have changed, and that's why Ponytail Girl's reaction has changed as well.


The only difference between then and now is that I observed her passionately…




The great Schrödinger said this.


‘Just by observing, the outcome can change.’


Maybe, because I was observing her intently, that's why I got slapped.


“…Let's try it.”


Repetition is the basis of experiments.


And time is on my side.


After about six regressions, I was finally able to be sure.


Ponytail Girl did hit me because I was staring at her. 


But the important thing is that the moment she noticed that I was staring at her was always after she checked the status window.


What exactly is her trait?


Could it be something like extrasensory perception? An ability that activates by pressing on/off in the status window.


Finally, I decided to try to experiment once more.


At this point, people were starting to leave the vacant lot in pairs or groups of three or five.


The firefighter Ahjussi hadn't left yet, and Ponytail Girl was vigorously swinging her sword.


I cautiously changed my footsteps while keeping an eye on the surroundings.




The person I spoke to was a short-haired girl I had seen before.
She had a cute face, and I remembered her asking if I had any food to spare.


“What's going on?”


She seemed slightly suspicious of me.


“Well, it's nothing important.
I just wanted to talk for a moment.”


I felt sorry for the short-haired girl, but she had to become my experimental subject.


Because the place where the short-haired girl stood was exactly opposite to where Ponytail Girl was swinging her sword.
It was the farthest spot.


“It's something important…
Can you lend me your ear for a moment?”


“Is it really important?”


While hesitating, the short-haired girl cautiously leaned in to listen.


I whispered in a very low voice.


they seem like milk cartons.”




The short-haired girl opened her mouth in disbelief as if she couldn't believe what she had just heard.


“Moreover, your waist is perfect for delivery.
You can give birth to children easily.”


I used the crudest form of sexual harassment I could manage.


Just before the astonished short-haired girl could scream-






-With a powerful impact, my body flew into the air and crashed into the bushes.




My back f*cking hurts. 


I can't feel anything below my back.


When I turned my head to look behind me, Ponytail Girl was slowly folding her outstretched leg.


“To trash like you, even my sword is a luxury.”


She said with a face full of disdain.


Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.




‘Please, regress me quickly.’


My back still hurts. 


Is this phantom pain?


After actually getting hit, I thought that death regression might not be such a great ability after all.


Just getting kicked like this was so painful, so if I were to die, the aftermath wouldn't be a joke.


“But still, I'm certain now because of this.”


It was a whisper so quiet that even an animal with good hearing, let alone an ordinary person, wouldn't be able to hear.


The distance between us was quite far too.


However, Ponytail Girl flew over in an instant, kicked me away, and called me trash.


It meant that she'd indeed heard what I'd said to the short-haired girl from that distant place.


What does this mean?


It means that after checking her status screen, Ponytail Girl can perceive all the movements at least on this vacant lot…


Even while swinging her sword endlessly.


She has such a monstrous ability as soon as she enters the tower… Wouldn't it be at least an SS-grade trait? 


That aside, the riddle was solved.


The reason she refused when I asked her to teach me how to use a sword was because she had known all along that I was pretending.


She must have been able to monitor my every move all this time, so she already knew that I wasn't a diligent young man sacrificing myself for others as I acted to be.


Thinking about it this way, it's not unreasonable for her to reject me.




I slammed my hands forcefully, as if blaming myself.


Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.




This time, I didn't look at Ponytail Girl.
I listened to the fairy's explanation passionately. 


I had to be extremely careful in my actions, so I exercised extreme caution.


Tutorial Stage


-Clear condition 1: Swallow the 'Golden Bead' hidden somewhere in the forest to proceed to the next stage.
However, there are only 50 Golden Beads in existence.
-Clear condition 2: Defeat the boss, Goblin Shaman, to create a portal to the next stage.


While people were busy reading the announcement, a momentary silence settled over the vacant lot.


Clap clap!




I stood up and clapped twice to gather everyone's attention.


“My name is Kim Jun-ho! Please, listen to me for a moment!”


Ponytail Girl.


Do you have a preference for nice guys?


If so, this time, let me show you what a nice guy I am.

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