Wang Ji couldn't help but kneel because of worry.
She was a little surprised when she heard this, and said, “Little…
how did my little sister know Wang Lixu?”

“Oh? So, do you know him?”

“He is The patriarch's youngest son and is rarely famous.” When Wang Ji mentioned this incident, she couldn't help falling into memories.
The only time she saw Wang Lixu was during the last family sacrifice.
His eyes are proud and his figure is tall and straight, just like a peacock spreading its tail in the palace.

If it wasn't for being a Dikun, he would have been an official by now.

If Fu Pingan knew what was going on in Wang Ji's mind, she would grab Wang Ji's shoulder and ask, “Wang Lixu is Dikun?”

Fortunately, she didn't know, so she was still thinking in her mind, she would definitely not kill the chicken this time, and directly destroy the Wang family so, she doesn't know if Wang Lixu can work under her command.

Thinking of this, the Wang family's carriage also went away, and the group of them continued along the avenue, and soon reached the gate of the city.

It was easy to go out of the city, but there was a long queue in the direction of entering the city.
Fu Pingan stood up straight and looked at the crowd.
She saw that most of the people did not even have the standard of living of the residents in the city.
They were not so much wearing clothes as they were draped in cloth.

Although the crowd was crowded, they were orderly.
After walking for a while, they saw a porridge shed.
Many people had already gathered beside it.
Ah Hua said, “It's almost time for porridge.”

“Do you know much about the outside of the city?” Fu Ping'an asked.

Ah Hua said: “Many children in the West City are taken in from the victims outside the city.
I often come here when the winter is particularly severe.”

Fu Pingan looked at the other party with some inquiry: “Why do you pay attention to these?”

A Hua Smiled: “I'm not particularly concerned, I'm just curious about what the outside world is like.”

“How about the porridge outside the city?”

“Yes, they are thick enough to stand on chopsticks.

“Where is the project?”

“A bridge was built on the outskirts of the city, and Jingzhao Yin's Mansion and Tingwei Prison were repaired.
The wealthy households in the city also raised funds to build a Taoist temple.
It is in the east of the city.
You can stop by to see it when you go back.”

Fu Ping'an fell into deep thought, and she asked after a while “…Are you usually free?”

She asked Chen Yan Tianping about these things, they were not very clear about them, but Ah Hua in front of her knew everything.

Moreover, the other party looked as if he was deliberately telling himself that she couldn't even deceive herself—isn't it obvious that she knew her identity?!

Perhaps because he still felt a little ashamed, Fu Pingan asked this sentence.

A'hua spread her hands: “It's quite free.
If you have anything else you want to know, you can ask me.
Even if I don't know it now, I will find it out for you later.”

The other party's eyes were shining, completely It didn’t mean that she was hit.
This made Fu Ping’an feel a little petty.
She was about to speak when the drums sounded.
The victims who had been sitting or lying down suddenly became active and flocked to the soup kitchen.
Fu Ping’an heard someone shouting: “Children first, then old people, don't make noise!”

Soon a child came out with porridge and drank it whole on the way as if not afraid of being scalded.
Fu Pingan slowly lowered her head with a heavy heart.

The carriage slowed down, and Chen Yan asked: “Let's go back, we still have to queue up outside the city, if we don't go back, it will be late.”

Fu Ping'an nodded, and she sat on the straw with her knees hugged, feeling very depressed.

Ah Hua sighed on the side: “There are far fewer disaster victims now than in winter.”

[Zhu Wu is proficient in Dadalia: I feel that this girl can be an outsider.]

[Shanhe Burning Night: Before doing this, you need to know who this girl is, right?]

[Xiao Jiu 794: Anyway, she looks like she is in her early teens, whoever she is.]

[Eight teeth basking in the sun: Could it be a spy sent by the regent? Is it the kind of spy in the novel who was buried when she was a child?]

[Ling Nian Eternal: If you doubt this, you should also doubt Princess Yunping, right?]

[Chi Song is a fish: No one is allowed to doubt Princess Yunping!]

[He Gui: The ancient times were miserable, hold my cat tight.]u

“What's it like in winter?” Fu Ping'an asked in a low voice.

“At that time, the disaster victims outside the city were all gathered together, and there was almost no open space, and epidemics often occurred…” She suddenly fell silent, and forced a smile, “In winter, my house is tightly controlled, and I don't see much.

They queued up among the common people to enter the city, and heard unclear chatter from the side—

“What should we do next…”

“I heard that Mr.
Wu'an is recruiting soldiers…
going to try it.”

…Fortunately, there is Duke Wu'an.”

Duke Wu'an is the regent.

Although Fu Pingan heard these words, she was not angry in her heart, because after thinking about it, she also felt that they should thank Fu Lingxian.

Because these were indeed done by Fu Lingxian.

“This group of short-sighted people, if Her Majesty is in charge, she will be able to do better!” Ah Hua said angrily.

Fu Pingan glanced at her, she wanted to ask, do you know who you are to say that, she thought about it in her mind, but endured it, just nodded perfunctorily, and then looked away.

Not far away came another chariot pulled by two horses.
Although it was not as gorgeous as the Wang family, it could be called exquisite.

The carriage stopped slightly in front of the city gate, and the window was opened.
Someone said something, and the guard smiled and let it in.

“Whose carriage is that?” Fu Ping'an asked.

This time A Hua frowned and shook her head, and Chen Yan said indeed: “This is the carriage of Yan Yu, the Prince Regent's servant.
I just saw him show his face.”

“Yan Yu? Is he talented?”

This is a question to the barrage.

[Vic, what can you do: He is talented, but he is a die-hard loyalist to the Prince Regent, so he cannot revolt.]

[Mitujiang: I feel that in the original book, he has a crush on the regent.]

[Score: -2: I didn't see the real one or the fake one.]

[Wearing that there is a crane coming from the court: I have this feeling vaguely.]

[The duke doesn't like mangoes: he is O?]

[Kurong: B, Chang Yong.]

Chen Yan also replied: “In the past, there were some talented people in the market, but they were businessman and mediocre, so they couldn't enter the court as an official.”

[Wen Liang: Does that mean that if you make him an official, you can also instigate rebellion?]

[Insomnia day by day: Have you read the original novel? Yan Yu is convinced that the regent will be the emperor.]

[Tong Mo: Simply put, he is a pervert.]

[Chang'an Hua: I also feel this way, he loves the cause of rebellion.]

Fu Ping'an's little anticipation that had been rising in his heart suddenly died down.

People who love rebellion are not suitable to be good courtiers.

After entering the city, they went to the West Market to return the carriage.
Fu Pingan wanted to get close to Huo Pingsheng again, but she couldn't find her anyway.
It was getting late and the West Market was about to close, so she had no choice but to leave the market.

She originally wanted to ask Chen Yan to follow A'hua, but the words turned around in her heart and changed to: “I want to see Mr.

Her heart became impatient again.

The complacency of defeating the queen mother has completely disappeared at this moment, she just wants to know how to completely rule the country by herself.

She has a lot of things to do, all of which need to be in charge.

When Chen Yan saw that Her Majesty called herself “Zhen”, she knew that the other party had something to do, so she said sternly: “Your Majesty can directly declare Tian Gong to enter the palace.”

Fu Ping'an thought about it, and indeed, her thinking should change.
Now she is at least The master of the inner palace.

She nodded, and then said: “You go and take Tian Gong into the palace, but don't let others know.”

When they returned to the palace, the palace had already lit lamps, the sky was dark, the candles were dimly lit, and the evening drums sounded like muffled thunder, announcing the end of the day.

During today's trip, Fu Ping'an has gained a lot, and she is very tired.

She was still in high spirits when she went out, but she was a little bit unmotivated when she came back.

Her mind is full of all kinds of things, but she doesn't know who to tell them to.
Some ideas may be too naive, and some ideas are too rebellious.
If she tells the courtiers around her, maybe they will make a fuss and think that the emperor is crazy up.

Fortunately, she can discuss with everyone in the live broadcast room.

After the screen backed away, she asked the first question: “There are a lot of talents among the people, how can I find them?”

[All kinds of schools can be used to build a school.
Nowadays, there is no Confucian school with great power.
Instead, you can elevate the status of other schools and let them eat dogs.]

Fu Ping'an clicked into the shopping mall, and finally chose the “History of Imperial Examinations”.
After reading a few pages, she felt a little enlightened.

After staying for a while, she asked: “How can the common people live better?”

[Bobo milk tea with taro paste: more powerful production tools are needed.]

[Nympho Y: Is it a steam engine?

[Bobo milk tea with taro paste: That's a bit too advanced.]

[Insomnia every day: There are various designs of waterwheels, wooden plows, and sailboats in the mall, all of which are in line with the background of the times, are you afraid of this?]

So Fu Ping'an asked the third question: “How should we deal with the regent?”

That's right, whether it is to recruit talents or improve the living standards of the people, it must be said after taking office.

[Want to see the moon: As long as you are an emperor normally, the regent can't challenge you.
The current situation is that as long as you are not too stupid, you will be invincible.
Instead, you can find her fault.
execute her.]

[I really want to see the moon: it just takes a little time.]

“But, I want to hurry up.”

[Lone Star Wanderer: Then you can talk to her directly and see if she is willing to leave.]

Fu Pingan was taken aback for a moment, then thought that the other party was just mocking her, and was about to speak when Tian Bin came.

Tian Bin was only wearing a simple robe, and his hair was still wet.
Fu Pingan was surprised and said, “Did Mr.
Tian just take a bath?”

Tian Bin saluted and said, “Your Majesty called urgently, and I have no time to dry it, it is impolite.

Fu Ping'an hurriedly walked to the hall and helped Tian Bin up, and said: “I feel guilty.
If Gao Yan's matter had ended earlier, my uncle should have been the imperial envoy doctor.”

Tian Bin said: “This has nothing to do with Your Majesty.
You have to figure it out slowly.”

Fu Ping'an then said: “By the way, I heard that the regent is going to hold a banquet to attract deer.
Didn't the court expressly prohibit officials from gathering in private?”

Tian Bin shook his head helplessly: “Your Majesty doesn't know something.
The banquet is not for officials, but for scholars who have not yet had an official position.
The regent probably wants to use this to recruit scholars.”

Fu Ping'an said: “Then I also want to hold a banquet to recruit scholars or open a school for students.
You can learn to speak freely, what do you think.”

Tian Bin said: “This…
Your Majesty already has Taixue?”

Fu Ping'an said: “Most of the imperial schools are children of aristocratic families, and most of them study Confucianism and Taoism.
I want to recruit talents from all schools of thought.”

“Forgive me for being blunt, this matter cannot be done.”

He raised his eyes and glanced at Fu Ping'an's expression, and said: “At least don't act too hastily, at present there are mostly Confucian scholars and aristocratic families in the court, if you carry out this matter, you will be divorced from the minister.

Fu Ping'an naturally knew that she just wanted to speak out to see Tian Bin's reaction.

In her opinion, Tian Yan's reaction was much smaller than she imagined.

“I was reckless.”

Tian Wei thought for a while and said: “But your majesty's worry is also very reasonable.
From tomorrow onwards, I will try to impeach this matter, or define it as an official matter.”

She smiled and said: “What Mr.
Tian said is very true.
I was too impatient.
I went out of the palace today.
I have seen a lot, and I have mixed feelings.”

She stared into Tian Yin's eyes and saw a flash of shock in the other's eyes.

As expected, he blurted out: “Your Majesty is out of the palace?”

Fu Ping'an was a little happy.

From this point of view, Chen Yan did not tell Tian Bin about this.

But she pretended to be embarrassed: “Yes, I was worried that my uncle would be angry, so I asked Chen Yan not to tell my uncle, and let me speak for myself.”

Hearing the word “uncle”, Tian Bin's anger has already dissipated by half, but he is still helpless: “If this matter is known to the court ministers, they will make a big fuss.”

“So I only let my confidantes know This matter, the palace is too boring.”

She looked at Tian Bin sincerely, and the anger in Tian Bin's heart completely disappeared.

“I only hope that Your Majesty is safe.”

Fu Ping'an was in a trance when she heard this.

When Ah Weng Aniang chose her nickname Ping An, was she also expecting the same thing?

Presumably, it must be.

So at this moment, she suddenly thought of something, something she had forgotten before.

She said: “By the way, does uncle know why mother and concubine committed suicide at that time?”

Tian Yan hesitated, and said for a while: “There are many rumors about this matter, and no one knows the inside story, but this old man has a guess.”

“You Say.”

“Back then Emperor Hui was weak, and the government and the public praised King Yong'an for his virtuousness, so the Empress Dowager announced the concubine into the palace, admonishing her to be virtuous and courteous, and not to have any thoughts of disloyalty, righteousness, or filial piety…
Your mother has been as precious as jade since she was a child.” She was raised so pampered, so she has never been wronged like this, and she must be unhappy…”

Fu Ping'an was stunned.

“The queen mother…but…then why did she let me…
let me succeed…”

Tian Yan shook his head: “Then I don't know, maybe I forgot, maybe I looked down upon Your Majesty, after all, if she can continue to be in power, maybe no one dares to tell Her Majesty about this…”


Yes, if it is the queen mother, maybe she just forgot.

After all, she has a lot going on every day.

Fu Ping'an hid her hands in her sleeves, restrained her trembling, and said, “So it's like this.”

So it's like this.

“This is an old guess.
Your Majesty can ask the Queen Mother directly.”

Fu Ping'an nodded.
She will ask.

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