me about the city.
Let's stay at the place he recommended.”


 No, he was a really nice guy.

 I really learned a lot thanks to him.


 If you leave the main street and go along the mountain to the west side of the town, you will find an area lined with inns.

 Incidentally, some of the inns offer discounted rates for pilgrims, but…I don't care.

 I have no intention of joining.


 But I am interested in the sacred mountain.

 The view of the city from the observatory at the top looks quite spectacular.

 Maybe I'll take a peek at it tomorrow.


 ”As expected, there aren't many people around here.”

 ”Yes, that's true.
Compared to the main street, though.”


 It's the middle of the day.

Most people, except those looking for a place to stay, are probably shopping on the main street or hiking up the mountain.


 ”What kind of inn is this one?”

“It's called the Golden Thread Inn, and it's run by an old man with his son and his wife.
I heard it was a little off the beaten path, so it's a bit of a hole-in-the-wall.”

 ”I see.
By the way, is this the only inn in this area? Is there a similar building just down the road, or is that different?”


 Yes, the area to the south is an inn, but it has a different flavor.

 There are many special-use accommodations with soundproofing and various options.


 ”No, it's an inn.”

 ”…? What's the difference?”

 ”Well, technically, it's an inn where men and women go to have an affair.”



 What are you surprised about? In a town of this size, there are definitely such places.

 Unlike Japan, there are no regulations here, so you can open any kind of brothel you want.


 ”And then there's the whorehouses.”

 ”Oh, really…
they have whorehouses…”


 I don't know what she's embarrassed about, but that's why virgins(doutei) are…well, virgins(shoujo) now, I guess.

 By the way, I got rid of mine in an adult bathhouse, so I have experience.

 It was a big blow to my wallet, though.
It's bad when you get hooked.


 ”Yeah, that's why I'd stay away from them.
If you're not careful, some strange guy will catch you and take you in.”


Well, with her, as long as she doesn't go voluntarily, it's not a problem.


 ”If you're interested, you can do whatever you want.
If you're going to go, be careful about getting sick.”

 ”What are you talking about!? I'm, I'm fine.
I'll be fine.”


 I don't know what's okay, but there are too many playgrounds in that area that are not wallet friendly.

 It's fine to go, but talk to your wallet.

 While chatting like that, I saw the inn I wanted.


 It is located a little away from the other stores, and the building is somewhat larger than the others.

 A relief of a golden bird was dug into the double swinging door.

 The building itself is old, but it seems to be well maintained and clean.


 When I entered the building, a girl of about five or six years old came up to me.


Are you actually a guest?”


 Was she the innkeeper's daughter?


 ”Yes, I am.
Are you helping out at home? That's great.”


 Heidi was talking to the girl, bending down so that their eyes were on the same level.

 The girl seemed pleased by the praise.

 Perhaps noticing the girl's voice, a young woman…the proprietress? came out from the back of the room.


Are you staying with us?”

“Ah, for the two of us, the period is…for the time being, ten days.”


 The proprietress's face lit up with happiness and she hurriedly brought the guest book.

 I don't see any sign of people.
Rather than a hole in the ground, it is…

 It looks well cleaned, and I can't think of any reason why people wouldn't stop by….


I'll be on the lookout, just in case.


 ”I'm sorry, sir.
I'm sorry to bother you, but we renew our lease in two-day increments.”

 ”Do I have to pay for every two days?”

 ”Yes, please pay if you wish to continue your stay.”


 The proprietress's face clouded a little.

Well, if I don't like it after staying there, I can just cut it off after two days.

That's a strange thing she's saying.


 I pay the fee for two days while tilting my head inwardly.

The proprietress took my money and showed me to my room.
We went up the stairs to the third floor.

 The service is good.
Most of them just give you a key and let you go up on your own.


 The room I was shown was quite spacious.

 The beds are well made.

 It is certainly a nice place to stay.
That's why it's strange.


 There was no sign of other guests until I came here.


 Is it possible that people don't come around here because they're “leaving” or something like that?


 No, I don't think so.

If that were the case, I would have remembered it from the pickpocket's memory.

That pickpocket recognized this place as a good place to stay that he could recommend to others.


…Have they gotten into any trouble lately?


 I thought about it for a minute and…decided not to.

 Either way, it was none of my business.

 The hostess handed us the key and left the room.


 ”The room and beds are spotless…nice inn!”


 Heidi is touching the bed and looking out the window.

I'm going to learn from her and think things over simply.

After putting down our luggage, I'll register at the Adventurers' Guild and head out for sightseeing.


 The sun was still high in the sky.
Let's look around.


 ”I'll go to the Adventurers' Guild and complete the formalities before I forget.
After that, we're free to do whatever we want.”

 ”I understand.
What are you going to do after you get to the guild, by the way?”


 The mountains will be full of pilgrims.

 We'll go there first thing in the morning.
Maybe I'll go to the market and try some of the local specialties.


“Or maybe you'll go to a whorehouse?”


 I'm not going to a whorehouse.
It's a waste of money.

 I don't have the slightest desire to go there now that my libido is so low.


 ”No, I'm going to look around the market.”

 ”I see…
what about me?”

 ”Suit yourself.
Be back tomorrow morning at the latest.”



 I decided to leave my luggage and head to the guild since there was no point in talking.


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