He went outside without using his umbrella in the terrifying weather, leaned on his back, and pulled out a cigarette.
The sound of snapping fingers was immersed in the sound of rain, and only sparks rose, as he watched the tip of the cigarette turn red, he spits out smoke.  

The door next to him opened and a man walked out.  

“…you came too.” 

A voice so blunt that he thought the person was arguing.
He turned his head to look at his face.

”Ah…  you startled me!!“

His chest was throbbing like his lungs were going to tear.

He caught a glimpse of the child’s eyes twitching, biting his teeth tightly and covering the wound, holding his breath until the pain subsided.  

And when he calmed down to some extent, he threw the crushed cigarette next to him and reached out for his hand.  

“Give it to me.” 

The guy who looked at his extended hand, Kim Jin-hyuk, took out a cigarette pack from his arms and handed him the last straw.  

“What is it?”

“It is a mat.”

“Buy a new one.” 

Ignoring Kim Jin-hyeok, who was looking at him with dissatisfaction, he asked for a new cigarette, and the guy who was standing still with a slight distance opened his mouth.  

“Did you know each other?”  


Seeing Jinhyuk Kim nodding his head, he turned his head and exhaled smoke.  Alexander Zaychev, an old man who is an S-class hunter who held his funeral today and is also the teacher of Ma Cheol-han, who has been growing at a frightening pace in recent years.  

He died yesterday.
The cause of death is natural death.
He moved to another country and started a new life, and then quietly went away while he was sleeping.  

“I know, but… it’s too vague to say that we know each other.”  

“You always talk weirdly.”  

“It’s better than saying something cute like you do.
So there are only enemies or allies.”

Kim Jin-hyeok shut his mouth tightly in a pin cup over here, looked around, and shook off the ashes.
In fact, his relationship with Alexander was ambiguous.
It is because they exchanged greetings and held hands several times, but they were not at the level of being friendly.
Because he was vaguely aware of his death.  

“S-class hunters are not invincible.”  

“You’re talking about the obvious.”  

“Of course… well, I guess it is.” 

As long as he is alive, he has no choice but to follow.
Confirming the truth that also applies to S-class hunters, he threw burnt butts on the floor and opened the folded umbrella.  


Jinhyuk started silently staring.
He threw out a single word without much emotion at the rigid appearance that did not appear to be flexible.  

“Live loosely.
Don’t stretch yourself out.” 

If neither a mouse nor a bird goes away without knowing it, you can’t use the debt you’ve been saving for a long time.  

After talking one-sidedly like that, as he moved forward, a strange gaze followed him from behind.  With the umbrella on him, he continued walking without looking back.  


The sound of heavy rain quickly buried him and disappeared.  



Kang Yu-sik opened his eyes and moaned at the faint headache and looked around.  

“Kang Yu-sik.
Are you okay?”  

“What is it.
Magic backflow?”  

It doesn’t seem like that.” 

The three people in the laboratory approached with worried expressions, and Kang Yu-sik, realizing that he had just lost consciousness, put on a surprised expression.  

“What? Did you have such a long dream in that short moment?”

“I don’t know if this is the effect of the magic, but it is a strange experience in many ways.”

With the slight tingling headache, Kang Yu-sik pressed his forehead and waved his hand to the three who looked at them anxiously.  

“It’s okay, it’s just that I’m dizzy.”


It’s not serious, so don’t worry.” 

Seeing Ban, who was about to hand him over to the hospital right away, Kang waved his hand and stood up again.  

“Cha Si-hyeon.
How’s Hae-joo?”  

“I checked with the tuner and there were no leftovers.
It appears to have been completely removed.”  

“That’s good.
How is the old man?”  

“He lost consciousness for a while, but there is nothing wrong with his body.”  


Kang Yu-sik sighed in relief at Cha Si-hyeon’s explanation.

Maybe it was because of the effect of the magic, but he was a little anxious because it felt like someone else had unfolded it.  

‘You did the right thing for the price.’ 

In the successfully completed Haejoo project, Kang recalled the strange floating feeling, as if he were looking at himself from a third-person perspective.  

It was the complete opposite of Hyde Rune, where even a single fluff was clearly felt, but it was a strange feeling in many ways.  

‘How did the mechanism of amplifying the ability get fed back…  .’

Hyde rune can be dismissed as just a simple stimulant, but the effect of this one is too unique to be seen as such.

Because of the effect that was more interesting than he thought, Kang looked at his body and asked Persval. 

‘Did something major change in my body a while ago?’ 

“Um…Except for the fact that Rod’s abilities have been greatly amplified, I don’t think I’ve noticed any major changes.”


“Yes.  The only difference is that Rod seems to have been more mature than it is now.”  

“It’s mature.” 

Kang Yoo-sik was slightly interested in the magic.
Andbari, who absorbed the curse, exclaimed urgently 

“Hey.  How do you do this if you wake up!”

“Anything’s wrong?”

I don’t think it’s a real curse.
Now that Haeju is done, there’s a sudden uproar trying to run away somewhere!”

“Are you trying to run away?”

At the unexpected story, Kang looked at Andbari with a surprised expression and went inside. 

He found a pulsating power.
A curse that seems to run through Andbari right away. 

Kang Yu-sik frowned at the pulsation that was stronger than expected. 

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Recalling the nature of the curse and looking for a way to use it, Kang asked Andbari at a sudden thought.  

‘Can you take this to another guy?’ 

‘It’s possible!’  

‘It was good.’ 

Lee Jeong-ryong’s curse is a kind of blessing that accelerates aging but also increases growth rate.  

So, who in the world can make the most use of this blessing.

“Wait a minute!” 

Kang Yu-sik moved to a large place in the laboratory, and as it was, he raised his magic and activated the summoning circle.  

A solid 3m sized dragon was summoned with a sword-red light.  

Crimson appeared with her wings wide open and shouted with one voice.  [Called for what it was] 

‘Now! Let’s go!!’

A curse shot from Andbari turned into a dark cloud and slammed into Crimson’s face.  


At the same time, he fell on the floor and lost consciousness.
Kang Yoo-sik, who had successfully transferred the curse, went straight to Crimson and checked the condition.

‘How are you?’ 

‘It sticks well.
This will be harder to pull off than the old man in front.’


Andbari answered, Kang had a satisfied expression on his face.  

It is not an exaggeration to say that a Crimson, like hwansu, has almost no lifespan, and since it is an existence connected to a tamer, its growth was rather slow.

But to such a hwansu, Lee Jeong-ryong passes the curse of aging over?  

Disadvantages disappear and there are only advantages, and it is to be a real exhaust blessing.  

‘It was perfect for a method that I came up with in a hurry.’ 

If it is kept inside Crimson’s body, it can be easily researched in the future, so it’s a perfect solution.  

When Kang Yu-sik was making a satisfied expression, Ban Hye-young was embarrassed by the sudden situation.
He asked with a strange expression.  

“What did you do?”  

“Ah, that’s it.” 

Because there was nothing to hide, Kang Yu-sik explained that the curse he had put in Persval caused a riot, and Ban Hye-young, who heard the story, made an interesting expression.  

You mean you’re moving in such a way that you want to go back somewhere?”  


“If that’s the case…..” 

Ban Hye-young, who had been thinking about it for a moment while stroking her chin, made his conclusions and opened his mouth.

It’s most likely a unique skill.”

“A unique skill?”

To be precise, it must be a curse created by properly applying a unique skill.
Otherwise, it is difficult to see such an effect.” 

At Ban Hye-young’s explanation, Kang Yu-sik made an interesting expression.  

‘Then… I think this is a good guy.’

A memory of Alexander’s funeral before the return.
At that time, Yoo-shik Kang thought it was an assassination disguised as a natural death, but after seeing this incident, he changed his mind.
It is also possible that Alexander also fell under this curse and really died of a natural death.

And Alexander at that time considered a person as a thorn in his eyes.
His name was Black Man.
He was a nobleman. 

He was an aide to the Black Dragon God and was in charge of assassination of factors.
He and Kang often met as clients, but they passed away before returning.

Kang often met as a client, but it was Heukmang who guided him to Cheonju, the Black Dragon, a year before his return.  

‘Then it is certain that this curse is also the power of the black man.’ 

Although he rarely matched with the black man, he had seen him punish using his power several times.
A person whose mind has degenerated as if a part of his body had rotted or had dementia.  

If you think about it in relation to the curse of aging, it seems to be related enough.  

‘Hmm.  He said that he was already moving.’

He was active much earlier than he knew.
They even saw each other face to face, so they thought they were trusted to some extent, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

‘It’s a little sticky.’ 

I’m sure you’ll feel betrayed like this. 

A dark, bouncy light burst from the crimson that was lying around in the corner of the lab.
At that moment everyone’s eyes turned towards them in that sudden situation.  

[The ghost ‘Kwangryong Crimson (A)’ has acquired a fragment of an unknown power.] 

[A new power blooms.] 


An unexpected notification popped up.

An abandoned house is rarely visited by people.  

The inside of the main room had the walls collapsed and the moonlight leaked in.  

With his black crystal ball in front of him, the poison demon knelt on his knees and bowed his head, shaking his body faintly.
It was not the set contact date, but the call came.
Because there was only one case – part of his power was completely destroyed.  

Hearing the heavy voice over the crystal ball and the story of the black man, the poison-eared face turned white.  

When the target dies, the power of black man combined with poison returns to itself up to 60%.  

Therefore, it was the return of power that could confirm the assassination of the factor with certainty, and that completely disappeared.

In that case, there is only one possibility.

“It seems that someone used my power and absorbed it.” 

“Hey, that could be possible!” 

“Didn’t it happen like this now?”

Hearing the story of the black man, the poison ears made a hard expression.  You can create as many poisons as you like, but the owner’s power is different.  It was the power that was removed while taking permanent damage, and it was a damage that could not be converted into money if it could not be recovered.  

There is a risk that all the powers previously sown will be destroyed.  

“So, immediately look for the kanji that have been made, and retrieve those who still remain.”  

“Then, for the clients who are shields…” – 

“There is nothing we can do about it since it becomes difficult to use the power in the future.
Say you failed, then return the quest.”  

At the command of the black man, the poison ear bit his lip.  

Notifying the clients of failure means that their evaluation within the Black Forest will drop to the bottom soon!  

Besides, it was not only one or two, but five, and there were some that he had received a long time ago, so it was even more problematic.  


But the poison demon could not say anything to the orders of the black man.  As the owner, he permanently lost his powers, and he can’t complain that his rating is low.
If he was like Erra, even if he was a relatively generous man, he wouldn’t let himself go.  

“Yeah, I see…” 

“Get it sorted out quickly.”

The crystal ball’s light went out, and the poison ogre bit his lip and contacted the most recently completed client of Lee Jeong-ryong’s side.  

And not long after, the family returned to the abandoned house, and the poison dart hid in the dark and reported the failure.

“What?! Didn’t I say that I was successfully attached last time!!”  

“Hey! This is a gentleman! That’s why I said that.
I said I should leave it to someone else!”

Gap-soo and Yeo-hee raised their voices as soon as the story came out.
When you hold back the anger that boils in your poison ears at that raucous appearance.  


Lee Eul-hyun muttered, looking at him with a curious expression.  


Lee Gap-soo and Han Yeo-hee, who were arguing with each other, stared at the three eyes.

It was the moment when the poison ear’s name and fame all disappeared

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