Luo Qionghua sneaked out too many times in the past few days, Luo Xiang didn't spare her lightly this time and promised to restrain her feet, and she had been imprisoned for several days, so she corrected her attitude and came to intercede.

She blinked her eyes and sat obediently, looked at A Weng again, and then at A Niang, finally Chang Min softened and said: “Anyway, I will take care of it, it's better than her slipping out by herself again.”

Xiang thought for a while, and it was the same reason, and said: “Okay, then you can't run around, if you run around, you don't even want to go out before summer!”

His tone was very severe, which was used to describe his seriousness, Luo Qiong Hua nodded obediently, thinking: Anyway, as long as I can see Her Majesty, it will be fine.

After that, Her Majesty never left the palace again.

I don't know what I'm doing.

Early the next morning, A Zhi woke up suddenly from the bamboo slips.

The morning drum was already sounding outside the window, and the chirping of birds seemed to be right next to her ears.
She thought she had to wash up, so she got up quickly, but saw Wang Ji still asleep on the table.

Last night, I was so dizzy after the calculations that I fell asleep like this.

Now she finally understands why Wang Ji is so excited when she sees her.
If she suffers so hard every day and suddenly has a helper, she will be very happy.

She stepped over the bamboo slips and pushed Wang Ji secretly.
Wang Ji opened her eyes slightly and said vaguely, “What's the matter, have you eaten?”

“It's dawn and we have to go to the deer banquet.”

Wang Ji waved her hand: “No, I won't go, Her Majesty only called you.”

A Zhi was surprised, she didn't expect Her Majesty to pass Wang Ji and only call her, but she carefully looked at Wang Ji's expression, but I can't see it at all.
Even a little fortunate.

She showed a happy smile: “It's great; I can sleep all day today.”

Azhi: “…”

Azhi then left the room by herself, looking at the blue-gray sky, she couldn't help but cover her mouth and yawning, it happened that Wanfeng brought a maid over, and when she saw her, she smiled and said: “Servant Sun woke up so early; this servant will help you wash up.”

Azhi waved her hand: “I'll get used to it myself.”

She was by the well after a brief wash; she looked at the sky and took a deep breath.
The slightly cold air in the morning filled her nostrils, gradually waking her brain up.

The atmosphere in the palace has completely changed.

She still remembered that when the Empress Dowager was in power, everyone was cautious and trembling, for fear of saying a wrong sentence and the palace servants would lower their heads when they met each other, and dare not even show a smile, for fear of being sued and accused in front of the Empress Dowager.
It's a private exchange.

But now, especially the newcomers in the palace, they are completely innocent.
Although the chief stewards are still strict, they will not threaten them with life and death at every turn.

But the rules are not without, everyone respects and fears Her Majesty, among other things, after entering the palace, I also met many old acquaintances, but no one revealed her identity.

Her Majesty said that she was Ah Zhi's younger sister, Sun Luzhi, but no one dared to say otherwise.

For Her Majesty, the palace is no longer a dragon's pond and a tiger's den, which is great.

Ah Zhi thought so, when she heard Qin He calling her, she hurriedly followed Qin He, and when she arrived at the main hall, seeing that Her Majesty was fully dressed, she smiled at her and said, “There are a lot of things today if there is anything you are not used to, just go straight to the main hall.” Just tell Qin He.”

A Zhi said solemnly, “I must act cautiously.”

Fu Ping’An nodded.

The emperor's guard of honor passed through the city and came to Changli Palace.
The regent and the three princes and nine ministers had already greeted him there.
The banquet was placed in the garden, and Fu Ping’An’s place was placed on the peninsula in the middle of the lake, surrounded by two layers of cloth tents.
It is used to prevent mosquitoes and cold wind, and one layer is light gauze, which is used to transmit light and see things.
The location of the regent and the Sangong Taifu is also here.
Fu Ping’An chose 150 guards from the imperial army to guard the inside and outside and did not keep the tents.
Only ten people remained.

After all, she couldn't let the regent think that this was a Hongmen banquet.

But before the regent Fu Lingxian came in, she couldn't help but pause.

That said, it's hard not to worry.

Her palm couldn't help but slightly grasped the saber at her waist, but she quickly released it, untied the belt, and handed it to the guard at the door.

The guard said: “Your Majesty said that Mr.
Wu'an is allowed to bring the sword into the account.”

Fu Lingxian heaved a sigh of relief, but still took off the sword and said, “Your Majesty loves me so much, I am so grateful, but I can't forget the origin of your majesty's favor.”

She handed the sword Wang Yuan to the guard and entered the tent.

Everyone in the tent heard her words, Tian Bin stood up first, clapped his hands, and sighed: “Mr.
Wu An is an example of a virtuous minister.
Your Majesty has won this name as a virtuous minister.
Why worry about the world being uncertain?”

Fu Ping’An smile.

Wearing a black robe with wide sleeves, her skin was covered with snow and her body was as thin as paper.
But because of this, she looked weak and harmless.
Looking at the King Regent, she seemed to be dependent on him.

“I have an imperial aunt, so I don't have to worry about the country's affairs.
If it's the queen mother…” Her voice stopped abruptly, her eyes slightly lowered, showing a trace of fragility in her eyes, but she soon put on a smile—but the smile became a little forced “Stop talking, Huang Aunt, sit down quickly.
These days, I don't think about food and drink because of my mother's affairs, and I haven't talked to Aunt Huang for a long time.”

After Fu Lingxian sat down, seeing Her Majesty leaning slightly, looking her up and down, after a while, she smiled and said, “My aunt still has the same demeanor.”

Fu Lingxian nodded, her face was as usual, and her heart was a little confused.

What does Fu Ping’An mean when she said “I don't think about eating and drinking because of my mother's affairs”? Isn't it because she and the Tian family led the Imperial Guards into the palace and took control of the Queen Mother? Could it be that the queen mother is sick and doesn't think about eating or drinking?

Alas, Your Majesty is getting more and more confusing.

Fu Lingxian was still troubled, and on the other side, Taifu Bo Mengshang also changed her expression slightly.


Because no matter how she looked at it, the female internal officer standing next to Her Majesty was clearly A Zhi who was kicked out of the palace before!

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