is more difficult to keep power than to seize power.]

Having said that Fu Ping’An still allowed herself to be excited for a day.
She kept going around Chaoyang Palace until the palace servants moved all her things from Jingui Palace, and lit the stove and incense.
Qin He greeted her after reporting the progress of the work, Fu Ping’An looked at her with a smile and said, “The edict will be drawn up tomorrow, and you will be officially the head of the inner palace.”

Qin He lowered her head and pursed her lips, but she could still see the excitement, she finally leaked a smile and said: “It's all a reward from Her Majesty.”

Fu Ping’An also smiled.

That's what power feels like, the way she wants it, to have power.

She can reward the person who is loyal to her, the person she likes, and now she should not feel uneasy or guilty because if the other person is her person, she can give him all the best things in the world.

After Qin He stepped down, Chen Yan also came to return her order.
Fu Ping’An asked her with great interest what kind of official she wanted to be, and if she wanted to ask for an order for her mother.

When she was talking about this, she suddenly thought of something and asked: “By the way, I remember that your mother is your stepmother.
The reason you are prosecuted is that the county said you have pure filial piety.
Are you really on good terms with your stepmother?”

Chen Yan narrowed her eyes slightly, with a smile that was not a smile: “Young minister left home because of her stepmother's injustice; how could she have a good relationship with her stepmother? But if she didn't return home, how could she compete with her stepbrother for the property? As for this take Xiaolian as an example, to manage the county government and the county magistrate, I sold all the land that I robbed.”

Fu Ping’An was stunned.

Chen Yan looked innocent: “Did the minister say it too directly?”

 [Taro milk tea: I didn't expect that the promotion channel has become so corrupt in the past 20 years, since the founding of the country.]

 [Same return: This is how the promotion channel is opaque.]

Fu Ping’An was quite shocked that her important officials were recruited by bribery.

After all, in the books she is currently reading, the first condition for the court to become better is political clarity.

 [I am very good today: I can start the imperial examination.]

 [Qing Mo: How about taking the college entrance examination in one step?]

 [Wujiang: Please respect the objective social laws; most people are not full now.]

[Ji Gu Chuanhua: So first of all, I have to have enough to eat.]

Although Fu Ping’An was surprised, she quickly adjusted her expression, pretending to be calm, and said: “In this way, the Lingtang probably doesn't need orders.
Just some salary.”

Chen Yan said with a smile: “Your Majesty can give me a promotion, so that I can get more salary.”

Fu Ping’An thought of A Zhi again, and asked, “I heard that A Zhi was adopted and changed her name.
What is her name now? How about I give her a commandment?”

Chen Yan said with a smile: “That's a good idea.”

Although there was a little shock, Fu Ping’An was still in high spirits on the whole.
She thought she would not be able to sleep because of the excitement, but she didn't expect to have a good night's sleep, which was better than any day in the past four years.

Yesterday I was off for a day because of the feast, and the next day I went to court normally.

The empress dowager who used to sit behind her right back was not here today.
Fu Ping’An explained with a smile: “The empress dowager suffers from insomnia and heart palpitations, and she is not feeling well.
She needs to recuperate in the palace from now on.”

There is also a bold one, and it is Gao Yan, the imperial historian: “Although the Empress Dowager is the mother of the country, she is also the minister's younger sister, can I come to the palace to visit you?”

Fu Ping’An's expression remained unchanged, and she said in a calm voice: “The Empress Dowager needs to recuperate behind closed doors, and thank you to the uncle for not making things difficult.”

Gao Yan raised her head and looked at Fu Ping’An with fiery eyes, but Fu Ping’An didn't seem to see the burning flame in her eyes, she turned her eyes away and said with interest: “Don't talk too much about housework; everyone has other things to report.
Is it?”

The hall was very quiet.

Speaking of the dozens of ministers in front of me, many of them are over half a hundred years old, but standing in the hall, they don't even cough.
Everyone stood upright as if they were not breathing.

Standing at the forefront is Prince Regent Fu Ling Xian.

Fu Ping’An believed that she knew exactly what happened in the palace, but she didn't speak and stood with her eyes downcast, her hands folded in front of her body as if she was in a daze.

Someone finally appeared, and the other party explained matters related to the resettlement of the victims and then the Shaofu stepped forward, talking about the new recruits, and said everything that should be said according to the procedure.
Fu Ping’An was about to announce her next court, the minister suddenly a person came out of the middle, and said loudly: “This minister—”

Fu Ping’An stared at him.

The other party was Huang Weirong, the servant of the door.
Fu Ping’An remembered it very clearly because she promoted him to the official position.

The other party bowed to the ground and saluted, and said word by word: “Impeaches Gao Yan, the imperial historian, for disregarding human life, oppressing good people, and occupying people's fields.”

Fu Ping’An frowned, and looked at Gao Yan with pain: “Is there such a thing?”

Panic flashed across her face, but he immediately came back to her senses and knelt to express her grievances, but immediately someone stood up and said loudly: “I testify; this is indeed the case.”

The hall quickly became noisy.

Fu Ping’An ordered Jing Zhaoyin to investigate the matter thoroughly, and suspended Gao Yan's post as imperial envoy doctor.

This was another small victory for her.
Fu Ping’An's mood reached its peak at this moment but quickly fell back.

Because when she just took out the draft edict to be rewarded to her people in Xuanshi Hall, the prime minister looked at her with disapproval and said, “Your Majesty, I think it's inappropriate.”

The Taiwei frowned and said, “I also think it's inappropriate.”

The regent didn't speak.

Or so someone had said what she was going to say anyway.

Before she could ask why, the prime minister, Fang Zicong, who was over sixty years old, knelt on the ground and said: “The reward must be justified.
If it is all based on Your Majesty's mood, the world will soon be in chaos.
If Your Majesty does not take back the order today, the minister will grow up.
The minister will not be able to kneel for a long time, or Your Majesty, just find someone else to take up the post of prime minister.

Fu Ping’An blushed.

In addition to being aggrieved by the denial, Fu Ping’An also felt ashamed.


Her words have already been released!


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