The three of them came out of the training room, moved to the study, and sat facing each other on the sofa.  Lee Jung-ryong is pensive with a hard face, and Lee Byung-ho is anxious.  

Kang Yu-sik looked at the two of them and waited quietly, and after a while opened his mouth.

“Can you really be sure it’s a curse?” 

Lee Jung-ryong asked, Kang Yu-sik nodded his head without hesitation.  

“Yes, that’s right.
My stamina has dropped to an unusually low level a while ago…” 

Jeongryong muttered with a serious expression as to how much he could have guessed.  

‘So, in reality, it’s more of a blessing than a curse, right?  “

This is because, in addition to aging the body, the increase in technical proficiency and magical power also increases.” 

“I don’t know who made it, but it’s filthy.
Besides, that debilitating symptom is actually a symptom of aging…  .”

A clever curse that even an older first-generation hunter can’t even try to suspect.
After learning about the contents, Kang suddenly thought of some people before his return.

There were quite a few yangbans who died of natural causes among the first-generation S-class hunters.  

It is natural for people to die of aging, but seeing Lee Jung-ryong’s situation, it needs to be validated again. 

As Kang Yu-sik was thinking about the hunters who died of natural causes in the past, Lee Jung-ryong asked with a serious expression. 

“Could you possibly do it?”

“Well… “

In response to Lee Jung-ryong’s question, Kang Yu-sik asked Andbari if he could absorb it like in Immortal Dream. 

“It must be difficult.”


“As the inspiration said earlier, it is closer to a blessing than a curse, so it is difficult to absorb it.”

A curse that can’t be compared to the time of Immortal Dream.
Kang Yu-shik thought that there was no way, and Lee Jeong-ryong’s face darkened slightly at the sight of not answering.  

Even now, after hearing the explanation.
It is a curse so clever that he can’t even be sure if it is really cursed.  

If all of the above stories are true, the discovery is close to a miracle, and it would be virtually impossible to do.  

‘If they are the ones who will curse me, these are them.’ 

Lee Jung-ryong, thinking of his sons and daughters who went out of the house, distorted his eyes.  

He uttered nonsense that he had to fall under the control of guys he had never heard of before.

He felt like he wanted to go to Erado right away and rub his whole body, but Lee Jeong-ryong pressed down on that anger.  

This is because he knew that in the current state where he could not even prove the existence of a curse, doing such a thing would only create opportunities for the guys who were aiming for the guild.  

‘If it were another hunter…No, the person who would be able to do that would be ….” 

No matter how much he thinks about it, he can’t think of a person who is likely to be able to do this nonsense.  

Lee Jung-ryong sighs in a desperate situation.
After thinking, Kang Yu-sik opened his mouth.  

“One thing.” 

Their gazes gathered, and Kang Yu-sik continued the story with a serious expression.

“There is a way to try.
The curse basically has two forms.
A terminal type that forcibly overwrites the target while connected to the caster.  And a fairy tale type that fuses the object and the curse.
Each has its own pros and cons, so it was difficult to say which one is better, but the latter was the most difficult.”

The reason why fairy tale-type curses are difficult is that they are not recognized as ‘curses’ after the fairy tale is literally over.

The effect of the curse and the body naturally merges, so that it becomes the original body, and it avoids the magic.

For that reason, it was necessary to pre-work in order to make a fairy tale.  

“Even if assimilated, the curse itself does not disappear.
It is only cleverly hidden.
So, as long as you remove the spell accurately, you can do it.” 

But this wasn’t easy either.
Because he could have harmed his magical powers and caused more injuries.
That is why, in order to remove the curse of assimilation that has already been completed, excellent cognitive abilities and the ability to elaborate magic spells were required.  

“So, Cha Si-hyeon and I will disassemble and perform the magic trick.
Archibald uses magic regression to suppress the movement of magic power, and the teacher will take over the entire process and back it up.” 

Kang Yusik explained all the plans to lift the curse, and those who heard the story showed different reactions.  

“I will do my best.”  

“Just leave it to me!” 

Cha Si-hyeon and Archibald just nodded as if they knew, while Lee Jeong-ryong and Lee Byung-ho looked relieved at the systematic structure.  

“Are you serious now?” 

And Ban Hye-young made an absurd expression on his face.  

Seeing Kang speaking confidently, Ban felt his breath suffocating.

He has seen Kang Yoo-sik’s performance so far, so he was able to believe in some surprising things.
But this time is different.  

‘How do you break such a crazy curse?  

“Can I listen to the story and look at it myself? I’m going to curse you so cleverly.
Even if you try to separate in a clearly visible state, it was a fairy tale-type curse that caused an accident.” 

Kang Yu-sik, noticing such a negative hint, looked at Ban with a serious expression.


What else are you going to say? Do you believe me?”

In response to Kang Yoo-sik’s question, Ban Hye-young’s eyes widened and narrowed, and then he took a deep breath and looked at him.  

I know you’ll get scolded when it’s all over.”  

“Don’t worry,” murmured Ban Hye-young and smiled Kang Yoo-sik.  

Lee Jeong-ryong, who looked at him, made a surprised expression.  

‘I heard rumors, but I’m guessing you have such a deep relationship with Ban Hye-young.’ 

In order to move a giant Ban Hye-young, the amount of compensation is not important.
A situational background in which the opponent is not reluctant to step forward.
A job that may interest him.
In addition to the appropriate compensation, all elements have to fit together tightly.

He was suspicious of this and wondered what to do if he pushed it, but he doesn’t know if it’s because of the debt, but he got over it easily.  

After clearing up the situation, Kang Yu-sik lightly tapped the wall. Read this novel and other amazing translated novels from the original source at the “Novel Multiverse dot com” website @

“Then let’s get started.” 

As Ban Hye-Young snapped his finger, an operating table and various equipment appeared, and Jeong-Ryong laid on it with only shorts on.  

“Excuse me for a moment.” 

Kang Yu-sik approached him and placed his hand on Jeong-ryong’s chest and called Persval.  

“Check it out.”

“Okay, load.”  

As the senses of his whole body expanded, he felt the inside of Lee Jung-ryong’s body one after another, and soon a very faint sense of alienation was felt.

Set near the heart, a fragment so faint that even the slightest loss of concentration will overlook it.
Realizing that it was a method of assimilated curse, Kang Yu-sik frowned.  

“It’s stuck like a real glue.
Even looking at it like this, it makes me wonder if the curse is true.
It seems that the curse has an effect that hinders perception.” 

Once again, Kang, realizing how difficult the curse was on Lee Jeong-ryong, kicked his tongue and clenched his fist. 

‘It’s worth trying.’

It would have been absolutely impossible if he was alone, but it is possible if the members in front of him have all kinds of deceptive skills.

Recalling that fact again, Kang opened his mouth while breathing lightly.  

“Let’s begin.


At the same time as Kang Yu-Sik’s signal, Archibald triggered a magic return to Jeong-Ryong Lee, and all magical movements began to be suppressed.  

When Lee Jung-ryong’s eyes frowned slightly at that sense of disparity.
Ban Hye-young, who was watching from his side, gave him a little help.  

“I activated it too strongly.
Lower the effect and widen the range”

“I understand.”

The two naturally suppressed the flow of magic by matching the tuning, thanks to which the curse’s magic was seen more clearly than before.  

After reconfirming the location, Kang Yu-sik looked at Cha Si-hyeon, who was standing in front of him.  

“Just like last time, you can back up according to my signal.”  

“I see.” 

From the note, it’s not a word, but a movement.
After holding his breath, Kang breathed magical power into Jeong-ryong’s body and created it as if he was overlaid with his own magic on the curse that was stuck near his heart.  


A technique that needs to be overlaid without even an inch of error.
If you do it wrong, you may experience a magical runaway,

Recalling the fact that if you do it wrong, you can run out of magic and become a bad person, you move with all your mind.  

“It’s about 3m to the left of there.
And it’s about 1mm diagonally.” 

Cha Shihyeon said that and even Kang couldn’t detect it properly.
And little by little the procedure was made.  

There was no problem as Archibald and Ban Hye-young held onto him tightly by raising the magical power of Jeong-ryong, who felt a sense of crisis from time to time.  

‘It’s going well.’ 

If this is the case, you may be able to curse more easily than you think.  Thinking like that, Kang Yoo-sik continued to plan.

“0.5m in front of the place where we are making right now.
There are eight branches in total.”



Kang Yu-sik’s eyes frowned at Cha Si-hyeon’s explanation. 

‘What the hell…’ 

He gave up on maintaining the effect of the curse right away and hid in magic in a form that was difficult to do. 

Kang Yu-sik found a solution.

“If you remove the wrapped part now, you can buy time while restraining it to a certain extent.
Considering the nature of the curse, it will regenerate quickly.” 

There is a way to continuously remove part of the curse at regular intervals, but doing so will only openly inform the person behind this incident that they are doing it.  

In the end, the best thing was that it had to be completely removed this time, but for that, his own ability was insufficient.
Ban Hye-young, apart from his ability to squeeze the spells, felt it was impossible because of his cognitive ability.  

‘It’s like a real glue.’ 

He realized that he had to do something, and Kang Yu-sik thought of ways to increase his abilities, and then one thing came to mind.  

“I’m keeping it as it is.” 

After removing his hand, Kang went straight out of the lab and searched his pockets in an empty place. 

What he pulled out was a cigarette pack without any trademarks.
Kang took out the lighter he received from Hermit in New York and took a cigarette in his mouth.  

“It was a long time since I quit smoking,” he said, but he cannot miss the opportunity to definitely indebt Lee Jung-ryong and Lee Byung-ho.  

By snapping his finger, Kang ignited the tip of the lighter, and a faint smoke spread around him.  

And the moment that sweet scent permeated into his body, his chest pulsated strongly.  

Kang Yoo-sik looked at him with a puzzled expression on his face.  Apparently he just lit it, but for some reason, the remainder had already burned all the way to the front of the filter.


He had a strange feeling that he felt like he wasn’t there even though he was there.
In that indescribable mood, Kang Yu-sik burned the cigarette’s butt neatly and then went back into the lab.  

While ignoring the gazes of others who looked at him curiously, he looked at Lee Jung-ryong’s body while raising the cognitive maximization.  

Maybe it’s because of his amplified abilities, but the cursed spells that extended like blood vessels became blurry.

Seeing this, Kang took a light breath and then opened his eyes and stretched out his hands.  

“We start.” 

The curse that stretched out like a blood vessel was formed as if a slender tactic had been pre-woven, and Ban Hae-Young, who saw it, put on a surprised expression.  

It seems that the precision of ‘that one’ has more than doubled from a little while ago.  

Even if there was a backup from Cha Shi-hyeon, it was a formidable level, and in the blink of an eye, all the curses hidden in the magic were wrapped in a spell.  



At the same time as Lee Jeong-ryong’s body shook, the curse that had stuck to his body like a leech got lifted at once.

Andbari exclaimed vigorously the moment it was separated. 

“Good! Whoa!” 

The curse was absorbed into Andbari’s interior at once

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