eeing Jiang Mu squatting down on the floor and unpacking her suitcase, Zhao Yue decided that she must find a job as soon as possible and not let her daughter live a hard life with her.
  As soon as Zhao Yue went out, Jiang Mu started to move.
  When she made up her mind to leave with her mother, she took all her belongings with her when she packed her luggage.
  Although her grandparents didn’t like her very much because she was a girl, they still didn’t begrudge giving her a small amount of money in the annual red envelopes and birthday gifts.
  Especially in recent years when they got rich, the red envelopes and birthday gifts her parents gave her became more and more expensive.
In addition, the friends and elders who came to visit her home during the Chinese New Year were also very generous, so she still had her own small coffers.
  Not only that, she also secretly put up all the jewelry that her mother bought in the early years.
For the sake of the Jiang family, her mother was tired and prematurely aging.
These things she had taken are what her mother deserved.
  She is not going to sell the jewelry just yet since her mother is not in the best of health.
When they lived in the capital, Zhao Yue had to be hospitalized every year, so Jiang Mu was going to keep these jewelry for emergencies.
  She sorted out the lucky money and her birthday presents and put them on the bed.
  495 yuan, some exquisite hairpins, head flowers, hair ropes, and a piggy bank.
  Zhao Yue's body is a ticking bomb, so Jiang Mu must earn money as soon as possible.
These small gifts can be sold, and the 495 yuan will her principal for her new venture.
As for what she plans to do with the money, she’d already thought about it last night.
  Jiang Mu put all the money in a pocket inside her padded jacket, and as soon as she went out, she saw Zhao Yue and Grandma Sun sorting out the briquettes and chatting.
  ”This year's briquettes are also more expensive than in previous years.
The black ones cost one yuan per pound.
The yellow ones we use at home are not as good, but they cost two pounds for a yuan.
There is some smoke, but it’s not too bad.
Most of us living here use this kind.” Grandma Sun coughed a few times while talking.
  Zhao Yue also had a hard time and tried to resist her coughs, “It's pretty good, it's cheap.”   ”You don't have a man at home now, wait for your Uncle Sun to come back, and let him pull a cart of the briquettes for you.
Don’t try to do it own your own,” Grandma Sun was very enthusiastic.
  ”Thank you, Auntie Sun.” Zhao Yue was very grateful.
  Jiang Mu had seen this kind of yellowish briquette in the morning; it didn’t burn well, and the smoke was choking.
Thinking of Zhao Yue’s body, she walked over, “Mom, this kind of briquette is too choking, my eyes hurt, and my throat hurts too.”   ”That's fine, mom will buy the good ones, you get what you pay for.” Zhao Yue changed her mind immediately without even thinking about it.
  Sun HongFen just glanced at Jiang Mu and didn't say anything.
She was acting like a little spoiled girl in the city that couldn't live a hard life.
  Jiang Mu said that she wanted to go out and look around to get familiar with the surrounding area.
Zhao Yue gave a few cautionary words but didn't stop her.
When Sun HongFen saw that she was going alone, she called her grandson to accompany Jiang Mu.
In her eyes, everyone will be neighbors from now on, so it's good to be familiar with each other.
  Sun Quan was dark and thin, and small in stature.
He was obviously a year older than Jiang Mu but was half a head shorter than her.
It looked like he was chronically malnourished.
  Jiang Mu frowned.
It seemed that Grandma Sun's family was really suffering.
However, Grandma Sun, who was so miserable, was worried that she and her mother wouldn’t be able to eat in the morning, so she had asked them to eat some of her own food.
  Jiang Mu's heart was heavy.
In order to understand Grandma Sun's kindness, you must know that in this day and age, eating is the most important thing.
If there are her mother and herself eating at their house, Grandma Sun’s family would have to cook a lot more rice.
  Sun Quan was five steps behind Jiang Mu as they walked around the neighborhood.
From his position behind her, he looked her up and down discretely.
Jiang Mu was wearing dark jeans, a red padded jacket, and had a fair face.
She looked like a child of a rich family.
  In contrast his trousers already had two patches, and his old thick coat looked like adult clothes.
The difference between the two was too great.
Jiang Mu didn't speak, and Sun Quan also kept silent, looking down at his feet all the time.

  She came out with a mission and kept silent, so I can’t do anything but follow her lead.

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