  It seems that several years have passed. 

‘Maybe because of the aftereffects, Satia touched the face with a tired expression as he had grown old.  

‘I have to go back one day soon…  ‘

While he was away for a while, Rokapala’s influence began to shake a little.
It’s not going to collapse completely, but if it goes on like this, you’ll completely miss the opportunity to dominate the hunter industry in India. 

But since there was no way, Satya sighed and drank the cold water he had left.  


The doorbell rings at the front door.  Realizing that the invited medical staff had arrived, Satya checked the intercom and opened the door.  

My name is Mohandas Bose, who is in charge of Satya’s care today.” 

An elderly man who appears to be in his 50s and two men and a woman who seem to attend him.

They were invited after being recommended by a close friend.
Satya, who saw it, had an uneasy expression on his face.  

He said, ‘Yes, it must be the same as the previous ones.’

“Naturally, I have no choice but to wait for it to heal, and I will give you a pain reliever and leave.” 

Satya pointed without much expectation at the obvious result.

“Come on in.”

“Excuse me.”

The medical staff, who entered the living room, immediately sat down and started the examination. 


When Satya was waiting for the results of the magical energy that had penetrated into her body.
Mohandas said after finishing the examination. 

“It’s a curse.”

“What did you just say?”

“Now, you’re under a curse.
Judging from the condition, it looks like it has been caught for a long time.”

“What is that…  .” 

Satya gave Mohandas’s story a puzzled expression.
Is he himself cursed?  

Of course, it is not that he himself did not think of such a possibility at first.
However, he was tested by one of many hunters, one of India’s famous S-class hunters, and the curse was not found, so he concluded that it was an aftereffect.  

“It was a very clever curse, so it was impossible to find by other people.
At this rate, the curse could slowly lead to death.”

Satya looked at Mohandas’s story with a keen eye, telling the story with confidence.  

“Can you take responsibility for that now?” 

Normally, he would have sent him back without having to ask any more questions, but he asked again because he was a medical professional recommended by his close friend.  

“Of course.
If you want to, I can write an oath.” 

When Mohandas appeared stronger than expected, Satya looked embarrassed and then nodded his head.  


Satya went to his room, took the written oath he had prepared, and held it forward.  

“If that curse exists, and if it can be removed, sign this pledge…” 

“Now, let’s sign it.” 

After he finished the signature, he handed it over to others, and the writing was completed in the blink of an eye.  Satya was surprised to see the medical staff who was not subject to restrictions despite the conclusion of the contract.  

‘Are you really saying that there was a curse on me?’

Satya was puzzled by what had happened so suddenly.
Mohandas clapped his hands lightly.

“Okay…Then I’ll prepare you for surgery.”

At the signal of Mohandas, the three people moved quickly, and Satya, who was lying on the floor in the middle of nowhere, had a puzzled expression on his face.  

“You can really get rid of it, right?”  

“Isn’t the oath to prove it? Come on, don’t resist the magical powers, and your body will feel refreshed when you wake up.” 

A murmur of Mohandas was heard in the dimming consciousness.  

“It’s like this when you assimilate a curse to a wounded organ… It’s a strange way to use it…” 

Satya’s consciousness was cut off by that unknown appearance.  

“Huh!” His eyes flashed again.

Satya, who got up from the bed, hurriedly looked at his body.
He had a body that was seemingly the same as before he lost consciousness.
However, along with his refreshing feeling, the dazed feeling of the wound had disappeared, and he had a surprised expression on his face.  

Standing, in a really unbelievable state, when Satya was looking down at his body, the door opened and Mohandas came in.

“Are you out of your mind?”

“What happened?”

Mohandas smiled at Satya’s questioning face with a bewildered expression.

“The curse was cleanly removed, and wounds that had not healed were finished.
There may be some discomfort for a while, but if you continue to rehabilitate while taking the elixir, you will get well soon.”

“Oh, are you really saying that the wound is healed?”  

“Yes, yes,” 

Mohandas replied, Satya looked down at him in disbelief, then asked with a serious expression.  

“There is no way someone like you is not known, so what the hell is your identity?” 

Mohandas in response to Satya’s question, and Kang in disguise pondered for a moment and then smiled softly.  

“Remember that I’m just a doctor for now.
One day we will have a chance to see each other properly.” 

At the story of Kang Yu-sik, Satya looked at him with a blank look and then nodded. 

“I understand.
By the grace of the lord, I will never forget this day!  “

[Debt relationship conditions are satisfied.] 

[Confirms the registration of the debtor ‘Satya Khan’, and determines the debt rating as Class A.] 

[Currently in the status of ‘Mohandas Bonded’.
To use the debt, reveal your identity.] 

At the notification window that appeared in front of him, Kang looked back with a small smile.  

“Then stop.” 


Satya asked with a curious expression.

“It may be a little rude, though…How the hell did you find out the curse and did it? The other S-class hunters weren’t able to figure out…  .” 

Kang Yu-sik pondered for a moment at Satya’s genuine curiosity and then smiled.  

“I’m a bit praiseworthy!

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