Fu Ping’An looked around, there was silence, and everyone had different expressions.
She glanced at Tian Yin, who shook his head at her unobtrusively.

Now is not the time to attack the family.

But this matter is a clue to the door.
Fu Ping’An felt that if she was exposed lightly, it would be easy for people to underestimate her, so she turned cold, looked at Xu Weiqing, and said, “If you admit that you are talking only out of jealousy and the accusation is nonsense, I will not punish you with the crime of deceiving the emperor, but the crime of disrespect in front of this palace.”

She thought she had made it very clear, but Xu Weiqing still gritted her teeth and said, “I am not talking nonsense.”

Wang Heqin looked at Xu Weiqing, sweating profusely: “You're crazy.”

Fu Ping’An's face turned colder, and she gave Chen Yan next to her a look, and Chen Yan immediately gave orders, and after a while, three men who looked like servants were brought up.
They didn't look very old.
They said they were the book boys of Xu Weiqing, Wang Heqin, and Tian Anzhi.
Fu Ping’An asked the three of them to look up and saw the boy in the middle with a beautiful face, white skin, and a calm expression.
——at least calmer than his master Wang Heqin.

Almost all the people present could see his difference at a glance because, to be honest, due to the limitation of productivity in this era, there is indeed a clear difference between slaves and children of aristocratic families.
Apart from other things, just this snow-white skin is not dry.

Chen Yan said from the side: “The young man in the middle was gone at that time, and my subordinates found him from the inner courtyard.”

Fu Ping’An looked at this man and said, “What's your name?”

There is no warmth in her gaze at this moment, because she has made up her mind that if this boy still lies to her, she will never have any mercy.

The other party saluted upright, with an elegant and correct posture, and then said neither humble nor overbearing: “Boy is Lixu.”

Although Fu Ping’An was used to acting, she still frowned.

He turned out to be Wang Lixu.

The barrage was also full of shock——

 [Waste Chai Tears: It turns out he's a handsome guy!]

 [Wan Shen Wu: No wonder being disfigured is so unhappy.]

 [Jmwtd: In the original book, he was a gloomy young man, but now he looks like a sunny and arrogant boy.]

 [Going home with the wind: You are indeed pretty.
Is it a boy or a girl? ]

 [Meteor Fish: Is he a shooter? Isn't he also the head of the Wang family, why should he be a gunner for others? ]

Fu Ping’An also found it strange, she frowned, and said: “You are also of the same generation, the same generation? Why didn't you participate…?”

When he said this, his tone became unnatural, and he said unconvinced: “Because I am Dikun, so it should be on the other side of the lake.”

 [Chang'an Flower: …]

 [Ping An Baby is so cute: ……ah?]

 [Shibi Lejiao: Ah, it's Dikun.]

 [Jiang Yu's Flood Resurrection: It wasn't mentioned in the original book.]

 [Favorite Shen Mengyao: It seems that a fire burned the glands, and the ghost army division said that this might be a good thing, I thought it was heaven.]

Fu Ping’An is probably sure that Wang Lixu is the author of this poem.
She looks Wang Lixu up and down and sees that although the other party has the appearance of a young man, there is still some baby fat on his cheeks, she adds a little immaturity.
He is only fifteen or sixteen years old.

Truly a genius.

At this time, Fu Ping’An's thoughts changed again, and she wanted to take Wang Lixu for her use.

She gave Chen Yan a look, and Chen Yan asked: “Who wrote this poem?”

As soon as the words fell, Wang Heqin said loudly: “You have to talk about it!”

Fu Ping’An frowned, and Azhi, next to her, stepped forward and said, “How can there be any noise in front of the hall? According to the law, you should slap your mouth.”

Now Fu Ping’An understands the benefits of being surrounded by her people.
When A Zhi sang bad faces, she can sing red faces*.
She said softly: “If you think it's your first offense, don't pursue it.
Wang Lixu, you answer first, but if you Lying is the crime of deceiving the emperor.”

The next few sentences, although still in a calm tone, made people feel cold.
Wang Lixu fell to the ground with lowered eyes, and said word by word: “My brother forced me, and I didn't want to.”

The audience was in an uproar.

Wang Heqin's face was pale, his fingertips were trembling, and he pointed at Wang Lixu, then at Xu Weiqing, and said in a voiceless voice: “You are crazy, you are all crazy…”

“Xu Weiqing is a crazy woman; she can't see anyone have a good life!”

When Luo Qionghua said this, she couldn't help showing a look of fear on her face; she had suffered this kind of loss.

But she quickly added: “But she is indeed very talented.”

Mu Tingyun nodded thoughtfully.
She usually does not go out of the door, and this is simply because she hates the socializing of these high-ranking families, but even so, she had heard of Xu Weiqing's name.

Those who like Xu Weiqing say that she is brilliant and informal and those who don't like her say that she is arrogant and defiant.

She knew that these rumors were somewhat watery, but Luo Qionghua's words were sincere.

“What, what did she do to you?” Mu Tingyun asked.

Luo Qionghua said in a low voice: “Because I was better at math than her the year before last, she burned all the test books, saying that learning such low-level knowledge made her feel sick.”

Mu Tingyun said: “Then she is sick, how old is she? She cares about you, a child.”

Luo Qionghua glanced at her suspiciously: “Strangely, you speak so old-fashioned, aren't you a child?”

Mu Tingyun originally wanted to say that she was not, but looking at the mud-stained sleeves and the muddy ground that poked by herself, she hesitated for a moment but didn't speak.

At this moment, a moderate voice suddenly came from a distance: “Okay, Luo Qionghua, you are here.”

Mu Tingyun watched as the girl in front of her turned pale and looked more like a glutinous rice dumpling.
Now, she stood up with a face full of death, and then a flattering smile appeared on her face in the next second: “Aniang~~~”

The final sound after the word “Mother” dragged like a warm spring breeze, soft and soft.
Mu Tingyun couldn't help but chuckle and then thought, so her name is Luo Qionghua.

Qionghua is the wooden hydrangea, the tree is beautiful and plump, the shape of the flower is like a group of butterflies dancing, the flowers are white and delicate, and it is the kind of flower that she likes very much.

She squinted her eyes slightly and looked at the person who came.
The other person was wearing a straight dress with dark lines on a dark blue background, her hair was tied up in a very high bun, and there were several gold hairpins stuck on her head.
The deeper the bun, the taller and more dignified.
Mu Tingyun knew that the other party must have a high status.
When she got closer, she recognized it.
It turned out to be the Princess Yīngguó.

Even if she doesn't socialize, she won't be able to recognize the Duke and Duchess of Yīngguó.
After all, there are only two Dukes in the Manchu Dynasty, both of whom were sealed by Gaozu.

The other party approached, and recognized her, with a slight surprise on her face.

The two are at the same level in Shiyi, but the Princess Yīngguó is the elder, so Mu Tingyun saluted first, and the Lady Yīngguó returned the salute, and then said: “I didn't expect Princess Yunping to be here, it seems like a little girl is bothering you.”

“The Princess is here.”

As she said this, she stretched out her hand towards Luo Qionghua, at first she obviously wanted to grab Luo Qionghua's ears, but she glanced at Mu Tingyun from the corner of her eye, hesitated for a moment, and then became Qionghua's arm.

Luo Qionghua looked very well-behaved at the moment; she was pulled over at once, lowered her head, and grabbed the sleeve of the British princess Chang Min, looking pitiful and cute.

Mu Tingyun thought of when her biological mother was still there, and couldn't help feeling envious, but seeing Luo Qionghua's disheveled face, she also knew that the other party would be taught a lesson when she returned home, so she said after thinking about it: “I almost couldn't find her just now.”

On the way, it was Miss Luo who helped me, I…
I hit it off with Miss Luo immediately, if I have time, I will go to the house to thank you.”

Mu Tingyun is not good at talking.
Just these few words made her back sweat.
Thinking about the next conversation, she began to regret accepting this conversation.
Just as she was regretting, there suddenly appeared in the distance.
A noble lady trotted over, grabbed the arm of the British lady-in-law, and said without panting: “It's over…
It's over, it's over, and it’s trouble…”

Chang Min subconsciously grabbed Luo Qionghua's arm, seeing that Luo Qionghua was still fine, she stayed by her side calmly, feeling at ease, and said: “Whoever caused trouble, the preface does not match the afterword.”

“The one who won the leader, the eldest son of the Wang family, said it was…
said it was written by someone else!”

Chang Min suddenly realized the seriousness of this matter: “Has the result come out?”

Chen shook her head: “I'm still investigating, what can I do about it, it would be great if the big things can be turned into small things.”

Chang Min said: “Your Majesty…should not be able to.”

She swallowed the middle sentence “Your Majesty is still young and needs the family”.

She looked down at her daughter, but saw Luo Qionghua talking to Princess Yunping, she quickly pulled Luo Qionghua, and said to Princess Yunping: “Let's go first.”

She pulled Luo Qionghua and hurried back.

Luo Qionghua turned her head three times with one step.

Mu Tingyun thought for a while, then nodded.

Because before leaving, Luo Qionghua asked her softly: “Will Your Majesty kill people?”

Fu Ping’An couldn't express how she was feeling at the moment.

She thought it was a good thing, and this matter could be regarded as an excellent excuse to beat up the Wang family, but thinking like this seemed a little too ruthless, and it made her inevitably think about the fact that she would become a tyrant.

The barrage was noisy, and there were ghosts in the tent.
She felt that there was no dead end in all directions, and there was no place where she could be quiet.

 [Socialist Little Hammer: Why did Wang Lixu sell his brother like this?]

 [Ji Huaishan: You wouldn't want your brother to copy your poems, would you?]

 [Bai Ya: That's right, didn't he understand that this matter is very serious, his brother will die?]

 [Yan Jinghan: But do you think he won't die in this way? He put the blame on his brother.

Wang Heqin didn't want to just let it go.
He still insisted that he wrote the poem.
After discussing it in the tent, they finally decided to write another poem on the theme of “Spring Day”.

Incense was lit in the tent, and after an appointment for a stick of incense, the two of them were about to hand in their works.

Fu Ping’An took this opportunity to talk to the regent: “What do you think, aunt?”

The regent pondered for a moment, and said: “They have behaved badly, and should be severely punished.”

Fu Ping’An frowned and said, “They are all talented people, I can't bear it.”

The regent was silent for a while, and said: “It's still according to your majesty's mood.”

Fu Ping’An straightened up.

 [Insomnia day by day: It's a bit over the top.]

Fu Ping’An rubbed her nose and took a sip of tea in embarrassment.

 [Liuhua: This matter is so difficult to deal with.
I feel that it is not easy to offend others, or I should push this matter to the Regent! ]

 [Xiao Ping’An will become a Mingjun: No, no, it's better to do this by yourself, right? she didn't have much power in the first place, and it was pushed to the regent, which made him even more powerless.]

 [May the fool bless me to pass the primary school entrance examination: Do I have to kill someone?]

What the barrage said was Fu Ping’An's entanglement.
She didn't know which choice was right for a while.

Perhaps, many things were not the right choice.

 [Insomnia day by day: I really want to see the moon, come and see the moon!]

 [Insomnia day by day: Is there anyone here for the Lone Star Wanderer? I usually see that you can talk.

 [Insomnia every day: What are you doing with taro milk tea?]

 [Lone Star Wanderer: This young ghost army master has already set the tone.
Killing Wang Heqin will make the big event turn into a small one, and everyone will be happy.

 [Chang'an Hua: Did he do it on purpose?]

 [Lone Star Wanderer: I don't know, I can only say that I think it is the best choice.]

 [Follower of the Fool: Damn, isn't this driving his brother to a dead end? Isn't he too ruthless? ]

 [Popper: In the original book, he murdered 100,000 soldiers, and a trick forced the entire city of Fuyuan to drown.
Can you be ruthless? ]

 [Oh Huo: That was traumatized, it should be very bright now, right?]

 [What time to sleep tonight: Some people are bad at the age of three.]

 [Graceful and generous: According to what you say, the anchor is probably not a good person, right?]

 [August Qiqiu Ye Chuliang: What are you talking about? He has a pattern.
He originally wanted to implicate the family, but now his brother is forcing him, even if his brother's personal character is flawed.
If he dies, he will die alone.
, understand? ]


Fu Ping’An cast his eyes on Wang Lixu, the incense was only lit a little, and the other party was already writing on the bamboo slips.

Although he is dressed as a servant, he is a handsome young man, and his brilliance is still blooming like a pearl.

In contrast, Wang Heqin was sweating profusely.
Although he was barely writing, he seemed to be unable to hold his pen steadily.

This incident is a test of psychological endurance.
Wang Heqin was only in his early twenties and finally couldn't take it anymore.
He overturned the desk with one hand, pointed at Wang Lixu, and said, “You are the one who proposed it to me.
Why should you propose it to me now?” Treat me like this!”

Wang Lixu finished the last word, then raised his head, and said calmly, “Xu Jue didn't do it voluntarily.”

He did it on purpose.
Fu Ping’An thought.

It's just…
It's handled so beautifully, he is worthy of being recognized as a genius in the original book, and he is smart and ruthless.

Seeing that Wang Heqin was about to make a move, Fu Ping’An  waved her hand, and Chen Yan immediately drove people to say that Wang Heqin had been taken down.
Fu Ping’An brewed her feelings for a while, and then said sadly: “I am very heartbroken, how do you guys think this matter should be determined?”

Fang Zicong said: “I think this matter is important.
Wang Heqin cheated and cheated, oppressed his brothers, and has no respect for his father or discipline.
He should be severely punished to serve as an example to others.
Wang Heqin should be sentenced to a hundred sticks and exiled for thousands of miles.”

Pick it up and put it down gently.

Fu Ping’An looked at Tian Bin, their eyes met, and Tian Bin understood.

He gritted his teeth and stepped forward, saying: “Wang Heqin's crime of deceiving the emperor is unforgivable.
It can be seen that his parents have not raised him well, so the whole Wang family should be severely punished!”

Tian Anzhi on the side looked at Tian Bin in shock.

Tian Bin knelt on the ground, thinking: I am an old bone, but it is not easy to sing bad faces.

Satisfied, Fu Ping’An said with hesitation: “Although they are deceiving the emperor, they are all talented people.
I can't bear it.
I have to think about it.
Let's take these three people into custody for now.” She pointed to Wang Lixu, Wang Heqin and Xu Weiqing.

At the same time, she glanced at Fu Lingxian again.

Her gesture was also for Fu Lingxian to see.

She wanted to tell Fu Lingxian that she was not a brutal murderer if she bought a horse bone with a thousand gold.

On the other hand, Chang Min, the British princess, is going crazy.

This incident happened at the banquet, she didn't want to stay longer, so she called the carriage and prepared to leave with Mrs.
Chen, but one of them didn't pay attention, and Luo Qionghua ran away again.


God, why does she have a daughter who looks like a loach?


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