When Kang Yu-sik was doing the last check in his head, Lee Jeong-ryong grabbed his practice spear and held his breath.  

‘It would have ended as it was.’ 

Lee Jeong-ryong, who was thrilled by Kang Yu-sik’s ability, clenched the spear as hard as he could while beating himself for being loose.  

The spear subsided and the noise disappeared, and at the same time, an eerie feeling of pressure flowed out and the surroundings froze.  

The momentum was sharpened as if it became one body with the spear.
Lee Jeong-ryong, who had regained his stance, looked at Kang Yu-sik, gently pouring out his speculation.

“I want to see the hidden number.
Can you show me?” 

Kang Yu-sik answered with a smirk on his lips at the calm and bloody appearance.  

“Then can I see the old man’s number?”  

“Of course one.
That’s what you’re trying to do now.”  

At the suggestion, Kang took a deep breath and nodded.  


Lee Jung-ryong answered briefly and looked at Lee Byung-ho, who was looking at him blankly.  

“Count to five seconds.”  

“Yes? Oh, yes!”

Lee Byung-ho started the countdown, and Kang Yu-sik cast magic while rolling his head to the point that Persval’s computing power gave him a cramp.  

And the moment Lee Byung-ho’s countdown ended.  


Lee Jeong-ryong’s figure disappeared for an instant.
It looks like it has completely disappeared as if he was gone out of the dungeon.  

It was such a speed that the eye could not react to, but it is possible to feel it.  Kang Yu-sik realized that there was no time to turn his head to the immense speculation felt in the sky, and immediately activated the magic circle.  


A terrifying magical power started swirling around Kang Yu-shik.  

With the flow of magic he had seen before, Jeong-ryong immediately recognized what kind of magic he was using.

“Is it going to pour out the storm I used a while ago?” 

Of course, the power will be different from that time, but as long as there is a reversal here, the compatibility is bound to be bad.  

If it were anyone else, he would have thought that he had failed in choosing the magic, but Lee Jung-ryong raised his vigilance even more than that.  

“There is no scope of making such meaningless choices.’ 

Lee Jung-ryong, who thought that he could be aiming for something, raised his power as scheduled without sparing any more energy. 


He rotates the spear and magic gathers at the tip of the spear.
This magic, created by mixing Lee Jung-ryong’s unique magic arrangement method and special operation method, was a magic specialized for ‘rotation’.

Unlike other magic that becomes difficult to control as it rotates, it calmly sinks, and at the same time, its power becomes infinitely stronger.  

For that reason, the stability was very good, but it was a difficult force because the concentration of gravity and the consumption of horsepower were higher.  

‘Distributes power according to the final blow that will break the storm.’ 

Lee Jeong-ryong, having worked out a plan in his mind, immediately compressed Eungi.
This added rotation, to the tip of the spear, and Kang Yu-sik’s magic circle appeared accordingly.  


Two gusts of wind soared towards the sky.
Lee Jeong-ryong fell down at the magic that surged up with a tremendous force as it contained magical power.

The blue magic power rotated along the tip of the spear and stirred the wind, and it was led along the tip just as before.
The initiative was taken away at once even though some of them were released.  

Here, the moment the Twin Tempest collapses, it means defeat.  

Kang Yu-sik saw this and clenched his fist, raising the corner of his mouth slightly.  


At the same time, four orbs soared around, and Kang inserted a previously prepared magic trick inside and activated it.

A spear of lightning and flames started pouring into the sky at the same time as it was activated.  

Lee Jeong-ryong’s eyes flashed at the tremendous bombardment that was fired through the Lightning Excel.  


This is where victory or defeat is decided.  Lee Jeong-ryong, realizing this, opened the Eungi even more and swung the spear in the wind.  


The magic fired by Kang Yu-sik collided with the wind whipping along the tip of the spear, scattering enormous flames and shock waves.  

Lee Byeong-ho, who was watching from the outside of the dungeon, had a startled expression on his face as the series of explosions exploded to the extent that he could not open his eyes properly.  

‘Yoo-shik hyung… why…’

Is that really the person who was weaker just a few months ago?  

While Lee Byung-ho was staring blankly at the sight that could not be understood by common sense, Lee Jung-ryong’s eyes frowned slightly.  


Obviously, it was he who took the initiative of the wind, but a strange pressure was felt through the tip of the spear.  

He wondered if it was because he was battling pure magic, but there was something different about him.  

Lee Jeong-ryong looked at the magic in front of him again at that strange feeling, and then his eyes widened.  


The twin tempest and naturalization spear emitted by the two orbs cause an explosion, and the remaining two orbs add a new air current created there to this wind.

As a result, new changes were continuously added to the wind caught by Lee Jeong-ryong, which began to put pressure on control.  

‘Are you going to make me self-destruct?’ 

The counterattack unfolds with the magic prepared.
Will he be able to control the wind until the end, or will Kang’s magical power run out first?  

Lee Jeong-ryong’s lips twisted in a thoroughly woven power struggle.  

‘You don’t have to pull it back.’ 

Lee Jeong-ryong, who was determined to release all the silver flags on the tip of the spear, swung the spear.

A fierce wind, which had been felt a while ago, swept along the tip of Jeongryong’s spear, and the entire dungeon was shaken.  

It was a bloody battle of power that can destroy the entire dungeon in the moment of even the slightest deviation.  

In that thin ice battlefield, the two of them stared at each other and poured all their might, and the results began to come out soon after.   

The four orbs lost their light due to their magic power, and the ceaselessly pouring magic offensive was stopped.  And Lee Jung-ryong, who had been waiting only for that moment, raised all his remaining strength and swung his spear in the wind in front of him.

On the tip of the spear, the wind that had been built up over the years swept through, and Kang Yu-sik, who had poured all his energy into it, looked up with both hands outstretched as if he was accepting the result.  

Kang Yoo-sik admits defeat but does not give up on winning.  

Lee Jeong-ryong admired the appearance and threw out his spear and shot a gust of wind.  


The four orbs showered light again.
Magical techniques hidden by adding wind.
Those small magic tricks are activated all at once, creating a small path in the center of the storm.  

‘It’s cracked!’  

And at the end of Lee Jeong-ryong’s appearance, Kang Yu-sik raised the magic he had saved until the end and kicked the floor.


Kang Yu-sik rushes through the wind’s path while wrapped in the blue lightning.
Lee Jeong-ryong, who was reflexively trying to raise Eun-gi, opened his eyes wide with his faintly trembling hands.  

‘My stamina is almost about to end…  .’

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be beaten by a young cadet who hasn’t been properly trained in martial arts!

Instead of pulling out Eungi, Lee Jeong-ryong, who bit his teeth, moved all the joints of his body, including his wrist, to add rotation to the spear.

Realizing that it was another move for Lee Jeong-ryong, Kang Yu-shik looked at the tip of the spear, seeing the illusion he was piercing.  

‘Dimensional Blink.’

In the end, he used one of his treasure moves.  


The two new models fell to the floor with the sound of the barrier-breaking, and Lee Byung-ho, who had not seen the collision, reflexively looked at the electronic board.  

[Lee Jeong-ryong -2 %] 

[Kang Yu-sik -0 %] 


Kang Yu-sik’s defeat by an intermittent difference.
As a result, Lee Byung-ho breathed a sigh of relief even though he was sad, and Kang Yu-sik, who was involved, stretched out to the floor with his whole body weak.  

‘It’s dirty…’

Seeing that his stamina had decreased due to the curse, he induced to compete for strength which made him exhausted.
He even used the S-class skill 

‘Dimensional Flashing’, which he received as a gift from Ban Hye-young, to avoid the attack that came right in front of him and counterattack.  

But at that moment, he counterattacked again and smashed his barrier.
It seems that S-class is not for everyone.  

‘If it were full equipment…  I couldn’t have even dreamed of an all-out war.’ 

Looking at this, it seems like the correct answer was to fight while using all the dirty moves before returning.  

As Kang Yu-sik was reminded of what an S-class hunter was, Lee Jung-ryong approached with a slightly weary foot.  

“Are there any injuries?”  

It’s a little heavy, but…”

“That’s fortunate.” 

Lee Jeong-ryong sat down in front of Kang Yoo-sik and looked at him with curious eyes.  

“I’d like to ask just in case…” 


“Is there another number hidden there?”

In response to Lee Jung-ryong’s question, Kang Yu-sik looked down at his body.
In fact, even if he had a little more magical power in the end, there was no way to win. 

The S-class skill ‘Yongran Lin’s Armor’. 

It can be activated to attack Lee Jeong-ryong.

‘But, well, I didn’t intend to use it in the first place…’

It was not a technique to use in this situation, so Kang Yu-sik shook her head.  

There was none.”  

“That’s right.
Still, I saved some face, though.” 

Against a young man who is still a cadet, he used the unfinished ‘biggie’ to win.  

Lee Jung-ryong smiled bitterly at the result, which was not a win even if he won.  

Lee Jeong-ryong, realizing that he had won by a very short time, confirmed once again how absurd Kang Yu-sik was and held out his hands.

“Cadet Kang.”  

“Yes, yes?”  

“If we create a guild later, our Chang will think of our relationship with the guild in a positive way.
I will ask you this way.” 

Looking at Lee Jeong-ryong with scorching eyes, Kang Yu-sik shuddered and smiled slightly.

“Yes.  Well, I am the person who will become the major shareholder of Chang.
Don’t worry too much.”

“A major shareholder?” 

In the story of Kang Yu-sik, Lee Jung-ryong thinks that Lee Byung-ho became an S gold hunter.

In Kang Yu-sik’s story, Lee Jung-ryong recalled the provision of stock transfer when Lee Byung-ho became an S-class hunter, and immediately burst into laughter.  

“Haha! That’s right! I forgot about that!” 

Lee Jeong-ryong, who patted him on the shoulder, smiled as he raised Kang Yu-shik himself.  

“If there is anything difficult in the future, please tell me.
You will be of help to me.” 

[Satisfies the debt relationship conditions] 

[Check the registration of the debtor ‘Lee Jung-Ryong’.  

The debt grade was an E grade.
And the debt relationship was created.

Kang Yoo-sik was satisfied with the debt he had accumulated before the start of the show.  

“I can believe this without needing to create an atmosphere.”  

“This is the perfect situation!”

Kang showed a slightly worried expression and then looked at Jeong-ryong.

“There is one thing I want to tell you.”  


Looking at Lee Jung-ryong who was puzzled, Kang spoke in a serious voice.

He seems to be under a curse now. 

“There is an abandoned house in a corner of the Dal-dong neighborhood.”


The three of them entered the gloomy place where no one could visit.  

Why am I even going to this garbage dump?” 

“You’re the one who hired me.
Why are you grumbling like that?”  

Three people complained as if they were competing with each other.
They were Lee Jeong-ryong’s sons, Lee Gap-su and Han Yeo-hee.
And the eldest son, was Eul-hyeon.

“Did I know that we’d be reporting in a place like this?!” 

“You’ve never seen it before, so why get angry!”

“You’re the one who proceeded arbitrarily after being introduced to a good person!”

“Both of you be quiet.
It’s really embarrassing outside.” 

A couple arguing with each other and their son looking at each other with pity.  At the picturesque scene that seemed to show that this is what a makjang is like!  

Then, the house collapses.

The three men looked at each other in surprise at the voice they heard from inside.
Lee Gap-soo is a current B-class hunter, and Han Yeo-hee is an A-class hunter.
And Lee Eul-hyun, who was on the verge of being promoted to A-class, was not at a level where his skills were falling.  

In fact, the three of them looked at the darkness from which the voice came with a slightly tense expression on their faces.  

“Are you… the poison demon introduced by Heukmang?”  

“Yes, that’s right,” replied the man in the dark, the poison-eared, flashing green eyes and looking at the three of them.  I know that spears are necessary to run the guild, but just looking at that pathetic face makes me want to just kill them. 

He quietly calmed his mind and spoke.  “Report on the progress of the work requested earlier.”

“I will report on the progress of the work you have requested.”  

Tell me.”  

“First of all, the poisoning of Silver Dragon, the quest target, has been confirmed.
Perhaps the poison has completely spread and settled in his body by now.”  

“Is that really true?”  

However, you have to take into account that it takes time since you indirectly poisoned it through someone else.”  

“Of course! Don’t take this into account!” 

Indirect poisoning using those who frequently come in contact with Lee Jeong-ryong through Lee Gap-soo’s attacking edge.  

It may not be very effective for a fairly tricky method, but this time it’s a little different.

“I have a question for you.” 

The elder son, Eul-hyeon, who was quietly watching the conversation from behind, looked at the poisoned ear.  

“That poison… Is it really undetected?”  

“What do you mean by that!”  

“Ah why.
If you have to confirm for sure, you won’t hear any other noises later.” 

Lee Eul-hyeon looked at him with his arms crossed, and Han Yeo-hee, who pretended to be dry, and Lee Gap-su, who was quiet, glanced at each other.  

Thinking of passing all the responsibility to this side in case something goes wrong.  

Seeing that unfamiliar appearance, the poison demon looked at the three of them quietly and answered slowly.  

“I’m betting on my name and my honor.”

Hearing that, the three men broke into a cold sweat, and their green eyes started glowing in the darkness.  

“The poison is undetectable by anyone!”[

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