The suspended construction site of a department store with only a foundation laid.

As there was no one around, a man nipped into the desolate site.

’These bastards beat me up from hell to breakfast, damn it.’

The man spat out bloody phlegm and on dragging legs entered an empty space that was supposed to be a center hall, but now there were just some steel frames.
Here, at this empty place exhausted Kang Yu-sik collapsed on the floor.
Then he put his hand in the armor, looking more like tatters and took out a crumpled pack of cigarettes.

‘And they said even an egg wouldn’t break, freaking touts’.

With trembling hands, Kang Yu-sik opened the pack and checked if there were any intact cigarettes.
Among crumbled he found the sole intact one.
Rising up the corners of his bloody lips he grinned.


Flames sprang up as he lit a cigarette, and red lights glistened under the dark night sky as he took a drag.

Blankly looking at the white smoke, spreading softly, Yu-sik muttered in a languid voice.

’Quit watching and come out.’

Five men stepped out of the dark.
Top-notch heroes, who protect mankind also were those bastards who beat me black and blue a few minutes ago.
Looking at them, Yu-sik twisted his lips with a cigarette still in his mouth.

´Kang Yu-sik, you’d better surrender now.’

Bluntly spoke Kim Jin-hyuk, a man in the front.
Kang Yu-sik couldn’t help laughing at his strident voice.

’Frankly, Imma crack your heads open like walnuts.
Surrender?… Fucking curs.’

The faces of four men distorted as they heard the threat.
Only Kang Yu-sik and blonde-haired woman Wilhelmina kept straight faces.
The latter snapped icily.

“There’s no need to blame you for your hugger muggery with Maine and causing great harm to mankind.”

‘What do you mean harm…It was just good business.’

‘You call stealing thousands of holystones and selling them to Maine a business? Can you even imagine how many people you’ve got affected and how much damage you’ve done?’

Appalled by Kang Yu-sik’s shameless answer, Wilhelmina shouted, without hiding her contempt.

Holystone was the most effective means of enhancing power, and the most valuable resource for people.
By the way, hundreds of thousands of holystones of the highest quality, have been sold to Maine through the black market for years! It was as selfish as it was to reverse the development of humanity and support terrorists.

‘Fuck it.’

But Kang answered without blinking an eye.

‘There were a lot of masonry-taking bastards everywhere, and it was a legal market under the permission of the Black Dragon God.
I was just a poor latecomer who touched some money, you idiots.’

Shin Chang-lao En, a man with glasses, intervened in Kang’s rebuttal.

‘That doesn’t mean you are innocent.
Stop making excuses and behave…’

‘No, you prick.
Look on the small part of your brain, if you have one.’

´What did you say?’

Then Kang Yu-sik took another drag and looking at Lao En face burning with anger, said.

‘I earned good money.
But why did you chase me and drop sanctions for other jerks doing the same thing? Have you thought about that?

There was a great silence.
It was not like they haven’t thought about it.
Of course, they have.
And more likely they must have questioned themselves in their own way.
But as usual, they would have come up with a ridiculous excuse, followed by a stupid nod.

‘Bastar… ahem’

Kang Yu-sik was about to curse again when he had was taken with a fit of coughing, throwing up big clots of blood.
He developed chronic lung disease in previous battles, and it would be natural for him to vomit blood once he takes even a small drag.

’Damn cigarette, fuck.’

He muttered with giggle Kang Yi-sik wiping the blood off his mouth, and Frey, a blonde woman, who kept silent until now, spoke in a soft voice.

’Mine Escar, who bought the best holystones you stole, slaughtered hundreds of heroes and destroyed the city, causing heavy consequences.
That’s why you have been considered being a dangerous person.’

’Holy crap.
Is that Escar? He’s buying only the holystones I sold? You say it’s me who supplies Escar with holystones, right?’


This little cutie shut up her mouth and stood there with a sad face.

’Shameless bastards.
That’s why this jet-set fucking with me.’

’You scumbags, let’s see…!’

When Kang Yu-sik laughed at her, Ma Cheol-Han, a giant fat man with jiggling cheeks came forward.


As he took a step towards Yu-sik, the whole wobbly lot shook, and the poorly built steel frames screeched.

’Why are you even listening to that son of a bitch’s bullshit! Let him have it but good!’

Whether his patience was at its limit, Ma Chul-Han looked as if he would rush at any moment.

Despite the growing tension, Kang looked at the ash burning of the cigarette with ease.

‘That’s what I mean.
You, bastards, have already shown your real face but are still pretending to be nice.
Just like you said, morons who don’t know anything.’

‘You son of a bitch…’

As Ma Chul-han with eyes wide open, tried to attack, Kim Jin-hyuk reached forward.
This simple movement immediately made the fat man stop.
All five men were incredibly strong, but Kim Jin-hyuk was undoubtedly the fiercest of them all.

“…Kang Yu-sik.
Why did you do such a thing?”

Kang Yu-sik smiled at Kim Jin-hyuk, as he called his name and said

“I have nothing to say.
I was just trying to make money.”

”Why would not you be satisfied with the amount that equals to what 30 Hunters could make? Why would you want to have even more?…’

’Satisfied? Who are you to decide that?’

Dumbfounded Kang Yu-sik gazed at Kim Jin-hyuk.

’Just some amount of money is enough for a bitch to be satisfied.
Whether it’s a million or a billion only a man could decide if it’s enough.

That’s why I was trying to earn more.
It was more expensive to sell holystones to Escar than to make a living as an ordinary hunter.

Lots of them just keep living like that, but nothing remains the same as you return to a normal life.
And you are left with helpless confidence and out at heels.´


A lust for money that can only be called abnormal was the reason Kang Yu-sik was known as ”golden devil” among the people.

‘Whoo… It’s working.
It’s working.’

Kang Yu-sik sighed as he realized

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