eemed like a clownish display, but to an ordinary person, it would have appeared impressive, and as expected, their mouths were agape in awe.




After plunging the sword I had been holding into the ground, I calmly stepped back like a gallant hero.


“How was it?”


I deliberately kept a blank expression on my face.


After showing off something good, the coolest thing is to remain composed.
If the person says, “Wow, that was amazing! Did you see that?” the coolness fades away.


“Wow, it was really impressive.”


“Can you teach us swordsmanship? We will definitely show our gratitude!”


Indeed, it seemed like they were completely absorbed in my performance as they approached me with sparkling eyes.


At this point, it's safe to say that they definitely harbored the emotion of 'awe.'


“Well, I can teach all of you swordsmanship, but there is one condition.”


“…What is it?”


As soon as I mentioned the word 'condition,' the group of men seemed slightly uneasy.


“Please tell me your traits.
That's the only condition.”




The atmosphere that had heated up as if a female idol was coming turned as cold as ice.


“When I read webtoons…
they say to hide those things…
I'm sorry…”


The atmosphere became incredibly awkward.


However, I obtained the information I wanted.


Seeing the instant change in the men's expressions, it was clear that 'awe' had an effect.


But they immediately rejected my request to disclose their traits.


Let's think about the case with the scrawny man in the previous round.


Even though I openly took him along and told him to copy the status window onto the ground, he followed without even showing signs of resistance.


Perhaps he had a much stronger sense of awe toward me, so the effect of the trait was stronger as well.


And although these men considered me impressive and feared me to some extent, their level of awe was weaker.


It seems like my speculation was correct.


Now that my curiosity is satisfied, it's time to move on to the next stage.




Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.





I decided to focus on becoming stronger instead of exploring the inside of the tower and searching for the base of the boss and the Minotaur.


Once I realized that there was a formidable enemy called the mutant goblin, I couldn't be confident in my safety with my current power.


If I fight until the end, I should win, but I am in a position where I cannot fight until the end.


I have to become stronger.


And in the current situation, there are a few main ways for me to become stronger.


First, somehow raise the level of LV that I don't know the conditions for.


Second, learn swordsmanship from Choi Ji-won.


Third, acquire traits.


The second option is what I want to pursue.


Because if I set the traits as my goal, I first need to find out the exact conditions for obtaining them…
and I also want to shock Choi Ji-won a little to gain another trait and extract more information from her.


Choi Ji-won is not only a benefactor who taught me swordsmanship, but she is also a psycho who would kick me without hesitation if she suspects something suspicious.


From the beginning, it is not normal for her to guard the vacant lot where the losers gather considering her strength.


Of course, whether Choi Ji-won is a psycho or a sword enthusiast doesn't matter.


What's important is that she is the strongest person I have ever seen in my life.


In order for me to become stronger, I have to use Choi Ji-won in some way.


I can repeatedly regress and steadily learn swordsmanship…
And if the traits can be obtained from someone else's emotions, I might be able to gain a new trait from Choi Ji-won.


Even the trait gained from the mediocre scrawny man seems quite useful, so how strong the trait I would gain from Choi Ji-won be?


To know that, I’ll have to get a strong reaction out of her… At least, that’s what happened with the scrawny man.


Regardless of what happens, there is a clear need to understand her better in order to use Choi Ji-won.


What was her family background like?


Why did she become a lunatic who uses violence as soon as something suspicious happens?


Where did she learn swordsmanship, and what abilities does she possess?


Choi Ji-won.


I’ll unravel everything about you.






Once again, Choi Ji-won was swinging her sword in a corner of the vacant lot without fail.


What should I say to make her flustered?


What actions can I take to extract information from her?


A good idea came to mind, and I decided to put it into action immediately.


With confident steps, I approached Choi Ji-won.


“Excuse me.”




She didn't even look in my direction and continued swinging her sword.


Alright, let's see how long she can maintain that expressionless face.


I decided to use a powerful line.


“By any chance, do you have a boyfriend?”




Her swinging arm stopped.


Choi Ji-won's face distorted rapidly.


“…You crazy bastard.”




Status: Injured


Regressing back to the time when you first entered the 0th floor.







I was hit in the stomach with an elbow.


“What kind of nonsense is that!” I expected a development where she blushes and says, “What, what are you saying?!”…


Choi Ji-won just acts tough on the outside but actually has a soft heart and no immunity to men…


Was this just my delusional imagination?


“…No, it's fine.”


It's okay to fail.


After all, I have an infinite number of attempts.


Let's see who will win the war in the end.



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