“Only student Flan will stay here, everyone else can leave.”


Students gossiped and left the classroom.
Everyone glanced at me at least once.


Becky looked at me with a worried expression until the end, but eventually, she couldn’t overcome the professor’s gaze and left the classroom.


Finally, when only four of us were left in the classroom, Violet opened her mouth again.


“Flan, you have to take a retest.”


I nodded silently.
If it had been already decided that way, I could only accept it, even if my mana reserves were running low.


“In which field are you most confident?”


“I handle them all at the same level.”


“All, at the same level?”


A mischievous laugh leaked out from Violet’s lips.
She continued speaking with a disdainful expression.


“What did I tell you during the test?”


“Start right away when you are ready.”


“No, I specifically told you to be quiet, didn't I? I clearly told you to not do anything strange.”


I had nothing to say.
I thought I had been quiet enough.
I simply showcased the best I could with this body of mine.


Violet created a mana crystal and sent it in front of me.


“Do it like earlier.”


“Like earlier…”


I tried to collect the mana inside me.
Unfortunately, there was no remaining mana in my body to purify it.
In other words, it was impossible to do it like earlier in the first place.


I circled my finger with mana and lightly flicked it to push away the crystal ball into the distance.
No, I cleared it away.
The presence of the impure mana crystal near me was as insignificant as dust or dirt.


The crystal, which stubbornly refused purification, extended across the classroom until it reached a distance similar to where Violet had placed the sign earlier, and then it finally stopped.


Violet tilted her head and looked at me with a puzzled expression.
She let out a sigh and opened her mouth.


“Why didn't you do it like earlier?”


'Because I don't have mana.' 


I couldn't just reveal the truth about my possession to her, so instead, I asked her a question in return.


“It will be an A rank, right?”



Upon hearing my words, Violet’s forehead twitched.




“Professor Violet, are you still upset about student Flan getting an A rank? Are you still bothered by it?”


Someone carefully placed a teacup in front of Violet's tense expression.
It was none other than Professor Audrey.
The sophisticated aroma of the tea tickled the tip of her nose.


“Well, there's nothing we can do about it.
It's already been decided.
Drink this and relax.”

Violet, Quelin, Audrey, and the three professors visited the faculty-only café inside the Merchen Academy for a change of mood after the freshmen's rank test.


The problem was that Violet's mood was still not quite right, despite many attempts to change it.
Violet opened her mouth with a sullen expression.


“I'm telling you, it's not about the rank that student received.
He keeps trying to pick a fight with me.”


“Oh, come on, he is just a student.
How can he even think about picking a fight with a professor? It seems like Professor Violet is a bit sensitive…”


“What do you mean sensitive? It's you, Professor Audrey, who's too lenient! Just stay quiet for a while!”


“Ah, yes…”


Audrey shrunk her shoulders and sipped her tea.
Violet's sharp gaze then turned toward Professor Quelin.


“Professor Quelin! Say something too.
In the first place, you brought up the scroll topic and retested him!”


The male professor called Quelin avoided Violet’s gaze while sweating profusely.


“Well, that…
Is it reasonable for a freshman to perform that level of purification? Naturally, I thought he had cheated by using a magic scroll.”


Violet's razor-sharp gaze remained fixed on Professor Quelin. 


Quelin cleared his throat and then glanced at Audrey.


“And it's not just me who thought that way, right? Professor Audrey also agreed with the scroll incident, didn't you?”


Upon hearing that, Audrey hastily placed the teacup she was about to bring to her lips back on the table.


“Oh, no, of course! How could I not? Who would have thought a student admitted with an F grade would be capable of performing both purification and output assistance?”


“Yes, exactly.
Purification is a concept that is typically taught to upperclassmen.
How can you not be suspicious when a freshman uses it?”


Violet tapped her temple, showing her frustration.


“Enough from both of you.
The scroll is not the issue here.
Besides, if the scroll was used, there's no way I wouldn't have noticed, considering I was observing closely.”


“Um, then Violet, what exactly is the reason for your anger?”

When Violet glared at Professor Audrey as if she didn’t know that, Professor Audrey secretly avoided her gaze.


“During the first test, I specifically instructed them that I will judge them with the output only.
But he went ahead and performed purification without my instruction.
And now when I told him to do it again, he conveniently left out the purification part? What's the meaning of this? Isn't he trying to provoke me?”

Audrey looked at Violet with a puzzled expression.


you were the one who gave Flan the A rank, Violet.”


“Then if their skills are deserving of an A rank, why not give them an A? How do you see me?”

“Ah, yes….”


The other two professors shook their heads anxiously, fidgeting with their teacups, while Violet herself picked up her teacup as if her throat was parched.

‘What is this person up to?’


Violet sank into deep contemplation, consumed by her doubts.


Flan's abilities undeniably warranted an A rank, but that alone wasn't the reason why she awarded him an A.


Putting together the stories from the three professors, Flan's progress was extraordinarily bizarre.


Entering Merchen Academy with an F rank but within a few days, he possessed the skills to disturb her projection magic.


That alone was enough to astonish others, but he didn't stop at that level.
He also demonstrated an advanced concept like purification, which led the two professors to suspect the use of a magic scroll.


Violet felt her previously tucked-away suspicions resurface within her.


‘As expected, he was the one who interfered with my projection magic… ‘


As that thought reached her, Violet couldn't help but let out a hollow laugh, overwhelmed by incredulity.


If Flan's misdeeds were indeed true, it would mean that he could even handle interference magic proficiently.


‘…… I will always be watching over you.’


After all, Violet was the professor in charge of the A-rank freshmen.


She might not know what Flan had hidden or what his goals were, but she would meticulously observe his every move.


With a disinterested expression, Violet lifted her teacup.

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