u’re saying is right, the two of us can live well.”


  On this cold winter night, the moon was shining brightly.
The mother and daughter walked side by side through the cold wind, but both of them felt warm in their hearts.

  After a few days of traveling back and forth, the mother and daughter were both exhausted, so they just hurriedly cleaned up the bed in the old Zhao house and fell asleep.

  * * * *


  The next day, when Jiang Mu opened her eyes, Zhao Yue was no longer in the room they’d shared the night before.

  There was a lot of noise outside in the yard, and the public faucet continued to run loudly without stopping.
It seems that several families are taking turns to collect water for cooking.


Jiang Mu heard Zhao Yue’s voice saying hello and chatting, and she immediately got up, put on her shoes and went outside.

  She saw neighbors are using iron stoves, put briquettes on them, sitting on iron or aluminum pots, and boiling water for cooking.

   Jiang Mu was a little dazed with confusion, this sight was too strange to her, and she didn't react for a while.


   “MuMu, there is hot water here, so wash up first.” Zhao Yue carried an old dark red kettle, and she skillfully poured water from the kettle into a pot for Jiang Mu to use.

   Jiang Mu quickly washed her face, it was too cold to take her time.

She squatted by the iron stove and heated her hands.
She looked at the black coals piled up under the eaves of each neighbor’s house, and then she saw that there was nothing under the eaves of her own.
There was one more task today-buy briquettes.


   “MuMu haven’t you seen these before? These are briquettes.
In this city we all use them to cook and to boil water for heating.
One piece can burn for a long time.
However back in our old city, there would have only been gas tanks to heat everything, so I guess you’re more used to those right?”


  Old Mrs.
Sun came over to them with a smile, “I’m about to go eat at home.
You two only came back yesterday, so there must be nothing at home.
There is nothing delicious at my place, just porridge and pickles, but you’re welcome to them.”


   “Thank you Grandma Sun, my mother also ordered some noodles so we should be fine.” Jiang Mu replied with a smile.


   “Okay then, MuMu, Xiao Yue, please let me know if you need any help, we’re all neighbors and you two are welcome here!”


   “Alright, thank you Auntie Sun.” Zhao Yue seemed to be in a good mood after hearing this.


   Jiang Mu also felt a lot of relief from the old lady’s kind words.
With so many things happening, she was really worried that her mother would become more and more depressed.


  Zhao Yue worked swiftly, and two bowls of dried noodles were quickly prepared.

Seeing that there were only two bowls of noodles on the wooden table, and then thinking about the rich and nutritious fish and meat they both used to consume in the capital, Zhao Yue felt a little guilty.


“MuMu, our life won’t be the same as before.
Life may be a little harder for a while, but don’t you worry, Mom will work hard, and it won't always be like this.”


   “Mom, as long as I am with you, I will be happy to live in any conditions.” With a bright smile as warm as sunshine, Jiang Mu picked up her bowl and ate happily.

   “Mom, I will make a lot of money in the future.
I will let you live a good life, even better than at the Jiang's house.”


   “Good! Mom will be waiting to enjoy the blessings.” Zhao Yue felt suddenly that she was happier than when she had lived with the Jiangs.


  After the two of them finished their meal, Li Lan and the rest of her family arrived in a hurry before they could start to clean up.

  Before she had even reached them properly, her loud voice screamed, “Zhao Yue, is the money ready? Don't think about dragging it out.
If you don't give it to me now, I won't agree to you continuing to live here!”


  Zhao Yue didn’t talk any nonsense with her and instead took out a cowhide envelope which contained the 1500 yuan she had taken out of the bank.


  Li Lan's eyes were bright, and her smile was full.
This is 1,500 yuan was nearly a year's salary for her! It's not in vain that she calculated for so long against her in-laws.

She reached out to take it but was snatched by Jiang Mu in mid-air.


“Damn girl, what are you trying to do? This is the money you used to buy the house.
It’s too late if you want to regret it now!” Li Lan's sharp voice was particularly piercing, and she was about to continue to grab for the envelope it after she yelled, but Jiang Mu swiftly turned around and avoided her.


  ”Grandma, grandpa, this house belongs to you, so the money for selling the house is also naturally yours.” Jiang Mu handed them the envelope with both hands.


  Li Lan gave her a fierce look, “Anyway, it's all being used for Xiao Da to study in high school, it's unnecessary to give it to them!”


  Unexpectedly, the situation suddenly changed.

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