Seeing Mrs.
Wen, Yin Hui inevitably thought of the cousin, Wen Ruyue, and felt all sorts of feelings in her heart. 

Wen’s attention was on her son.
She had never been to the capital.
She only knew that there was a group of dignitaries living in the capital.
It was the first time for her son to go to such a wealthy place, so Mrs.
Wen was worried that he would be bullied. 

As parents, no matter how their children’s personalities were, they were always worried that their children would be bullied when they were out of town. 

“When you arrive in the capital, you must obey your eldest brother in everything.
When you need to go out, you’d better stay close to him.
If there is nothing to do, stay at the place where you are living and don’t walk around at will,” Mrs.
Wen said worriedly. 

Wei Luo just responded lightly, not saying anything. 

Yin Hui stood aside.
Seeing Mrs.
Wen’s kindness and Wei Luo’s indifference, vaguely, she seemed to see her former self. 

Wei Luo was a cold-hearted person, neither mother nor wife could get his smiling face, maybe, only Wen Ruyue had seen it. 

Yin Hui lowered her eyes, quietly waiting for the mother and son to finish their farewell. 

“It’s getting late, brother is still waiting.
I am leaving first, you take good care of yourself,” Wei Hao said after drinking a cup of tea.

Wen had no choice but to swallow back the rest of her words, and said to Yin Hui, “You go and see him off.” 

Yin Hui nodded and followed Wei Luo to leave.

The carriages and horses were all arranged outside the Xihua Gate of Prince Yan’s palace, which was relatively close to the Sixth West House, and they arrived shortly after leaving.
Yin Hui had just stood firm, and when she looked back, she saw Dafang’s family of four walking toward that side with their entourage. 

She looked at Wei Luo. 

Wei Luo stood with his hands behind his back, watching the family that was gradually approaching. 

Yin Hui thought for a while, and asked for instructions in advance, “When you’re away, can I go back to my mother’s house? I’ll go in the morning and come back in the afternoon.” In her previous life, because Xu Qingwan and Ji Xianxian were married far away, they never went home to visit their relatives, and Yin Hui never made such a request once. 

Wei Luo looked at her and said, “Okay, remember to ask the princess for instructions, and wear a badge.” 

Although his expression remained cold, he did agree to her bold request. 

Surprised, Yin Hui let out a smile. 

When Wei Luo saw that, he was afraid that she would be too happy and forget the rules, so he added, “You can go during the holidays, but avoid it at other times.” 

So was it possible to go home during the holidays? 

Yin Hui was already very satisfied, and hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, Third Master, I won’t mess around.” 

Wei Luo seemed to have never heard of that, and nodded to Wei Yang and his wife who came over, and glanced at San Lang inadvertently. 

The little guy looked excited about going out.

“It’s getting late, let’s go now,” Wei Yang said.
Wei Luo nodded, and said to Yin Hui, “Go back, farewell.” 

Yin Hui subconsciously said, “Let me stand here for a while.” 

Like a newlywed wife who was reluctant to part with her husband traveling far away. 

Wei Yang looked at Wei Luo mockingly. 

He just nodded, told the wet nurse to take good care of his son, and left.

After exiting the Xihua Gate of Prince Yan’s palace, there was also the west gate in front of the moat arch bridge, and after a while, there was the west outer gate with a thick wall outside the Yan Palace. 

The palace was an important place, just to enter and leave the inner city, one had to go through three gates. 

When walking out of the west outer gate, Wei Luo looked back. 

From a distance of several feet, his wife held the child and looked over from a distance.
The bright morning light enveloped the two of them. 

That was also the first time that when he was traveling far away, someone specially followed him and stopped to see him off. 

The carriage set off, and the three doors of the palace were closed one by one. 

Looking at the closed city gate, and looking at the son in her arms who didn’t know that his father had left, Yin Hui suddenly felt like she was in a dream. 

It was just that she couldn’t tell whether the present was a dream, or the ten years she had experienced. 

In that dream that lasted ten years, she had very little memory of that day.
Probably because Ji Xianxian taunted her, she endured it silently, the second household was not punished, and she didn’t have the courage to ask Wei Luo if she could go back to her natal home. 

“Madam, shall we go back too?” Jinzhan said softly. 

Yin Hui put away her thoughts, and returned to Chengxin Hall with Jinzhan and the wet nurse. 

She didn’t sleep well the previous night, and went to the palace early in the morning.
Yin Hui was a little tired, so she asked the wet nurse to take her son, and she fell asleep on the couch. 

She seemed to be asleep, but she was actually still thinking about the shocking changes around that night. 

In those long ten years, many things happened.
Some things she was happy to see come true, such as her father-in-law ascending the throne.
Wei Luo became a prince and she also became a princess.
While some things Yin Hui wished had never happened, such as her natal grandfather’s death and, in the end Wei Luo wanted to accept Wen Ruyue as his concubine. 

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