Outside Chang Yuan Hall, his younger sister, Wei Shan, walked to the door anxiously.
She asked the maid to knock on the door, and wanted to ask her brother and sister-in-law what happened. 

Prince Yan ordered his son and daughter-in-law to be grounded, but the servant dared not open the door.
He checked through the crack of the door that it was Wei Shan and her servant, so he explained the grounding.
As for why the second master was grounded, he was not sure. 

Hearing that her brother and sister-in-law were grounded, Wei Shan subconsciously wanted to go to Xiliu Hall to find her mother, Concubine Li, but after walking a few steps, she changed her mind, and took the maid to Chengxin Hall. 

What happened in the side hall, not many knew.
Her elder brother and the third brother set off for the capital, so she could only ask the third sister-in-law Yin Hui. 

Yin Hui was thinking about the day when she would return to her mother’s house.
That day and the next day were not suitable.
On 14th and 15th she also had to prepare for the Ghost Festival, and the 13th of July was just right. 

“Madam, Miss Shan is here,” Yinzhan came in to report. 

Wei Shan? 

Yin Hui’s face darkened slightly.

Wei Luo’s uncle lost his wife in the early years and did not remarry.
Because he still had to study to gain fame, he entrusted his only daughter, Wen Ruyue, to them.
Therefore, Wen Ruyue grew up in Kind Yan’s palace, and she got food, clothing, and supplies from them.
And because Wen Ruyue and Wei Shan were the same age, the two girls often played together.
Yin Hui had no way of knowing how their relationship was.
But since she married, Wei Shan often mentioned Wei Luo and Wen Ruyue’s feelings in front of her.

It could be said that Wei Shan disgusted her as much as Ji Xianxian. 

It was just that the cutscenes that should be gone still had to come. 

Yin Hui went to the hall in the front yard. 

Wei Shan stood at the door, saw Yin Hui, ran up to her impatiently, and asked directly in the corridor, “Sister-in-law, what did the second elder brother and the second sister-in-law do to make father so angry?” 

Yin Hui pretended to sigh, and explained, “Second sister-in-law explained to me the prosperity of the capital, and Er Lang wanted to go when he heard it.
Father came when he was crying…Because Er Lang lied, father became angry.” 

In Yin Hui’s eyes, Prince Yan was full of majesty, and no one could violate him. 

The grandfathers of an ordinary family liked their grandsons very much, and it was not a serious mistake to tell a lie, but Prince Yan did not allow it. 

When Wei Shan heard that, she subconsciously blamed Yin Hui, “Er Lang just wanted to go to the capital.
If you would have admitted that you want to go too, San Lang would definitely not have exposed Er Lang.” 

Yin Hui sneered in her heart.
If she followed along Er Lang, then she was the one her father-in-law would punish. 

Wei Shan really only regarded Er Lang’s family as relatives, but did not regard her as a human being. 

“How dare I lie to my father? You really want to make things difficult for me.” 

Faced with Wei Shan’s arrogance, Yin Hui said helplessly. 

Wei Shan noticed that something had changed in her but it was not the time to think about it, so she glared at Yin Hui angrily, turned and left. 

When passing Yizhi Hall, Wei Shan paused.

Yin Hui might have concealed something, but Sister Mei, the eldest brother’s child from a concubine, was also there at the time.
A five-year-old child should not be able to hide anything, and would not dare to hide it in front of her. 

Wei Shan immediately went to Yizhi Hall. 

Although Wei Yang and Xu Qingwan were not there, an experienced nanny was taking care of Yizhi Hall, and everything was in order. 

The nanny in charge came to entertain Wei Shan. 

Wei Shan gave Xu Qingwan a face, sat down in the hall, drank tea, and then said with a smile, “I want to take Sister Mei to play hide-and-seek in the garden.” 

“Because her parents were going out today, the lady didn’t sleep all night last night.
So she was sleepy just after sending them off, and now she slept soundly next to the concubine.” 

Wei Shan’s smile froze, and she understood in an instant.
Xu Qingwan told the nanny in charge in advance not to allow Sister Mei to get involved in that matter. 

Xu Qingwan was so smart.
She didn’t leak the matter.
No wonder there were so many girls of the right age in the Xu family of the Duke of Zhenguo, but he chose Xu Qingwan to be their daughter-in-law. 

Unable to find any more news, Wei Shan went directly to see her biological mother, Concubine Li. 

What happened in the side hall had not been fully reported, It was only then that she knew that her son’s family had been grounded.
She was so angry that she almost threw the tea bowl in her hand.

With her son and daughter-in-law being punished, what face did she have? 

Concubine Xu was in front of her, and Concubine Guo came behind.

“Mom, what should we do now? We can’t really let the second brother and the second sister-in-law be grounded until the Mid-Autumn Festival, right?” Wei Shan said distressedly. 

Concubine Li clenched the tea cup tightly, and said after a long while, “I will figure out a way.
You go back and wait.
Don’t worry, Er Lang’s mistake is not serious.” 

Prince Yan stayed in the front court until dusk.

The northern line of Yandi was bordered by Jinren and Wala respectively, and wars were frequent.
So Emperor Jianlong bestowed more power to Prince Yan.
In addition to the three guards with a total of 50,000 horses equipped by him, he also could participate in the management and dispatch of the 100,000 imperial troops.
Even other civil and military officials who encounter any emergencies while handling government affairs, could also discuss with Prince Yan first, and then report to the court. 

Therefore, Prince Yan was a busy man. 

Returning to the harem, it was already red and the sun was sinking.
Prince Yan stretched his muscles and walked forward, and came to the front of Qin Zheng Hall.
From a distance, he saw Concubine Li standing outside the hall with two maidservants.
The pampered women looked younger than their peers.
Concubine Li wore a gown with red makeup, and the middle-aged woman was still cute when she smiled.
The two maids were holding a food box each. 

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