Bo Jiaoer felt that Azhi who was holding her suddenly let go and bowed to the ground.
She subconsciously followed suit, but she was still in a daze.
Her Majesty walked slowly into the hall and said, “You all go out and wait first.”

Azhi Just about to get up, Her Majesty said: “Wait a minute, Sun Pushe and Ah Qing will stay here.”

After everyone had left, Her Majesty said again: “Ah Zhi, help Jiaoer to the seat; Ah Qing, a light the lamp more, it’s too dark.”

Bo Jiaoer slumped on the backrest, but looked at Fu Ping’An, and gradually came to her senses, Fu Ping’An walked up to her, told Ah Zhi and Ah Qing to finish their work and called them to go out, so that there were only two people left in the hall.
Fu Ping’An slowly walked to her side and sat down against the pillar.

She doesn't know if it's because the hall is lit up, or because Her Majesty is by her side but the nightmarish sense of unreality is much less.
Bo Jiaoer started sobbing again, and the sobbing soon turned into crying, and finally turned into howling at the top of her throat.
Fu Ping’An felt tears all over her body, took out a handkerchief from her arms, and wiped away Bo Jiaoer's tears.

[Doctor: So pitiful, Jiaoer.]

[Late come Jiyue: Jiaoer has become more beautiful and has grown up a lot.]

[Wind Blowing Flowers: You are so pitiful.]

[Concentrate on studying: It's you again; you take everyone into the harem.]

[Wind Blowing Flowers: If it was me, I would accept it.]

[From Vanaheim: What are you talking about as a child?]

[Save and goodbye Hai: What's wrong with that? Is this studio so strict? ]

Fu Ping’An frowned slightly and closed the live broadcast room.

She vaguely sensed that this kind of time is not suitable for live broadcasting.
If Bo Jiaoer knew that so many people were watching her cry, she would not be happy either.

This is the first time that Fu Ping’An has turned off the live broadcast for personal reasons.

She doesn't know how long after this, the crying gradually stopped, and Bo Jiaoer opened her mouth first: “Your Majesty…
Your Majesty…
I can't say it…
I haven't figured it out yet…”

Fu Ping’An rubbed her nose and said nothing.

She couldn't say that she was taught a lesson by some old viewers in the live broadcast room earlier, and then Taro Mud Bobo Milk Tea gave an expensive gift, telling her to come and have a look.

She didn't want to come here, not because she was ruthless, but because she really couldn't bear it, just thinking about it casually, she could imagine how sad Bao Jiaoer would be.

“Your Majesty…
What Ah Weng did was wrong, what Your Majesty did is right…but Jiaoer doesn't know what to do…”

Fu Ping’An waited for her to finish crying, gradually calmed down, and finally said: “Jiaoer, what do you want to do? What do you want to do when you grow up?”

Bo Jiaoer raised her head but didn't dare to say.

She has always thought that she will be a queen when she grows up.
Although she knows that she can't talk nonsense when she grows up a little bit, she still has such an idea in her heart.

But right now, it seems that it will never be possible.

Thinking of this, she wanted to cry again.

Fu Ping’An sighed and said: “I will send you out of the palace and find you a teacher.
The world outside is very big…it's very interesting.”

She omitted the prerequisites of changing her identity and becoming a commoner.

Bao Jiaoer looked at Fu Ping’An, with teardrops on her eyelashes, blinked her eyes a few times, and said, “Then can I still see…see Your Majesty?

“Come to the palace and help me.”

Bo Jiaoer's eyes lit up again: “Can Jiaoer still help Her Majesty?”

“Yes, I need a lot of people to help.”

“Well, Jiaoer will learn.”

While comforting Bo Jiaoer, Fu Ping’An turned to the private messages and saw that many old viewers in the private message sent her a bunch of question marks, and asked her how the situation is now, whether Bo Jiaoer is still crying or not.

Fu Ping’An focused on two things: listening to Bo Jiaoer's words while replying to private messages –

[I'm not crying anymore, don't worry.]


Standing in front of the door, Ah Zhi was relieved to hear that the crying in the hall had gradually stopped, leaving only the indistinct sound of dialogue.
Qin He stood beside her and said with a low laugh: “Your Majesty can't see it on the surface, but in fact, she is very good at comforting people.”

Thinking of her embarrassment before, Azhi nodded with deep sympathy.

But she soon felt that she was talking about the emperor behind her back, and she said seriously: “You can't talk about your majesty.”

Qin He nodded hurriedly, changed the subject, and said, “Ah Qing, your majesty's three rabbits are all fine recently?”

Ah Qing's dazed face suddenly wrinkled, and said in a low voice: “It's not good, it's old.”

The lifespan of a rabbit is originally four or five years.
The rabbits were bred, and now they can be regarded as full of children and grandchildren, but the first three were getting less and less energetic day by day.

This is the rabbit raised by Her Majesty since she was a child.
It can be said that it is a royal rabbit.
Although Her Majesty has not asked about it for a while, she used to like it very much.

Qin He said in a low voice: “It's okay, birth, old age, sickness, and death are all normal.”

Ah Qing was troubled: “What can I do later? I used to raise rabbits, there is no other use.”

Feng looked at each other, and then they all laughed: “Didn't you let you raise other rabbits, as well as the Kong Jue, the raccoon slave, and those birds; I think the palace people have wronged you, so I should give you a seal.
Become an officer!”

As soon as the voice fell, the door of the palace was pushed open, and Fu Ping’An came out and asked, “What are you talking about?”

Everyone hurriedly saluted and did not dare to speak, and finally, it was Azhi who said: “That is to say, those few rabbits are getting old, not getting better.”

“Oh? Then I'll go and have a look.”

Behind Fu Ping’An was Bo Jiaoer, who had stopped crying.
Although her nose was flushed and she only looked confused now but when she heard about the small animals, it was much better again.

Fu Ping’An asked someone to open the bamboo fence.
The rabbit saw her and ignored her, turned over, and continued to sleep.

Fu Ping’An stroked the soft rabbit fur, feeling her tense spirit gradually ease.

Only at this moment did she feel that she didn't even have time to rest a while ago, so she was indeed a little tired.

Now she listens to the barrage; jogs 1,000 meters every morning, eats beef, mutton, vegetables, and fruits with balanced nutrition and her body is much better.
She didn't feel any discomfort this summer, but occasionally she stayed up too late at night, and her head was a little bit.
She would be in pain, and she couldn't tell if it was the reason for staying up late or the residual poison.

But she is very optimistic, more than half of the 7 million points have been collected, and she thinks that in three years, she will be able to buy the antidote back.

That night, she just slept soundly in Jingui Palace, woke up the next day refreshed and went to the morning court.

In the past few days, the morning court is still discussing the matter of the Bo family's rebellion.
Now the results of the Bo family's chief criminal and the three kings have been decided.
He was imprisoned, but the king of Xiang reined themselves on the cliff and was fined for three years.
At the same time, he had to pay a huge fine and go to Beijing to apologize.

What we will discuss today is some trivial matters, such as how to deal with the confiscated property servants and servants, and the disposal of some related personnel.

It was Bo Mengshang who troubled Fu Ping’An the most.

In the past few years, the other party has helped her a lot and has no selfish intentions.
She is a rare “insider” who can be used with complete peace of mind.
However, although she is a side branch and has long been separated from the Bo family, she is still named Bo.
How to deal with it depends entirely on her thoughts.

Fu Ping’An didn't want to hurt the loyal minister's heart, so after thinking about it, she sent someone to summon Bo Mengshang who had been at home for a long time.

Bo Mengshang has been having a hard time these days.
After the accident, she was naturally suspended immediately, but Her Majesty trusted her and did not lock her up with the Bo family but let her stay at home without even banning her.
She communicated with outsiders, but even so, Bo Mengshang didn't dare to go out to meet people and only stayed at home with her parents.

However, after that, many impeachments fell on her head, even including some people she thought were friends in the past.
They listed some crimes that were either false or embellished, which made her feel the pain in the hearts; the people were evil and terrifying at the same time.

This was frightening until one day she received an oral order from the palace.
Her Majesty said, ‘don't be afraid, teacher, I will always believe in you.’

Bo Mengshang used to read in the historical references that the old minister was crying because of the emperor's kindness, and she didn't understand it very well.
At that moment, she was enlightened and felt that it was so normal for the ancient capable minister to sacrifice his life for the king who trusted him.
In the torrent, the emperor's trust in you is like the cornerstone of calm water, which made her heart calm down all at once.

After this battle, her slightly impetuous heart calmed down, and she saw through the faces of many people around her.

After receiving the imperial edict, she was relieved to find that she could still wear court clothes to face the saint alone.
In her imagination, it was normal for the officials in Ting Wei and Prison to directly lock them with iron chains.
Now they are treated accordingly.
It has to be said that it was Her Majesty's great love, which made her eyes fill with tears when she came to the hall.
Fu Ping’An looked up and saw her, startled, and then quickly said: “I have wronged Bo Qing.”

Bo Mengshang saluted: “I have never been wronged, but Your Majesty still trusts me, and I am very grateful.”

Fu Ping’An walked up to Bo Mengshang and said, “At the beginning, I walked on thin ice in the palace.
Without you, I wouldn't know if I would be here today.
I can't believe anyone in this world, how can I not believe you?

[Today's formula: I found that Ping An is getting more and more nasty now.]

[Qi Tian: How can this be called disgusting talk?]

Bo Mengshang kowtowed and saluted, and said: “But now that I have no face in this high position, Your Majesty doesn't need to be embarrassed.
I will be happy with how to deal with it.”

Fu Ping’An paced back and forth, also surprised that Bo Mengshang was so easy to talk.

She had prepared several books on the impeachment of Bo Mengshang behind her back, and there was no way to use them to prove her innocence.

How to deal with it, Fu Ping’An has discussed it with many people, except for the people in the live broadcast room, there are also Tian Yan and Zhang Qixing.
It is the biggest reward.
Zhang Qixing thought it would be a good idea to give her a free job and let her stay away from the central government first, but the people in the live broadcast room said-let her go to open up the wasteland.

The land reclamation in the live broadcast room refers to “South Vietnam”, which is very difficult to deal with because the natives love to fight “guerrilla warfare”, and they can't be wiped out no matter what.
Often the spring breeze blows again but it is said that the land in South Vietnam is fertile and the rice seeds are good.
Occupation will surely provide a steady stream of food, Fu Ping’An is very greedy.

It is not enough to rely on wars alone.
It also needs to be supplemented by cultural invasion and personnel integration.
In this way, a reliable official must be sent there to implement some government orders.

In the words of the barrage, some “pilots”.

Bo Mengshang is very suitable.

But now that they are sent to South Vietnam, many officials probably think that they are going to die.

Fu Ping’An thought about it and said: “In fact, I have always had an idea, which is related to Nanyue.
Nanyue and I are in the same situation.
In the final analysis, it is because they are not from the same source, so they think differently.
What did you learn?”

Bo Mengshang hesitated for a moment, and said: “Legalism, Confucianism, and vertical and horizontal arts are involved.”

When she heard about South Vietnam, she knew that she might be demoted to that wasteland, and she was not without despair.

But for Her Majesty, she decided to die.

Fu Ping’An said: “You are a polymath, but I hope to spread some simpler things, such as submitting to me, and you will have a better life.
I have some ideas here; you can go and see…”

Having said that, Fu Ping’An took out a book made of paper from behind him.

In the past few months, Fu Ping’An has asked the papermaking workshop in the palace to improve the papermaking technique, so she took out this “paper”.
Although it is not perfect and strong, it is already much stronger than the previous ones.

So Bo Mengshang took the booklet, first, she was surprised by the whiteness and toughness of the paper and then fell into confusion because of the text on the first page.

The front page reads – “South Vietnam Reform Pilot Five-Year Development Plan”.

Bo Mengshang: “…this is?”

Fu Ping’An looked at her expectantly: “Bo Qing, do you know that some government orders are difficult to implement when they are issued from the central government to the local governments.” “

this is because the officials shield each other out of self-interest.”

“Everyone has selfishness, and it is unrealistic to demand them with the standards of a saint.”

Bo Mengshang was stunned, thinking of those so-called “best friends” who impeached her, and couldn't help it; she gave a sarcastic smile and nodded.

In this way, Her Majesty, who is so much younger than him, is much more thorough than she thought.

“So, there are some changes that are much simpler from the place, and I don't know if these changes are right, so I need you to try them out for me.”

Bo Mengshang said: “May I read the above content first?”

Fu Ping’An nodded, Bo Mengshang turned over, and the more she looked at it, the more frightened she became.
She felt that she was already Her Majesty's abandoned son for a moment, but now she felt that the responsibility was too heavy.

Although I will try my best, I may not be able to do what I want.”

“Well, you don't have to worry about it.
I have found two people to help you.”

Bo Mengshang looked at Her Majesty and thought: only two?

Fu Ping’An said to Ah Zhi: “Call Xu Weiqing and Fang Yunli over.”

After saying this, she smiled at Bo Mengshang and said, “Don't worry, they are both smart.”

Bo Mengshang: “…”

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