ision, the yellow energy came rushing in as if it could read my mind.


I chose 'awe.'


The reason is simple.


Fear? Disgust? It's true that they offer abilities that can be quickly and easily used.


Just instilling fear alone would provide endless possibilities.


Imagine using regression to gather future information and then saying to the opponent, 'I know everything about you.
You'll die tomorrow,' causing them to collapse in fear and wet themselves, no matter how strong they are.


Becoming immediately stronger? It's important, yes.


But I was envisioning something bigger.


Someday, when I conquer this tower.


When I step out of this tower.


When I become a globally recognized hero.


If my abilities simply revolve around inducing fear or disgust…
will I be truly hailed as a hero?


Instead, my achievements might be snatched away by a handsome and prosperous pretty boy, and I would become known only to a select few…
a kind of urban legend.


Regardless, emotions like fear and disgust make it extremely difficult to cooperate with others.


In the end, it means I have to act alone like a lone wolf.


Considering the nature of this space called the 'Tower,' it didn't seem like a good choice.


In one of the web novels I read, there was a novel where the protagonist says, 'This fucking tutorial is insanely difficult,' and despite possessing overwhelming power, they end up trapped in the tower.


Why? Because they didn't have any comrades to help them.


If there are floors where we have to accomplish a common goal, fear and disgust would become serious issues.


Ultimately, I'm convinced that choosing 'awe,' which is safe and looks cool, is the right answer.




The slowly flowing yellow energy ceased.


I didn't feel any noticeable difference in my body.
It felt just like usual.


But I had a great means of self-reflection.


“Status window.”


Name: Kim Jun-ho [LV: 5]

– Regression [EX]
– Awe [C]




I lightly tapped 'awe' with my fingertips.


Awe [C]

– Praise for your greatness.
Fear of the incomprehensible.


“What is this?”


Is the creator of the tower a graduate of the Department of Korean Language and Literature?


Or perhaps their hobby is to throw ambiguous choices and enjoy watching people ponder over them.


The explanation written was nothing but a string of vague words that seemed like empty rhetoric.


I don't expect an explanation like 'Deals 160% damage based on attack power' as if it were a game.
However, I think they should at least explain what it is and how it works.


Unconsciously, I realized that my hand was reaching for the back of someone's neck.


Ah, come to think of it, I pressed the status window with my own hand…




The time freeze had been lifted.


Since it was too quiet, I realized it too late.




The scrawny man was still lying down and trembling…


The reactions of other Men were quite different.


The bespectacled man, who was limping, had regained some stability.


The Extra Man, who had collapsed due to the loss of strength in his legs, was barely standing.


And the woman, who was struggling to breathe, had a flushed face.


Her face was so red that it made me worry if she was about to die.


“Are you okay?”


Unconsciously, I asked about her well-being.
She looked really unwell.




But she didn't answer.


She clasped her hands together and whispered softly.






I tilted my ear slightly, thinking I might have misheard.


Cool? Me?


While my entire body was covered in blood? While the stench of blood was pulsating?


I was well aware that being cool was something far beyond my reach more than anyone else.


If that's the case, the answer is simple.


Is this the power of 'awe'?


To others, I must really look cool.
It's the power of a great trait.


It wasn't exactly the effect I was expecting, but I realized that I chose my attribute well.


Finally, could this be my chance to experience being popular?


“Oh, really?”


I naturally took a step forward toward the woman in front of me.




Simultaneously, people took a step back, distancing themselves from me.




It was as if they were wary of my approach.


Wait, didn't they say I looked cool earlier? Why are they running away?


Without realizing it, my expression turned dismayed, and the woman waved her hand as she looked at my face.


“Oh no…
It's not that I don't like you…
It's just that we don't really match…
You're amazing…
That's why…
I'm just a bit hesitant.”




I glanced away and shifted my gaze to the still-floating status window.


– Awe [C]


– Praise for your greatness.
Fear of the incomprehensible.




Did the yellow energy contain all three—fear, horror, and awe?


Damn this unfriendly status window!

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