Chapter 2: They are a group of snobs!

  In the city of Shanghai in 1987, most people lived in shanty towns except those who had gone to sea to start a business.

  The Zhao family lived in the same way, but the family lived in a slum area within the suburbs of Shanghai’s outskirts.


  However, when Jiang Mu and Zhao Yue returned to their home within their hometown by memory, there was a large lock tied to the wooden door with an iron chain.


   “The Zhao family doesn't live here anymore.
This house has been empty for a while,” said a boy who had just finished school.


  ”They don’t live here anymore? Then do you know where they moved?” Zhao Yue asked.


“I have no idea,” the boy said.


“Isn’t this Xiao Yue? Lao Zhao and his sister-in-law moved to your elder brother’s house last year.
If you want to find them, go to your elder brother’s house.
Your elder brother is now doing well, and the unit has been divided into buildings.
They bought the largest one.
Go find Lao Zhao and your sister-in-law to enjoy their blessing.”


   “Thank you Auntie Sun,” Zhao Yue said.


  The two walked for nearly two hours before they arrived at the home of Zhao BaoJia, the eldest and boss of the Zhao family.


  What the neighbor said was right, the Zhao family is indeed doing well and lived in a high-rise building.

  The house was nearly 100 square meters, boasting three bedrooms and one living room, with the living room being very spacious.
A TV, a refrigerator, and an electric fan, the three major items needed to be considered rich in this time period are not lacking, and all the home furnishings can be seen to be high-end goods at a glance.


  Seeing Zhao Yue and Jiang Mu, Zhao BaoJia and his wife were shocked.


   “Why are you back at this time? You didn’t tell me when you were coming back or let me as your elder brother pick you up.
You’re carrying so many boxes, look how heavy they are!”


   “You should have let me know in advance so that I can go buy some fish and meat.
I don’t have anything good at home now.” Li Lan, Zhao Yue’s sister-in law, was very enthusiastic.
Her eyes were gleaming as her gaze stayed on the suitcases belonging to the mother and daughter.
Her eyes were full of greed, there must be so many good things in them.


   “Xiao Da, come over and see who is here!”


  Jiang Mu can see what the other person was thinking at a glance.
Although they didn’t go back to their hometown often, they would always bring various gifts to their family members every time they came back.
Her aunt must think that the suitcases are for them.


A fourteen-year-old boy came over and looked at Zhao Yue and Jiang Mu with surprise on his face, “Auntie, Jiang Mu, why are you here? What new clothes and toys did you bring me this time? I heard that in Jingcheng, there is a game console over there in the city.
Aunt, have you bought it for me?”


  As he said all this, Zhao ShuDa walked quickly to the suitcase, put it down, looked for the zipper, and tried to open it in one go.
Just as he was pulling open the zipper, his wrist was grabbed.


   “Brother, this is my mother’s and my luggage.
There is no gift for you.” Jiang Mu stopped him with a light smile as she refused his actions.


  Zhao ShuDa was taken aback for a moment, not understanding what she meant.


   “I have divorced, and I am not going to leave again now that I’ve come back with MuMu this time.” Zhao Yue's voice was very low and filled with sadness and frustration in every word.
Finally, she was able to show everyone a forced smile.


  Li Lan's complexion changed suddenly, all her enthusiasm just now had disappeared.
Her tone changed, and she immediately put on airs.


“Xiao Yue, don’t blame me for saying something, but as your sister-in law, I should talk to you about this.
Tell me, why can’t you give in to a man? The Jiang family is so rich and Jiang Tao’s career is developing so well.
If you don’t want to be a good wife of the Jiang family, then just stay at home.
Why are you getting a divorce?”


   “Your sister-in-law is right.
You enjoy a lot of good fortune in Jiang's family.
You live in a bungalow without working and you have a car to drive.
Now that you’ve come back with your child, what will you do in the future?” Zhao BaoJia said as he tried to teach his sister a lesson.


Zhao Yue was in a trance for a while, as if she didn’t know her elder brother and sister-in-law.
She didn’t go home too many times after getting married, but in the past, they were very warm and friendly to her every time.
They had never been like this before.
Their enthusiasm had only lasted three minutes before they began to criticize her.


   “Is it because you didn't give birth to a son for Jiang's family, and to carry on the family line?” Qian CuiFang said.


“I said long ago that if you can't have a baby by yourself, you can adopt a boy.
At that time, your eldest brother and your second brother's son were both still young, you could have adopted one as your own son.
In the future, the Jiang family's property would have belonged to my precious grandson.
It’s better than you getting a divorce now!”


   Zhao Yue was sad and angry, “Mom, do you think the Jiang family are stupid? Do you really think they would give their hard-earned family business to an outsider?”


   “What’s with your attitude? After living in the capital for so many years, your wings have gotten stiff, haven’t they? How did you learn to talk to your elders? Is it easy for me to raise you until you got so big?” Qian CuiFang is always giving a lesson when she speaks.
Her tone is always stern, forceful, and aggressive.


  Li Lan was on the sideline pretending to be a good person as she smiled and comforted the old woman.
“Mom and Dad have worked hard for so many years.
Now that they are getting older, they should enjoy themselves.”


  She rolled her eyes, and she was suddenly calculating something.
“Zhao Yue, the Jiang family has a big business, you should have gotten a lot of money in the divorce, right?”


   “In order to make our parents live better, we bought a house specially.
Shouldn’t you also contribute some money to in order to support the elderly?” Li Lan smiled shrewdly.


“Right, what do you expect us to pay for? Take out all the money you have gotten from your divorce! Now that you are single you have no job, and you still have a daughter to raise.
Do you want to live and eat at home? It just so happens that the old house is empty, so you can live there for now.
Go ahead.” Qian CuiFang’s attitude was domineering.


  Zhao Yue looked at her relatives in the living room.
At this moment, she didn’t seem to know any of them.
She was forced to divorce, she was kicked out of the Jiang’s house, and she was bullied, but her parents and eldest brother didn’t even have a word of concern.
Let alone comfort, all they cared about was how much money she got!


  Seeing that her mother’s expression wasn’t right, Jiang Mu immediately stepped forward to hold her hand.
The cold touch of her mom’s hand made her feel a tremor inside.
Jiang Mu gave her mom’s hand a squeeze in order to give her some of her strength.
She became even more disgusted with the people here, and she felt even more distressed for her mother.


“Grandma, my mother was kicked out of the house, and didn't get a penny.” She leaned slightly to the side and stood in front of Zhao Yue’s body, trying to block the sight of all these people from her.
Jiang Mu’s back was straight, and her eyes were extremely cold as she looked at the relatives around her.


Qian CuiFang could only fantasize about the amount of banknotes that had flown away and she quickly felt a pain in her chest.
She pointed to Zhao Yue and said, “You useless thing! You were sent out of the house after a divorce, and you even brought out something that will drag you down with you.
When everything is looked at clearly, doesn't this mean that you have been played for nothing for all these years? How did I give birth to such an idiot!?”


Jiang Mu's eyes were sharp and hostile as she raised her voice, “Grandma, how can you say that about my mother? These years, although my mother is in the capital, she has honored you a lot more than the uncles here, right?”


“Auntie, if I remember correctly, my mother paid for the jobs you and uncle found.
Moreover, my mother gave you 10,000 yuan for your current house, otherwise could it really be considered yours? With the quota allocated by the work unit, you couldn’t afford such a big house!”


   Jiang Mu suppressed the anger in her heart and her whole body was cold.
No wonder her mother returned to the capital after a few days here in her hometown in her previous life.
There is no place for her in this family; no one here really loves her or cares about her.


“You damn girl, what’s your attitude towards your elders? How did you teach her as a mother?” Qian CuiFang almost poked Jiang Mu’s forehead with her fingers but once she met her sharp gaze, she was frightened by the glare.
She withdrew her fingers immediately.


   “Okay! We’re all a family, so what is everyone talking about?” Zhao WeiGuo roared, and the living room was instantly quiet.
Even the rambunctious Qian CuiFang didn't dare to say anything.


   “Since they’re back, Xiao Yue and MuMu will live in the old house.” Zhao WeiGuo said in a deep voice.


  Li Lan's face suddenly changed.
Back then her plan had been to take in the two old people to live with them, just for the sake of having the family house for herself!


“No, Xiao Da will be in the third year of junior high school soon, and it’s so difficult to get into those key high schools.
I planned to sell the old house and use that money for Xiao Da’s key high school tuition fee.” Qian CuiFang refused very decisively, and Li Lan secretly relaxed, taking a huge sigh of relief.


   “Going to high school is next year's business, what's the hurry? Where do you plan on letting Xiao Yue and MuMu live when the house is sold?” Zhao WeiGuo asked.


   “The married daughter is only water that’s poured out, do we have to raise her for a lifetime? We still rely on our sons to support us now!” Qian CuiFang was indifferent and didn't care about them at all.


Zhao Yue staggered, her heart felt cold, her legs went weak, and she almost fell down.
Fortunately, Jiang Mu steadied her in time, and she felt the soft and warm palms holding her.
Zhao Yue looked down at her 15-year-old daughter.
It’s okay, she has her daughter, she is not alone.


   “Xiao Da won’t be promoted to high school for another year, so the house will be given to Xiao Yue and MuMu to live in first,” BaoJia finally concluded.


  Li Lan fiercely twisted the soft flesh around Zhao BaoJia’s waist and showed him a fierce look.
“You can move in if you want, but you can’t live there for nothing.
You have to pay the rent.”



T/N: The evil relatives are already showing their true faces, I can't wait for the face-slapping!

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