have property in the village and I need a ride to the village.

I go to the village.
Surrounded by soldiers with bows and arrows, and shot dead as a result.


 This is the kind of thing that happens when you can't pay or it becomes inconvenient, right?

I'll give him the conditions.


 ”Okay, but no thanks.
But, thank you is fine.”


 ”In exchange, could you do me a favor?”

 ”Well, what favor?”

 ”It's a simple one.”


I began to tell this handsome father of a High Elf what my “favor” was.


He graciously agreed to my request and I was to let him out of his prison.

Just like in the treasure room earlier, I smashed the reinforced wind I and destroyed the prison.

 Since it was the second time, I think the control was better than before.

 The people inside were unharmed, so it was better…supposedly.


 After the parents and children inside were let out, the shackles on both wrists were destroyed with the Wind I.

 I hid the part where the fingers were broken and the part where they grew by pulling my hands back into the sleeves of my robe.

 It seems that the manacles I destroyed have the function of inhibiting the activation of magic and decreasing muscle strength when worn.


Now that I've saved them, how good are they as a force to be reckoned with?

 I checked and found that the father is good at bow and wind magic.

His wife is good at bow and earth magic, and his daughter is useless in battle.

 I'll rely a little on the fact that they say they can handle combat without problems because they seem to have been eating regularly and are not that debilitated.


 There were no bows in the treasury, so the two of them should do their best with magic.

 As for the daughter…well, if she doesn't get in the way, it's fine.

For now, since it's not good to be unarmed, the father will get an ornate sword from the treasury, and the wife…


 We were ready to go, so we headed for the exit.

 The formation was: I was in the lead, with the father behind me.
The wife and daughter further back.

 Basically, I was in the front and the father supported me.
The wife was in charge of supporting with her daughter.


 There were not many of us, and it was impossible for me to command and coordinate with the others.

 I knew we would only be together for a short time anyway, so I decided to at least divide up the roles so we wouldn't be dragging each other down.

 The father seemed interested in my magic and background, but I told him it would be better for both of us if he didn't know.
After that, we discussed the process of going up to the upper levels.


When I returned through the passageway to the square where I had fought the Raptor to the death, I found myself surrounded by goblins with bows and arrows and wooden crossbows.

There were 10 archers, 6 crossbows, 8 swords and 5 spears and 1 commander-like armor with a decorative sword.


 ”You are surrounded.
If you lay down your weapons peacefully, I'll spare your lives…
and the high elf over there will come with me, okay?”


While saying this, the commanding goblin is licking his tongue while looking at the wife.

 Doesn't he have anything else to say? It's written on his face what he's going to do.

The wife seems to be in danger, though she doesn't understand what he's saying because it's in subhuman language.

She hugs her daughter and backs away a little.


Are these guys insane to think that the commanding officer is going to step forward? 

 I didn't need to listen to him, so I held up my hand and activated the Earth I and launched it at the commander.

 A huge chunk of rock flies toward the commander.




 The commander and the guy near him were crushed by the rock.

The survivors are shooting arrows at us with crossbows and bows, but the father magically creates a wind barrier to block it.

 I've heard about it, but it's useful.


 I put the ring back on another finger, stepped forward and slammed a hammer into the head of a goblin with a bow that was close at hand, causing his head to cave in.

I take the bow and arrow quiver and toss them to the wife.
The father manipulates the barrier and lets the bow and arrow pass through.

When his wife receives it, she pulls out the arrow with a skilled hand, readies the bow, and shoots.


 The time it takes to ready the bow and shoot is terribly short.

 And it is fast.
Just when I thought the arrow was released, she was already shooting an arrow at the next target.

The two crossbowmen who were hit by the arrows were shot through the forehead and in one of the eyes and fell to the ground.


 I swung my hammer to scoop up the spearmen as well.
The spearman's head popped off. 

 I was about to kill the other one when I felt a strange sensation in my hand.

 The hammer suddenly became heavy.


 I ignored it, turned my body and swung.

 The crossbowman's head flew off. 

The commander, 3 swords, and 2 spears were crushed at the beginning earth I.


 I got 1 bow, 1 crossbow, 1 spear.

The wife killed 2 crossbows.
Oh, I killed 1 bowman.


 That leaves 5 swords, 4 spears, 3 crossbows, and 8 bows.

If we don't kill the attackers soon, it will be hard for the father to move.


 Three sword-bearers cut at me at the same time.
I smashed the front one with a hammer.

 It was getting too heavy to hold.
The more I swing it, the heavier it gets.

 What the hell is this thing?


As for the other two, I rotated my body and smashed them with the hammer with centrifugal force.

Without stopping the rotation, I threw the hammer at the guy who was aiming at the father with the bow, destroying him.

 There are 2 swords and 7 bows left.


 The wife ran out of arrows after shooting two more archers.
5 bows left.

 The father has been maintaining his wind shield since a while ago and can't move.


 The bowmen, understanding that they would win if they killed the father, started shooting arrows at him.

 The wind wall is blocking the arrows, but they are not reaching him.

 I pulled out my sword and stood in front of the spear and sword holders.


 The wind barrier is very effective against flying weapons, but weak against melee, so I can't let these guys through.

 The goblins in the vanguard seemed to have decided to eliminate me first.

 The rest of the spears all thrust at me at once, and I catch them with my body.


 Four of the spears stabbed me in the gut.

 The rest of the swords swing their swords at my neck.

 I calmly cut off one of the heads with my sword, caught the other sword with my shoulder, then grabbed the head and bit off the throat.

 Zero swords left.


 The spear-bearer is trying to pull his spear out, but he can't.

 I guess I'll have to use the move I just thought of.

I accelerated the regrowth of my abdomen and let it heal the wound.

 The spear-bearer lets go of the spear and steps back.
The timing of his letting go further stimulates regeneration, and the spear is pushed out.


I threw the dislodged spear back at the owner.
It was not a great distance, so it hit the target in an interesting way.

Cutting off the heads of those who were in agony with spears stuck in their shoulders and stomachs.

 There were no spears left.


 With the vanguard gone, the rest of the rear guard rushed to the exit to escape.

 When they were all clumped up to enter the exit, I shot them with Wind I.

 The rest of them turned into a cloud of blood smoke.


The father was surprised at my fighting style, but he reconsidered and retrieved his bow and arrows with his wife, which were safe.

 The hammer is no good now.
I could hold it, but it was too heavy.

I'll eat off the blackened parts so that the father and his family won't see them.
Let the rest heal.


It seemed that they had finished collecting the bows and arrows.

 I nodded and turned to head outside.

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