= ”ltr ”>I forcefully resisted the urge to close my eyes.


If I fall asleep like this, Choi Ji-won will come and chop off my head.
I didn't want to cut grass for days again.


So, I resisted, pinching my thighs as a form of resistance.


“… Can’t I just see once?”


“Hyung, we agreed.”


“Do you not trust me? I said I'll just see.”


I regained my focus as I heard voices nearby.
It was coming from a group of four men and one woman.


I couldn't see their faces since all the men were covered in blood, but I remembered the woman's face.


It was the woman who almost died at the hands of the goblins.


“Oh, come on…
Hyung, let's not do this.
I want to trust you too.”


“But I can't trust you anymore.
How can I believe that you didn't sneak them off somewhere?”


As I observed quietly, it seemed like a confrontation between a blond troublemaker and a man wearing glasses.


“Hyung! We agreed to gather five beads and eat them all at once.
We've collected two so far, so we just need three more.
Please bear with it a little longer, okay?”


From the conversation, it seemed like they had agreed to swallow the five beads at once.


Actually, that seemed like the most reasonable option.


If they swallow the beads as they find them, the group's combat power will weaken in real time.
Eventually, the last person left would be in a position where they have to find the bead alone.


But if everyone gathers several beads that allow them to escape, they can preserve their full strength and cope with the threats of the next stage.


Because right after swallowing the beads, dozens of goblins could attack.


I just want to make sure they’re fine.
Okay? I'll just look at it.”


The blond troublemaker said he would only look at the beads without any objections or excuses.


Although he said he would just look, anyone could see through his intentions.


That guy just wants to steal them and run away.


“Hyung, do you want to use the telekinesis ability?”




“You know.”


The troublemaker kicked the dirt floor with his foot.
After pondering something, he eventually spoke.


“Yeah, maybe I was a bit sensitive.
I'm sorry for not trusting you.”


“Thank you for understanding.”


“I'll smoke a cigarette with Jun-woo and cool my head.
Let's take a break and start again.”


The troublemaker rested his arm on the bony shoulder of the scrawny man standing beside him and walked towards me.




Thankfully, the troublemaker and the scrawny man didn't seem to notice me as they lit their cigarettes.


Being a non-smoker, I had to make an effort to endure the coughs. 


Ugh, the smell.




The troublemaker whispered in a low voice while smoking.


“Yes, hyung.”


“Do we have to carry those useless guys with us?”


“Well, the others aside, didn't we agree to bring Min-ji along?”


But the scrawny man didn't seem convinced.


The troublemaker glanced at the man with glasses waiting behind them.


“Hey, we barely managed to gather just two beads in three days.
I almost died several times.
No food, plenty of injuries, and many mouths to feed.
I've been saving cigarettes like crazy, and this is the limit.
How long do you think I can hold on with this pace?”




“There are plenty of women in the world.
Do you think you'll die without Min-ji? No, let's survive for now.


The troublemaker tried to persuade the scrawny man.
From their conversation, it seemed like 'Min-ji' was probably the woman who almost got killed by goblins.


“Let's get rid of them now.
You saw that guy doubting me, right? We might not have another chance.”




These guys were planning a surprise attack.


Only two beads.


Five people.


If you weren’t someone like Choi Ji-won, things would indeed be unstable.


From the perspective of ordinary people, betrayal may be inevitable.


“Hurry up and go.
I'll buy you some time.”


“Yes, hyung.”


The scrawny man headed somewhere, and the troublemaker returned to the group with a smile.


“Where is Jun-woo going?”


“He needs to use the restroom.
Hey, more importantly…”


The troublemaker deflected the conversation casually.


Although I got a rough estimate of the incident, there was still one unresolved question.


Where on earth did the goblins come from?


No matter how much I searched, there were no goblins nearby.


However, the last time, the three of them were nearly killed by goblins.


I didn't actually do anything to change the future either.
I just watched.


This isn't Schrödinger's cat, and my observation won't alter the outcome.


There's something…
there's something more…


While pondering over these thoughts, I heard the sound of the scrawny man’s footsteps.


When I cautiously turned my head, I saw him slowly approaching with an anxious look.


“…What the hell.”


If there was a problem, it was that behind him were ten goblins silently following, spears resting on their shoulders.


It was a strange sight as if observing an officer followed by soldiers.


Of course, it made no sense…


“…Is it his special trait? To control monsters?”


I had momentarily forgotten.


In the Tower where a regressor exists, nothing should be impossible.

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