who was cuddling up to me, just in case.

“Have you ever been hit by a teacher?”

Yan hesitated for a moment before speaking in a low voice.

“Not that teacher… another one.”

“How many questions did you get right?”

“The same number as the number of questions.

The nurse’s expression hardened at the sound of “30.” I was also angry again, but instead of expressing my anger, I hugged Yan tighter.



“Are you mad?”

I smiled widely at Yan, who was watching me closely.
When I looked closely at his slightly raised eyes, I found it hard to breathe.
I wondered whether I should check my safety or open my eyes wide and engrave this sight on my retina.

“How is he so cute?”

As and Royina were cute, too, but there was something about Yan that really hit my heart.

“Of course, my type, like a pine tree.”


“I’m not mad.”


“Yes, I’m not mad.”

Yan smiled as if he were relieved by my answer.
Then he rested his head on my shoulder.

I covered my nose with my hand as I felt like I was going to sneeze because of his cat-like behavior.

Fortunately, I didn’t bleed.
Yan hurriedly grabbed my hand and pulled it down.

“Don’t touch your nose.
It will hurt if you bleed.”

“Oh, really…?”

I really wanted to bite Yan just once.
But I knew if I did, Yumo would surely separate us, thinking that Yan was being troubled.

I was seriously considering how to bite Yan without Yumo noticing, but Yumo called me first.

“Miss, I’ll be going to the master’s room for a moment.
Call the maid if you need anything.”


I waved goodbye to Yumo as she left the study and as soon as the door closed, I released Yan and hopped off the sofa.

I didn’t often come to the study, but I knew where the secret passage was.

I opened the decoration cabinet under the bookshelf against the wall, revealing a narrow passage that only an adult could barely squeeze through.

“Yan! Let’s go play.”

“Where to?”



“Don’t worry.
I, the daughter of the duke, know all the ways.
We won’t get lost.”

“But what if we get in trouble?”

“Yumo said she was just taking a break before lunch, so she won’t scold us.”


“Then I’ll go alone.”

As I left, Yan quickly followed me from behind.
Since I memorized the route of the passage a long time ago, I was able to safely escape to the forest behind the mansion.

Yan, who followed me out of the passage, coughed up dust.
I patted off the dust that was all over his clothes.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I felt like a sister taking care of her younger brother.

“Let’s hold hands and go there.”

“What’s over there?”



“Yeah, flowers!”

With a smile, I headed towards a small flower garden in the woods.
It was a place that the maids occasionally used as a hiding spot for a nap.

It was a sunny spot, so various types of wildflowers bloomed there, mainly yellow in the center and white petals from summer to fall.

As soon as we arrived at the small flower garden, I let go of Yan’s hand and ran towards the side with more flowers.

When I was young, I called these flowers egg flowers because they looked similar, but I didn’t know if they were the same kind.

Anyway, the good thing about these flowers was that they were great for making flower crowns.

“You can make a flower crown, a bracelet, anything with these flowers.”

I started picking the flowers that were suitable for making a flower crown.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m making a floral crown.”

“A floral crown? What’s that?”

I was surprised by his question about what a floral crown was.
Could it be that he didn’t know?

“Well, it’s a crown made out of flowers.”

“You can make something like that?”

“Of course.
Just wait a bit.
I’ll make one for you, Yan.
Wait over there.”

Yan sat down in the grassy field and watched me as I busily moved around.

When I had gathered enough flowers, I quickly trimmed the stems and made a small floral crown.

“Yan, come here.”

I approached Yan and placed the floral crown on his head, then took a few steps back to admire his appearance.

“Indeed, he looks cute.”

Yan wobbled his head, and when the floral crown almost fell off, he quickly lifted his head back up.
He could simply put it back on if it fell off.

But his fumbling around was so adorable that I promised to make him another one if he didn’t drop it.

I had to work quickly to make floral crowns for Loxana, Yurian, and Yumo as well, because I didn’t want any of them to feel left out.
Unlike Yan’s crown, these had to be sized for adults, so I needed twice as many flowers.



“Do you like flowers?”

“Well… I do.”


“Because they’re pretty.”

“You like pretty things?”

“Of course.”

“Me too.”


“I also like pretty things.”

I continued to laugh while picking flowers, completely absorbed in my task and not noticing the expression on his face.

At that moment, I forgot that I was not meant to be a part of his life.

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