The next morning, Fu Ping’An mentioned this matter during the morning court discussion.

“I am still young and need a strict teacher to teach me.
Therefore, it is best to find someone to fill up the position of Taifu as soon as possible.
I don't know if you have any recommendations.
I know that my qualifications are limited.
If you are a famous teacher, it will be fine.”

Her words are sincere, Zong Zheng immediately said: “Your Majesty is early-witted and talented, so why do you say that your qualifications are limited.”

The servant Peng Ling said: “Exactly, your Majesty must be the best in the world when it comes to qualifications.

“Your Majesty is the son of heaven, so why belittle yourself.”

It is completely understandable for the two people in front to praise her.
Fu Ping’An did not expect that Fang Zicong would also praise her but after carefully looking at the other party's expression, Fu Ping’An felt that Fang Zicong was just saying that because the other party quickly said: “Any doctor in the imperial school can become your majesty's tutor.”

Fang Zicong hoped that the post of tutor would be just a hollow one.

This is also easy to understand.
Originally, only three posts belonged to the most upstream of the state power organs.
If the Taifu became a real job, wouldn't it be the fourth organ? The pie is only that big, if one more person shares it, he will eat one less bite.

Fu Ping’An didn't bother and said: “If there is a well-educated person to teach me, I think you will feel more at ease and convinced.
If the other party's talent is not as good as yours, why don't I choose one of you? What about taking up this position?”

When these words came out, everyone was taken aback.

This is a road that has never been imagined.

What does Her Majesty mean by this is that everyone present also has a chance?

Now, the atmosphere was different again.
Instead of immediately recommending someone, everyone revealed that they could discuss it further.

Naturally, Fu Ping’An was not in a hurry and discussed other matters.
When the discussion was about to end, Fu Ping’An asked: “Speaking of which, how is the Duke Ying's back injury?”

The servant Peng Ling said: “I just happened to visit the Duke of Ying the day before yesterday.
The old injury has indeed recurred more seriously, and it is difficult to get up from the bed.”

Fu Ping’An said: “Oh, I am so anxious that I want to go to his house to have a look.”

As soon as the voice fell, someone said: “Your Majesty, no, if there are people like the traitor Bo, what should we do? Your Majesty should still live in the palace, it is the country's fortune.”

Fu Ping’An looked at the doctor Ling: “Is Weijing still so unsafe?”

Lang Zhongling is in charge of the palace army, theoretically guaranteeing the security of the capital.
After Bo Wei's assassination last time, the original Lang Zhongling was demoted.
The current Lang Zhongling is a fresh – the other party is not from the six major families, but picked up a cheap child from a poor family in the family game, so naturally he didn't want to be judged as dereliction of duty as soon as he took office, so he hurriedly said: “Nowadays, the guards in the city are quite strict, and people are sent to the city every day.
Patrolling the whole city, checking the identities of the people, newcomers must register first, and will not let people in at will.”

Fu Ping’An worried: “But it is so strict, will it affect the lives of the people in Daocheng?”

Lang Zhongling asked: “I will also restrain my subordinates, and I will not let them intrude on the people.”

The man said earlier: “This…
I am not saying that Beijing is not safe.”

Fang Zicong said: “Your Majesty needs to seal the road in advance, and the guard of honor opening the way will inevitably affect the people, trouble the officials, do dangerous things, and waste the people and money, the minister thinks it is unnecessary.”

Fu Ping’An said: “I can also travel lightly and easily.”

Now even Tian Yan said: ” Absolutely not, Your Majesty, there is no room for any mistakes.”

Having said this, Fu Ping’An couldn't say anything, and the barrage also said——

[Talking about giving a spring: There is no way, since ancient times, officials have I don't want the emperor to go out of the palace frequently.]

[Guardian of the Lone Star: How should I put it, in fact, this is also a means to control the emperor, and it can also be regarded as a means to isolate the emperor from the real world.
In this way, the emperor's eyes and ears can only be ministers; you can only believe what the minister says.]

[You didn't take the medicine: Well, then, why doesn't the emperor eat minced meat? It's inevitable, right?]

[ova: Yes, if you only read books, how can you see the real world?]

[Black under the black light: Actually, it's also strange.
Scholars themselves would say that it is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands.
Why do you think that the emperor can know everything without leaving home?]

[Tian Zhenlan: Is there a possibility that they don't think so, but are fooling the emperor?]

As the person who was “fooled”, Fu Ping’An did not show any dissatisfaction, but said: “since there is no other way; I will send the imperial doctor to see Duke Ying, and hope he can recover soon.”

She then turned to and asked Fu Lingxian: “My aunt is in good health.
If you feel any discomfort, don't bear it.”

Fu Lingxian said: “I am in good health, but Your Majesty, it is easy to be short of breath when the season changes, so you should pay attention.”

“My aunt is worried; I will pay attention to it.”

Today's discussion ended with a nauseating exchange between the aunt and nephew.
After the discussion was over, Fu Ping’An and barrage replayed the game.
The barrage felt that it was finally led to the regent.
Some are too deliberate, and the words are suspected of being yin and yang.

Fu Ping’An reflected for a moment, and then the barrage said——

[Ha: I always cue my aunt, but completely ignore my uncle, isn't it too good?]

Fu Ping’An thought about it and hurriedly said to Azhi beside him: “Azhi, go and stop uncle, I have something to tell him.”


Azhi's eyes were dazed, and she was distracted.
It was not until Fu Ping’An called out again that she came back to her senses and hurriedly said: “Your Majesty, forgive me, I have gone away.”

Fu Ping’An was good tempered and said: “Go and call Tian Gong, I have something to say to him.”

Azhi blamed herself very much and hurriedly trotted to call Tian Bin, and after Tian Bin entered Chaoyang Hall, she stretched out her hand and patted herself to slap herself in the face.

The pain made her wake up a little bit, but it reminded her of yesterday's situation.

In the beginning, she didn't notice it at all, but when she was eating because she was going to get a wine glass together, their fingers accidentally touched together.
Among the sleeves, she hurriedly said: “I'm sorry, I'm sorry.”

Azhi didn't feel anything at first, but because of the other party's reaction, her cheeks began to burn, and she pretended to be calm: “It's nothing.”

She warned herself in her heart not to think about it.
Too much, the other party is a child of a high-ranking family, and she is a high-ranking official at a young age, so it is impossible for her to be interested in her.

Ah Zhi made this point clear in her heart, so no matter how the other party reacted later, she only regarded herself as a deaf and blind man, but when she parted, the other party said as if she had made up her mind: “Miss Ah Zhi, I have been thinking about it since last time.
After much deliberation, I still decided to say this sentence.”

Azhi's heart skipped a beat: What did you say?


She wanted to say that you should stop, but before the words came out, the other party had already spoken.

Ah Zhi didn't know what to say for a while, her mind was blank, and she stared at the other party in a daze.

Bo Mengshang lowered her head and didn't dare to look at her: “I don't ask you to wait for me, I can only say…
If I can return to Beijing in five years, I am not married, and you are not married, can I…”

Ah Zhi finally said: “I can't.”

Bo Mengshang was dumbfounded.

Azhi said: “I don't know what you are talking about.”

After saying this, she turned and ran away.

But now, Ah Zhi began to regret, how could she say such a thing?

Master Bo chose her to be next to Her Majesty and later helped her a lot.
She is her benefactor.
Anyway, she should be more polite.

She regretted it so much, she still thinks to this day that if she sees Bo Shijun again, she must apologize but when she thinks about how to respond to the other party's feelings, she doesn't know what to say.

Before yesterday, she never thought that Bo Mengshang would have such affection for her.

She felt that she was not worthy of Bo Mengshang, and from the moment she became an official of Her Majesty, she decided not to marry.
After all, if she married and took care of her parents-in-law and the head of the family, how could she have time to do things for Her Majesty?

But what about Bo Shijun?

While thinking of this, Tian Gong came out from the Chaoyang Hall, glanced at Ah Zhi, and said, “What are you thinking? Your Majesty is calling you.”

Ah Zhi blushed and entered the Chaoyang Hall with her head down.
Her Majesty waved at her and said: “You and Wang Ji help me to polish this letter and send it to the British government.”

A Zhi hurriedly stepped forward and took a piece of thin paper from Her Majesty, on which was written a greeting to Duke Ying.
She took it and was about to step back when Fu Ping’An said: “Ah Zhi, are you not feeling well? Your face is so red.”

Her Majesty noticed it, and Azhi became even more flustered, saying: “It's probably because it's getting hotter.”

Fu Ping’An looked at the stove in her arms and the robe she was wearing, and thought, could it be that her body is so fragile that she doesn't know it, is it really hot today?

[26735111: Heh heh, listen to her nonsense, I see her like this, she is Sichun.]

[When the song sounds: It seems to have that kind of meaning.]


Fu Ping’An frowned.
According to the book, Sichun refers to the beginning of love, when a girl longs for the opposite sex.

Does Ah Zhi have someone she yearns for?

Then she is getting married?

Then can she still do things for herself?

Fu Ping’An's thoughts quickly diverged to this point, she hesitated and said: “Azhi, what's the matter recently?”

“No, nothing, Your Majesty.”

“Will there be too much work?”

“I can handle it.”

“…Ah Zhi, if you are married, would you still be willing to be my internal official?”

Azhi suddenly raised her head and looked at Fu Ping’An in shock.

[Cold-faced Samoyed: What are you talking about, my silly daughter!]

[Meteor Fish: Why are you so direct! People will be embarrassed!]

Fu Ping’An hurriedly said: “Sorry, I'm rude.”

A Zhi's eyes gradually calmed down, and the red tide on her face faded, she said calmly: “I won't marry; I'm already Her Majesty's person.”

[Chang'an Hua: …
I'm sorry; I have a problem with my thinking.]

Azhi also seemed to be aware of the ambiguity in these words, and hurriedly said: “The minister is saying that the minister is willing not to marry for the rest of her life, but to share Her Majesty's worries and problems.”

Fu Ping’An didn't notice the ambiguity in it, she just smiled and said: “Azhi, as long as you continue to help me, you can still do what you want to do.
I don't need you to abandon everything for me.”

Azhi has a stubborn face: “But I am willing.”

Fu Ping’An didn't say anything, just said: “Retire, help me to polish the letter and send someone to the British government.”

“Yes, I will leave.”

A Zhi exited the hall, raised her eyes to the sky, and saw the autumn sun hanging high in the sky, and the cool breeze came slowly, blowing away the heat and chaos.

She shouldn't be thinking about this, she still has things to do.

After entering November, the weather turned cold all of a sudden, and within a few days, there was a feeling of winter.
Every night, the leaves on the trees fell to the ground.
The most troublesome thing for the palace people these days is the job to clean up these fallen leaves.

After Fu Ping’An finished playing as the barrage said, Zhang Qixing began to frown and think hard.
She had time to forget to go out of the window and saw the palace servants packing the fallen leaves into bamboo baskets, with sparse branches above her head, slender the branches swayed with the wind, like hands stretching out to the sky.

She said, “Jiao…ah no, how is Zhuo Jun?”

Not long after that day's conversation, Bo Jiaoer was sent out of the palace.
With her ideas, she put forward two requests, one is that she doesn't want to find another pair of parents, and the other is that she hopes that Fu Ping’An can change her name so that it can no longer be such a delicate name as “Jiao'er”.

Fu Ping’An still remembers what the other party said stubbornly: “I don't want to be a Jiao'er anymore.”

So Fu Ping’An changed her name to Zhuo Jun and gave her the surname Shen, and then let her live next door to Huo Pingsheng so that she could call the brothers and sisters of the Huo family.
She and Zhang Qixing have been taking care of her for more than a month now.

Zhang Qixing snorted coldly and said: “That girl is very smart, and now Huo girl is under her command just like the class.”

After finishing speaking, she scratched her head, and said: “I don't know how you have such a head, are you a fairy? How can you have such a sophisticated chess move after only a few days of learning? But your chess, hum, is indecent.
Victory by any means.”

Fu Ping’An smiled and said: “Zhuo Jun is naughty; Mr.
Zhang must educate her well.”

Zhang Qixing threw the chess piece: “Am I going to bring you a child? I only accepted Huo girl's share of money.”

“If Mr.
Zhang wants the salary I'll give you, then I won't ask for it.”

Zhang Qixing started picking chess pieces but stopped talking.
Fu Ping’An looked at her, sighed for a while, and said, “Mr.
Zhang doesn't want to be the Tutor.”

She looked at her intently, without speaking.

In the past few months, Fu Ping’An naturally asked someone to look up Zhang Qixing.
Zhang Qixing had learned a lot and read a lot of books.
She could never be an unknown person.
The words awakened the dreamer, and she said: “This name; isn’t it a fake name?”

So she changed the method of investigation because the other party revealed in the past that she had taught the regent and Yan Yu's experience, Fu Ping’An investigated from this direction, and gradually found the truth.

Probably seeing something through Fu Ping’An's eyes, Zhang Qixing lowered her head and took a sip of tea, and said to her from left and right: “Your Majesty's method of cooking tea is wonderful, fresh, and elegant, and it fits the meaning of simplicity.”

Ping’An lowered her eyes, finally decided not to force it, and said with a smile: “Except for Mr.
Zhang, I really can't think of anyone else who is competent.”

Zhang Qixing gave Fu Ping’An a meaningful look: “I thought it was Her Majesty's intention to cause this chaos.”

Ever since Fu Ping’An revealed that anyone could become a grand tutor, the ruling and opposition parties have been divided into several factions.
One faction is naturally headed by House Cong, who thinks it's enough to just find a showman and the other faction is people who are trying to plug themselves and keep recommending candidates.
Fu Ping’An was tired from reading the biographies sent up, and another faction began to speculate.
They tried to figure out Fu Ping’An's thoughts and said some plausible but not high-sounding words.
The central idea was that Her Majesty's decision was right.

As a result, everyone has been very busy these past few months.

Fu Ping’An smiled, but her tone revealed some troubles: “No, I am really troubled.
If Master Zhang has good suggestions…”

Zhang Qixing held the teacup, shook her hand, and the tea dripped on the table, she shook her head and said: “My old lady is really too old, and her hands are not steady, so some words are said casually, and Her Majesty just listens casually.
There is someone, Your Majesty can think about it.”

She nodded Tea, and wrote two words on the case.

——Fan Yi.

Former Prime Minister Fan Yi.

I heard that after the other party resigned, she gave lectures in Weijing, and now the garden is full of peaches and plums.


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