According to the people present that day, Her Majesty naturally rejected the request and said with the same sincerity: “I lost my father when I was young, and I just need a minister like the Duke of England.
If the Duke of Ying resigns, I don't know what to do.
It's gone.”

Her Majesty held the hands of the Duke of Ying, with tears in her eyes, and the two sat and whispered to each other for a long time, and finally, the Duke of Ying fell asleep because of too much alcohol.

Since the Duke of Ying had fallen asleep, she had no choice but to send him home.
It is said that the next day the other party suffered from back pain again and could not get up in bed.
He did not even participate in the celebrations in the army afterward, so Her Majesty went there on his behalf and warmly welcomed the guests.

Because of this, Fu Ping’An was busy for several days and finally got some free time.
When Xu Weiqing came back, Fu Ping’An summoned Xu Weiqing and listened to Xu Weiqing's story with great interest in what happened to her.

On that day, Xu Weiqing rode out of Weijing from the west of the city on horseback.
Ten days later, she came to the territory of the King of Xiang.
Jiang came to the capital city of Hunan and saw that the villages were getting denser and denser, but now there are ten rooms and nine empty houses, and the people have all fled because they heard that there was going to be a war.

When she came to Mengxiang, the capital city, she saw that the guards were loose, and she didn't even verify her identity, so she bought some horses from outside the city and pretended to be a horse dealer from Weijing, saying that she wanted to sell the horses.

When talking about this, she said: “The ones I bought outside the city are just short-footed horses that can be seen everywhere.
They are nothing compared to the bloody horses bestowed by Your Majesty.
The rest of the horses are just horses that look more like Your Majesty's gift.
It's just different.”

Fu Ping’An always felt that this sentence seemed to be flattering to her, but Xu Weiqing looked upright and couldn't tell if it meant it.

In any case, she continued to talk, saying that the rich and noble people in Mengxiang City would soon come to ask her how to sell this fine horse, but she just said no, and when others asked her why, she would reply.

The more she hangs her appetite like this, the higher the price everyone bids.
What's more, Xu Weiqing also goes to restaurants in the city to drink and have fun to spread her reputation.
“Fu”, soon gained a sense of presence among Mengxiang scholars, so the King of Xiang also heard about her.

“That day, the King of Xiang came here pretending to be an ordinary scholar, but I could tell at a glance that she was not a scholar…” She looked smug and paused here.

Fu Ping’An was also willing to give her this face, so she continued: “Oh? How did you find out?”

Xu Weiqing said: “It's very simple.
She hugged her and brought a dozen servants with her, but she didn't have the style of a nobleman.” She is very polite and polite, she looks plain but is a good Shuzhou Brocade, and most importantly, she doesn't know poetry at all, but other people around her don't despise her.”

She paused, and then said: “Most of the princes are not as talented as Her Majesty, who is talented both internally and externally.”

Fu Ping’An smiled without saying a word.

[Chang'an Hua: Look, the poem I found for you is not bad.

The king of Xiang wanted to buy a horse, but Xu Weiqing naturally didn’t want to sell it.
An attendant next to the king of Xiang asked Xu Weiqing arrogantly if he knew the identity of the person in front of him.
Xu Weiqing said that fate does not depend on identity Yes, if there is no chance, even if this horse is in your hands, it won't last long.

Fu Ping’An straightened up slightly, and said: “You are so arrogant in front of the King of Xiang, aren't you afraid of offending her?” “

She doesn't know my identity, and I don't know hers, so how can you offend me?”

Fu Ping’An was stunned for some reason.
, Thinking of Ah Hua, thinking of the scene where the two squatted on the bedside, and the other said softly, “I don't know who you are, and don't ask me who I am, okay?”

The reason may be the same.

Thinking of this, Fu Ping’An couldn't help showing a smile, Xu Weiqing asked, “Why are you laughing?”

“I just thought that the king of Xiang didn't do anything to you, maybe it's because she was not only interested in horses but also in people.

Xu Weiqing looked complacent, but she only said: “Perhaps, anyway, although I don't want to sell horses, the King of Xiang didn't force me and even invited me to go hunting on horses, so I still pretended not to know her identity and went to the house with her.” She traveled with her, and after three days, I saw that she still missed the horse, so I said I would give the horse to her, invited her to come to my house, and then killed the horse with a dagger in front of her in the stable.”

“The minister told the King of Xiang in horror that this horse belongs to Her Majesty, and it will never be with her after all.”

Fu Ping’An could almost imagine the scene at that time, and she could only express: it was really scary.

“I asked King Xiang if she knew what the outcome of the rebellion would be.
Now she is sitting on tens of thousands of acres of fertile land and tens of thousands of households, but if she decides to rebel, all these things will disappear.
Maybe, is it worth it?”

“She didn't kill you.”

“At that time, there was no one around, and I could have run away, but I didn't.
I was sure, the king of Xiang is weak and dare not kill her ministers.”

Fu Ping’An was silent for a long time, she looked Xu Weiqing up and down and saw that the other party was indeed much thinner and haggard, but her eyes were restrained, compared with the sharpness of a few months ago, much more mature.

Fu Ping’An sighed: “It's really hard work for Xu Qing.”

Then she said: “The king of Xiang is not weak, she is not only afraid that you can kill her by raising your hand but also that I have a subject like you under my command.”

She laughed: “You have done a good job.
Is it true that the reward you want is to spare Wang Heqin's life?”

“Remove him from his post and confiscate his property, but you won't have any other rewards.”

Xu Weiqing saluted on the ground: “It's as it should be, thank you for your kindness.”

Fu Ping’An watched her leave, and after a while, passing a message from behind.
With a low cough, Fu Ping’An hurriedly stood up and walked to the back.

There was a warm pavilion behind the seat, and Zhang Qixing was sitting upright, facing the endgame of a game of Go.

“Thank you, Zhang, I never thought that Xu Qing would be so talkative.”

Zhang Qixing waved her hand: “Your Majesty is dealing with business, what's the matter with me, even in the future, I should stay away, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to hold back a sneeze and cough when I get older.”

She coughed after a few sips, she drank two sips of water, smacked her mouth, raised her head, and said: “I still lost.
I didn't expect, Your Majesty has only learned chess for a few days and your chess skills have reached this level.”

Fu Ping’An said: “Where is it? It’s just a fluke.”

In fact, it wasn’t her who played chess with Zhang Qixing, but a person who was said to be a professional chess player in the barrage, and Fu Ping’An was often either distracted or asking Zhang Qixing questions when playing chess.

While playing chess while answering questions, Zhang Qixing often loses her caution and blurts out some surprising remarks.
For example, she couldn't help but say a while ago: “The regent is no longer a problem since she lost the best timing.”

After saying this, she was stunned for a moment, and then made a bad move, while Fu Ping’An asked him with a smile: “What timing is it?”

Zhang Qixing said awkwardly: “Cough, I asked knowingly.”

Fu Ping’An said: “But why do you think the regent is indecisive? Everyone says that the regent is decisive.”

Zhang Qixing probably felt that this was all said, and there was nothing he couldn't say and said: “The regent on the battlefield is decisive and may kill decisively, but judging from the decree, it is indecisive.
If it is not for Her Majesty and Tian Yan promoting the matter of private minting of coins, it will not end without a problem.
In the beginning, it was said that the country would be taken back, but the county and the country were crying for poverty.
She compromised, probably thinking in her heart, the place is far away, it's not easy to control, can't control, can't control, the government orders she implements will gradually become a big mess, and this is precise because the leader is indecisive.”

[Thin Thin: Oh my god, has she read the book? She must have read the spoiler.]

[Zaozao: Did someone analyze it in this way in the bullet screen a while ago?]

Fu Ping’An said: “Is Ms.
Zhang very familiar with the Regent?”

“Not familiar, just observing her actions and observing her people.”

Fu Ping'an couldn't help asking: “What kind of person does Ms.
Zhang think I am?”

Zhang Qixing pretended not to hear, frowning, and said, “Oh, I am old, and my ears are not working well.”

The other party liked to pretend to be stupid so much, so Fu Pingan had no choice but to play chess and make guesses.
Before Xu Weiqing came today, she made the calculation that Yan Yu was her student.

At that time, Zhang Qixing blurted out: “This is good for now, but I have a student under the regent's school, and I am worried that he will come up with some bad ideas.” 

Fu Ping'an immediately thought of Yan Yu: “Are you talking about Yan Yu?”

Zhang Qixing is a little surprised: “Your Majesty knows?”

[Potato milk tea: Yan Yu grew up with the regent in the original book, and Zhang Qixing must have known the regent too.]

Fu Pingan thought about it for a while but finally didn't say anything about it.
Instead, she said: “If the elder Zhang is a student, he must be talented.” 

At this point in the conversation, Xu Weiqing came, and now she is back.
Fu Pingan looked at the chessboard and asked another question: “Why does the Duke Ying have to resign?”

Zhang Qixing said: “He is a veteran of the four dynasties.
If it is not because of caution, how can he resign? How about today's situation?”

Fu Ping'an frowned: “But doesn't he know that I need him?”

Zhang Qixing said with a smile: “Your Majesty, although it is said that the coast of the land is a king's official, people naturally have their thoughts.
Duke Ying has a wife and a daughter, and the daughter is young, so he wants to live long enough to see his daughter get married.”

Fu Ping'an fell silent.

Zhang Qixing looked at her meaningfully: “Your Majesty, if you want to bring the Duke of Ying to your boat, you have to find a way to relieve his worries.” 

[There is a fish under the Leisure Tower: What does she mean?]

[Lone Star Wanderer: Ahem, what she means is that we can establish a queen safely.]

[Dan Zhu Chenmo:!!! No way, we are still so young in Ping An!]

[Baby Ping An is so cute: No way! Mom doesn't allow it yet! ]

Fu Ping'an understood this.

The so-called worries about the future are nothing more than the prosperity and blessings of the descendants after death.
Is there any better way to solve the worries than the daughter becoming a queen?

Fu Pingan has no feelings after the confrontation at present, only feels that it is a necessary task in her life, but the barrage reacts very much to this, and often wails “Ping An must be with the one she loves”.
Although she is not very clear about what this means, but also somewhat affected, wondering if it would be too early now.

So she hesitated.

Zhang Qixing probably snoticed it, so she didn't talk about it anymore.
The two chatted for a while, and Zhang Qixing said that she was tired.
Now she lives with Huo Pingsheng.
It is said that Huo Pingsheng paid some money to let Zhang Qixing be her teacher.

Zhang Qixing agreed.

She simply don't know who is lucky.

Fu Ping'an sent someone to send Zhang Qixing back and sat alone in the hall for a long time.

One more thing, she doesn't know how to deal with it.

The former Zhuyang Hou Bo Chan also joined the Bo Wei Party for rebellion, and now his family has been imprisoned in Ting Wei Prison, where he cannot escape the death penalty.
He is Bo Jiao Er's father.

How to deal with Bo Jiaoer has now become a problem.

Fu Ping'An felt tight in her chest.
She didn't know how to describe this feeling, so she didn't tell the audience in the live broadcast room, but after a long time, she called A Zhi.

“Azhi, go and see Jiaoer for me, and then ask her…if she would like to change her identity and become a commoner.”

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