ave you made up your mind to sell the store to me? You might as well get rid of that old, rundown inn and open a new one.”


He sure is a troublesome guy.
A land shark, huh?

 That's outrageous.


 ”I'm just saying this out of the kindness of my heart.
Ah, yes, yes.
You're from there, right? You're staying at the Golden Thread Pavilion, aren't you? I suggest you leave early.
I heard that the inn is cursed and people who stay there have bad luck.”


 More of a warning than an advice.

 The man said what he wanted to say and left with his guards in tow.

A man who doesn't converse, huh? He's an annoying guy, isn't he?


“I'm sorry, customer.

“Son of the lord, right? His name is Triptlet Medream, I think.”


 The old man's eyes widened in surprise.


 ”You're a visitor, aren't you?”

 ”I presume, old man, you're here to protect me?”

 ”That's not…”

 ”Tell me, I think I have the right to ask.”


The old man – Trust Arch – reluctantly told me what had happened.

 The Golden Thread Pavilion is located in an open area on the outskirts of the west side of the city, and it seems to be the perfect place to build something new.

 …And it seems that this Tripplet boy is planning to build another house in that perfect location.


From the looks of it, he won't be using it for any good purpose.

In short, he wants to evict them because he's going to build a house.
That's what he told them a few days ago.

When he refused to do so, the boy started harassing the inn.


He had his clients attacked and he spread bad publicity.
I guess this is why the old man approached me.

 As a result, the guests disappeared from the inn. 


 …I mean, how could he take such direct measures in just a few days?


That's beyond intolerable, isn't it?

 First they tried to solve the problem with parental authority, but they were turned down.

 Next, bribes.
Finally, blackmail, plain and simple.


That's why the landlady gave us two days notice, so we could leave anytime we wanted.


 ”But I can't abandon the house we all built together.
That inn is filled with our memories.”


After that, he told me the story of his life, but I wasn't interested in it.

 He talked about his youth when he lived by the sword and his original swordsmanship.


 I'm sorry to tell you old man, but I can only say that you are stuck in a situation.

 In this world, there is no such thing as land rights.

 Basically, people who have lived here for a long time are somehow the owners of the land as it is.


 To become a citizen, you have to go through a process for tax revenue, but other than that, it's basically ambiguous.

 If you want a house, you have to get someone to sell it to you, or you have to build your own house in the middle of nowhere.

 This is unthinkable in Japan.


 The lords have no rights to the land, which means they can't simply kick you out.

There is nothing that can't be done, but if you do it carelessly, the lords will kick out residents who are inconvenient for them. 


 So, the boy had to drive them out by himself.


 It is said that the previous generation was a “hot-headed” (a dead word) lord, but since he was replaced a few years ago, he has become much more conservative.

 Ah, that's what I often hear.

 The second generation ruined the company, and the third generation destroyed it…right?


 If that kid is the third generation, the company is going to go under for real.


 …I got a little sidetracked, didn't I?


Even if you can't kick them out, they are the son of the lord.

 They can harass him indirectly as much as they want.

If they don't give up somehow, there will be no tomorrow for that inn.


 But with the way things were going, it was going to be difficult.

 The old man doesn't want to get involved, but he doesn't want to let the guests go, so he's doing a half-assed job of sneaking around and guarding them.


 There's nothing we can do.

 I'm sorry, but I don't want to get involved.

 Should we look for another place to stay the day after tomorrow? I'll have to discuss that with Heidi.


 ”I understand.
That means you send someone to my companion…”

 ”Yeah, I'm sending my son.”

 ”I see.
Well, let's finish our meal.
Grandpa, show me the way.” 


“Even if you send him away, he'll still come back, won't he? Then show me around.”


 The old man looked at me strangely.


I thought…”

 ”I'll stay here for two days.
I paid for it.
We'll figure out the rest then.”

 ”I owe you.”

 ”You don't have to, just show me around.”


 The old man nodded happily and showed me around the neighborhood.


As expected of the locals, he even included restaurants I don't even remember, and my enjoyable food walk ended on a good note.

 On the way home, I walk along listening to the old man's stories.

 The sun is setting.
At this pace, it would be dark before I arrived.


 ”And then…and then! I had to reave the attackers and protect my child…”

 ”Yes, yes.
And you and your son made a home here, didn't you?”

 ”Oh! You know what I'm talking about!”

 ”I've heard it five times already.”


 The old man was having a good time walking around with me, and he even drank a few drinks along the way.

 Thanks to that, he was repeating the same story over and over again like a broken record.

 And for some reason, I ended up lending him my shoulder to walk on.
“Old man, walk steady,” I told him.


“And now, my guest!”

 ”Yes, yes.
Your son got a wife, didn't he? And thanks to your wife, the inn got bigger.”

 ”That's right! That's right! And…”

“…you got a grandchild, didn't you? That's already the sixth time.
Tell me something else.”

 ”Oh, yeah! Then start with how I first met Grandma…”

 ”I heard that too.
I don't want to hear about your first time again and again.”


The sad thing is, I don't want to hear the details of the old man's first time.


 ”So, you know…”


 I hope we can get to the inn soon….


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