At the same time that Chen Yan said this, Azhi stared in shock, and couldn't help but straightened up and grabbed Chen Yan's sleeve.

This action attracted the attention of everyone present – everyone even including the people in the live broadcast room.

[Yueliangfenghuaran: Oh oh oh? Chen Yan and Ah Zhi? Got something to say?]

[23446991: Could it be that…a while ago, it was…?]

[Chang'an Hua: I'm addicted!]

Fu Ping’An was a little curious when she heard the words.
She looked at A Zhi and Chen Yan.
Chen Yan turned her head and glanced at A Zhi with indifferent eyes.
A Zhi pursed her lips slightly, and then let go of her hands.

Is it? Is this what it's like to be in love?

It always feels weird.

Fu Ping’An still said: “Azhi, do you have anything to say?”

Fu Ping’An subconsciously asked Azhi first.

A Zhi hesitated to speak, finally sighed, and said: “…
I have nothing to say.”

Fu Ping’An thought to herself: This is exactly the appearance of having something to say.

But since Ah Zhi didn't say anything, Fu Ping’An didn't force it.
She just asked Chen Yan why she made such a statement.
Fu Ping’An was startled and angry, her face was serious, and she wanted to order to punish Sun's family, but she saw the barrage saying——

[I really want to see the moon: stay a while and see what A Zhi wants to say in private.]

Since Wan Ji said it, Fu Ping’An just said: “The Sun family is rude to you, I will punish them.
It's too late today, Chen Yan Wang Ji, you go down first, A Zhi stays.”

After Chen Yan and Wang Ji left, Fu Ping’An walked up to Ah Zhi, looked at her up and down first, and then said: “Are you feeling unwell, do you want to call the imperial doctor for you?”

Ah Zhi shook her head and said, “It's already gone.
Much better.”

Then Fu Ping’An asked again: “What is the disease?”

Azhi looked embarrassed, lowered her eyes, and said, “Your Majesty, actually…actually, I have something to say just now.”

To avoid the question of the letter, Azhi Changed the subject directly.

[Baby Ping'an is so cute: Ah, I know what's wrong with Azhi.]

[Insomnia every day: What's the matter?]

[Baby Ping'an is so cute: I'll tell you in a private message.]

[Fatty Flower (╯3╰): Then tell me, I want to know too!]

[Bai Ya: Wait a minute, the abo world, could it be…!]

Fu Ping’An is now focused on looking at A Zhi's expression, so she didn't look at the barrage.
A Zhi took a deep breath and said calmly: “Your Majesty, although I am in a hurry this time, the Sun family has a problem of not being able to take care of you, but I don't want to punish the Sun family too harshly.
Chen Xiaowei doesn't know the inside story.
The Sun family adopted Chen Shichen as an adult, and I didn't intend to ask them to take care of me.
What they promised Tian Yushi was just to send me away.
To get married…”

When she said this, she pursed her lips slightly, and then went on with her hands: “But now I have another way to go, without getting married, the Sun family and Yuchen are already too benevolent, and I only hope that I can break off this relationship with the Sun family.
The adoption relationship is considered to be the end of fate.”

[Bi'an Youming: Then where will she live in the future?]

Fu Ping’An learned to ask: “Where will you live in the future? How about…continue living in the palace.”

A Zhi said: “If you live in the palace, you will not be able to travel easily on weekdays, and it will be the same as before…
I am grateful for Your Majesty's concern, but Wang Shangshu said that I can live with her.”

Fu Ping’An heard this and sighed: “There are many things that I have not considered carefully.”

To be honest, before today, Fu Ping’An was still very happy with the current situation.
Satisfied, but she did not expect that A Zhi lived such a life in private.

She could understand why Azhi didn't disclose her work as an internal official.
Even she had to admit that now was not the time.

Now there are many things that she can only do secretly, and she cannot do them publicly.

She thought for a while and said: “The Sun family is not kind, so they still have to be punished…
Don't beg for mercy, you are indeed too weak and kind, and others will ride on your head; you do this now, if I hand it over to you in the future more important work, you may be dispatched, and you will do the same?”

A Zhi choked for breath.

Fu Ping’An then said: “Repay grievances with kindness, how can you repay with kindness? Do you remember Ah Ying? Do you know what happened to her afterward?”

She did not expect that Ah Ying would directly vote for the queen mother's camp, she thought it was just a little jealousy.

So after learning about this, Ah Zhi couldn't help but wonder if Her Majesty had not begged for mercy but had driven A Ying away immediately after she knew what A Ying was like, wouldn't there be nothing that would happen afterward? Could it be…
A Ying might still be alive.

Seeing that her complexion gradually changed, Fu Ping’An said bluntly: “If you could have taught her a lesson earlier, she might not have died.”

A Zhi's eyes were slightly red, and she said: “It's my fault.”

Fu Ping’An coldly said: “The Sun family will ignore you today, how do you know they won't hate you tomorrow? You have a special status, and you have been left to be talked about.
The Sun family should have been your backing, but now it looks like it is more likely to stab you in the back, Ah Zhi, I’ll ask you again, how do you want to deal with the Sun family?”

A Zhi’s lips trembled slightly, she was silent for a long time, and finally kowtowed her head and said: “I think…
the crime does not deserve death, but a small punishment is required.”

After A Zhi finished speaking, she began to regret this sentence, she thought Her Majesty would be disappointed in her, she didn't dare to raise her head, but said bitterly: “Your Majesty, slaves are not the ones who can do great things.”

Silence spread, and she couldn't help trembling until a cool hand covered the top of her head.

“I knew you would say that.
I also think that they are not worthy of death.
Let's scare them…”

Azhi looked up and saw Fu Ping’An squatting in front of her, showing a smile.

The slender body is wrapped in a large and gorgeous robe, the dim light traces a faint halo around the opponent's body, and the jade-like face seems to exude the brilliance of the moonlight.
The majesty in front of her, relying on Being so close made her think of the girl who was rocking in the carriage many years ago.

The girl has grown up, and she seems far away on weekdays, but at least at this moment, Azhi feels that Her Majesty is very close to her.

Fu Ping’An stretched out her hand to hold A Zhi's hand, and said in a low voice, “What do you think about my idea…”

Wang Ji shrank her neck and looked up at the sky.
The sky is gloomy today; there is no moon at night, and the cold wind.
It became more and more piercing, and it hurt like a knife cut on the face.

Finally, Wang Ji couldn't help turning her head to look at Chen Yan, and said, “Aren't you going?”

Chen Yan leaned against the wall, unaware that she was cold, with a relaxed expression, and when she heard Wang Ji's words, she said casually: “You, let go first.”

Wang Ji said: “Why don't you go?”

Chen Yan replied: “Why do you care whether I go or not.”

What a meaningless conversation.

Wang Ji was also helpless.
Seeing Chen Yan's appearance, she felt that the other party was waiting for Ah Zhi.
She was afraid that Chen Yan would scold Ah Zhi again.

She finally said: “You're over now.
No matter what you say about this matter, it's your own business.
Why do you care so much?”

Chen Yan tilted her head and stared at her: “Then you care more than I do.” More?”

Wang Ji: “…”

Chen Yan snorted and laughed: “Come on, I'm not going to trouble her, don't I also feel that I have gone too far, and I want to apologize to her?”

Doubt: “Is it true or not?”

“Is it true or not? What happened today…
Well, I also thought of myself.
In the past, I was in the Chen family and I was so unwelcome.”

Wang Ji said: “Why? Our Wang family's heaven and earth are all delicious, and no one dares to bully them.”

Chen Yan sneered: “What's so good about it? Earth's climate is hard, and it's not good when it's dry and hot.
Our family is a branch of the Chen family, and the Chen family doesn't bother to take care of us.
The first time I got a heat in the past, it was soaked.
I survived with cold water, that's how it is, and I was ridiculed for a long time because I broke a bowl.”

Wang Ji sighed: “I used to envy you, but now that I think about it, it's not easy for you.”

Chen Yan was silent for a moment, and then said: “Today's words are not so much for A Zhi, but for Di Kun who died in Xinqi…
What's more, A Zhi can't suffer like this, because she took too many Yinxin Pills, The effect will become smaller and smaller.”

Wang Ji wanted to ask “How do you know?” but after thinking about it, she had never heard of Chen Yan having a partner, so she knew it in her heart, so she had to say: “Let's quickly find a partner to form a bond with.

Chen Yan stopped talking, folded her arms, and looked up to the sky, not knowing what she was thinking.

It's just that Wang Ji felt that the expression was somewhat lonely, so she had no choice but to say: “Your Majesty may have a solution.”

Chen Yan lowered her head and looked at her like a fool: “How old is Your Majesty, what are you talking about? She probably doesn't even know what it means to have a fever.”

Wang Ji muttered: “It's hard to say, I think Her Majesty knows a lot…”

Wang Ji and Chen Yan stood on the edge of the palace pedestal to avoid the cold wind; the figure was blocked by the long palace stairs, so they couldn't be seen from the perspective of Fu Ping’An and A Zhi.

The two of them exchanged a few words, and Her Majesty returned to the hall, while Ah Zhi walked down slowly with a thoughtful face, and walked to the end without looking over the side, naturally she did not see Chen Yanhe and Wang Ji.

Wang Ji coughed twice, A Zhi woke up from her dream, turned her head, and said in surprise: “You are still there.”

Wang Ji said: “Isn't it late? It's not convenient to walk alone.
Do you live in the palace, or go to my house to have a look?”

Ah Zhi smiled, but her gaze couldn't help falling on Chen Yan.
She was a little guilty and always felt that she had let down Chen Yan's good intentions.
This was the reason why she didn't refute when Chen Yan was in the hall.

At this moment, Chen Yan put her arms around Wang Ji's neck and said, “Why do you only call her and not me.
You look down on me?”

Wang Ji said, “It's not like you don't have a place to live.

“I want to visit your house too, let's go together.”

She dragged Wang Ji out, Wang Ji raised her hand to greet A Zhi, A Zhi was slightly startled, swallowed back what she wanted to say, and said with a smile: “Then excuse me.”

The night wind was still piercing, but probably because people were crowded together, it wasn't so cold anymore.
The Suzaku Gate was locked at this time, and the three of them walked out of the palace through the small door.
Just as they reached the straight road, their faces turned cold.
It was as if water was floating on her face.

Wang Ji raised her head: “Is it snowing?”

Chen Yan also raised her head, she couldn't see anything clearly in the night, only felt something cold and light falling on her face, and then quickly melted into water droplets by the temperature of her skin.

“The snow fell early this year,” Azhi said softly.
The voice is clear and tingling, like snowflakes.

Chen Yan blurted out: “I'm sorry.”

Azhi didn't recover: “What?”

Chen Yan coughed dryly, striding away: “I won't say it a second time.”

Wang Ji walked unhappily with her arms around her neck, and said angrily: “Release me quickly!”

Azhi stayed where she was, and when she came to her senses, she found a smile on her face, and she hurried to catch up.

A Zhi: “I want to thank you.”

Chen Yan: “No, don't thank you back and forth, I can't stand it, and this is the end of it.”

Wang Ji: “If you don't let go, I will bite you?”

The voices of the three were mixed in the snow and rain of the night, and gradually faded away.

The snow fell early this year, and everyone has different opinions.

Some people said it was a good omen.
After all, it was snowing in winter, which was in line with the laws of heaven and earth.
Some people said it was too early, and they were afraid that the sky was warning something.

During these disputes, no one knew that there was a family surnamed Sun in Nanfang.
The subordinates of Tingwei Prison suddenly arrested the whole family and locked them up for three days before releasing them.
They did not know what happened, but the reason for their release was unknown.
It is said that it was the adoptive daughter who knelt at the gate of Tingwei's mansion to redress her grievances, so she asked the elder to retry the case.

After this incident, the Sun family was terrified, and recorded the adopted daughter in the ancestral hall, saying that the Sun family would worship it well in the future, and took out part of the land and recorded it under the name of the adopted daughter, and the adopted daughter immediately became famous far and near as a dutiful daughter, just asked what her name was, but she was not very clear.

For Fu Ping’An, the biggest trouble was that after the snow fell, the straight road paved with yellow mud was frozen, wet, and slippery.
In just one day, there were several accidents where bullock carts slipped on the snow and people were injured.
She had no choice but to suspend the morning court temporarily, and waited for the snow to melt and dry before starting the court again.

In this way, Fan Yi, who originally promised Tian Bin to enter the palace to face the saint, delayed for a few more days, and finally entered the palace when the regent's birthday was approaching.

Qin He said that when Fan Yi arrived, Fu Ping’An was playing chess with Zhang Qixing in the warm pavilion.
When Zhang Qixing heard the announcement, she paused and made a wrong move.

She sighed: “I must lose, so today…
I will go.”

Fu Ping'An called someone to clean up the chessboard, but said: “Master Zhang, why don't you just here, and when Fan Qing will meet with me, listen to what are we talking about”?

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