a mirage with gems in the light and darkness.

 [Want to see the moon: I never expected to see such a scene, thank you for the host.]

 [Impossible: I want to compose a poem, but I can only say that it's beautiful]

 [Chang'an Flower: I think this is “beautiful colors divide the land far away, and the luxuriant light spreads far away to the sky”.]

 [Yunkong may not be empty: You wrote it?]

 [Chang'an Flower: …
written by Lu Zhaolin]

Fu Ping’An had approved the location of the palace lanterns and the palaces that can be opened, but now that she saw this scene, she knew the difference between looking at a map drawn in ink and seeing the whole place.
The scenery is a completely different feeling.

“It's beautiful.” She murmured to herself.

“This is what a nanny told me when I entered the palace when I was a child.” Luo Qionghua said so on the side.

Fu Ping’An said: “It's been a long time since the Shangyuan Festival banquet was held in the palace.
When did you say it happened?”

Luo Qionghua thought for a while: “I was only five years old.”

“Then do you still remember the route?”

“I'm good at memorizing this.”

Saying this, the other party found a huge rock and sat down, then patted her side, signaling Fu Ping’An to sit down too.

“Aren't you tired? Sit down and rest for a while.”

Fu Ping’An looked at the other party with her head tilted.
She didn't look at her carefully before, but now she looked at him.
Although the other party was young, she had a high nose bridge and deep facial features.
she seemed a bit of a fool lineage.

How many officials in Beijing are of Hu people's blood? If you want to go back and forth to inquire, you can find out.

She no longer entangled with the other party's identity, took out a silk handkerchief and brushed the dirt on the stone, and sat down too.

Luo Qionghua propped her chin with both hands, and looked at Fu Ping’An from the outside: “You are so particular, are all your southern ladies that particular?”

Fu Ping’An didn't speak; she didn't know how to answer.

The other party didn't seem to mind, and quickly asked the next question: “Has your family entered the palace, and will they look for you?”

“No; what about you?”

“I entered the palace alone, and my mother was ill.”

“It's very cold in winter, so it's easy to get sick.”

“No, it's because I ate fish raw a few days ago, and my stomach was ruined.”


“Are you cold?”

“Not cold.”

“I think so, you have nice skin, and your family must be rich, right?”


 [Manlu: This younger sister is a chatterbox.]

 [Oh Huo: You talk more than Bao Jiaoer when she was a child.]

 [Because: Bo Jiaoer has been talking less recently.]

 [Amber: Because I'm grown up, I'm in the palace, so it’s rare to see someone who talks too much]

This is true, the palace rules are strict, and one wrong sentence may cost one’s life.
If you say more and make more mistakes, naturally it’s better to talk less.

Fu Ping’An was not used to it, but she didn't hate it either.
It was just that she couldn't catch up with some things the other party said.

 [Ping An baby is so cute: I feel like I saw a real child, it's very lively.]

The other party was also talking to himself, saying that winter was too cold, and then saying that at least there were fewer mosquitoes.
After a while, she said suddenly: “I don't know when Her Majesty will be in charge.”

Fu Ping’An became vigilant instinctively, keeping her face said: “It has nothing to do with us.”

Luo Qionghua grabbed a piece of dry grass and put it in her mouth.
Hearing this, she opened her mouth wide, and the dry grass fell: “It has nothing to do with us, but…
I care a little bit, It is clearly Her Majesty's idea that the imperial court order to appease the victims and provide relief with work, but now everyone is grateful to the Regent, if Her Majesty had been in charge, this would not have happened.”

Fu Ping’An didn't know about this, Let out a confused nasal sound.

“At the beginning of the year, the Prince Regent went to the disaster victims to inspect the porridge.
In fact, she didn't do anything at all, but everyone thinks that a big person like her deserves to be grateful…
It has nothing to do with me, but I am not convinced, do you know, this is Her Majesty's idea.”

“But how do you know?”

“Many people know it; we all adore Herr Majesty.”

Fu Ping’An stared at her blankly, and the girl in front of her had bright eyes, which made people believe She was telling the truth, and Fu Ping’An became a little nervous when she thought that there were people she didn't know adoring her: “You, you?”

Luo Qionghua smiled and said, “Do you want to join us?”

She worshiped herself, it seems a little strange.

But she is the emperor, so she should be worshiped by others.
Fu Ping’An nodded hesitantly, and Luo Qionghua said, “Then if you are free, go to the carpenter's shop in Maqiaotou, Xishi.
We have a base camp there.”

“…the carpenter's shop.” I always feel that the base camp is a bit weird in the carpenter's shop.
How should I say it, shouldn't it be in a certain house?

“Yes, Maqiaotou.” Luo Qionghua nodded resolutely.

“What does Maqiaotou mean?” Fu Ping’An asked.

Luo Qionghua thought for a while: “Maybe the old horse moved here from Maqiaotou.”

Who is the old horse?

Fu Ping’An wanted to ask this question, but she always felt that if she continued to ask this question, she might be worthless, and she seemed a little silly, so she stopped talking.

But when the question stopped, Fu Ping’An didn't know what to say.

Intellectually, she knew that she should go back to the palace, but her brain was empty, and her legs didn't move for some reason.

Instead, the girl said after a while: “It's getting cold, let's go.”

Fu Ping’An was a little bit reluctant, because the palace was like a cage, and she had been imprisoned for too long.

Luo Qionghua also noticed it, thought for a while, and said: “I know there is a place in the palace, which is very suitable for watching river lanterns, and it is more beautiful than here.”

Fu Ping’An stood up and said: “Okay, let's go.”

She got up and patted the invisible dirt, and was about to go down the mountain, when they suddenly heard the horse cry, only a short sound, like a whistle.

Fu Ping’An's complexion changed slightly, and she heard Luo Qionghua say: “What's that sound?”

Fu Ping’An was a little nervous: “Maybe it's the sound of insects.”

She guessed that it must be the sound made by the imperial warhorse accidentally.

After the words came out, Fu Ping’An immediately realized that this lie was not a good one.
In this winter, everything is quiet, where is the sound of the insects? After a while, she said, “Yes, it's possible.”

She turned around and ran down the hill.

[Zhi Ruomuyi: Are there still bugs in winter?]

 [Insomnia every day: This should be the sound from the imperial army.]

 [Dove: Children are really easy to deceive.]

 [I want to see the moon: Hehe, it’s hard to say…]

When I returned to the palace, it was already time when the cock crowed, and the servants had already started to guide everyone out of the palace; Almost met Chen Yan who was looking for her.

When Chen Yan saw her, she breathed a sigh of relief, but her face was full of anger, and she said in a firm tone: “See Your Majesty, I don't know what your Majesty has done; it is not suitable to be seen by the ministers.”

For so many years, she had never been so self-willed, so that the first time still a little guilty, she murmured: “It's just admiring the lanterns everywhere.”

Hearing this, Chen Yan's expression was still dissatisfied, but her eyes softened a little: “It must not be like this in the future.”

Fu Ping’An nodded.
It wasn't because of the girl named Ah Hua; she wouldn't have run that far, she must have gone to find Chen Yan after just a short walk.

The barrage said that it was a brat, and it was true.

She also couldn't deny that tonight she felt relieved after a long time.

But she soon regained her spirits and asked, “Is everything already arranged?”

Chen Yan's eyes narrowed slightly, and she nodded.

Fu Ping’An returned to Jingui Palace, and as soon as she arrived at the palace road, she saw that the palace road was crowded with palace people holding torches, and it became a mess.

Fu Ping’An knew in her heart that this should be looking for her.

She approached the crowd, and soon someone found her, rushed over crying, and said, “Your Majesty is here, Your Majesty is here!”

Fu Ping’An looked as usual, seeing the Queen Mother coming from the crowd, her eyes were full of anger: “The emperor, where did you go?”

Fu Ping’An said: “I just went out of the inner palace to go shopping outside.”

The Queen Mother laughed angrily: “Outside the inner palace? Is the emperor dying?”

Fu Ping looked at her quietly.

The sun was rising from the palace complex, gradually illuminating the sky, and also illuminating the faces of the people in front of them with different expressions.

“Queen Mother, I think you made a mistake.
I shouldn't have lived in the Inner Palace, but Chaoyang Palace.”

The Queen Mother turned pale, pointed at Fu Ping’An, and said, “I knew it, I knew it.
It's all fake, okay, okay, don't you think your wings are hard, come here, this person in front of you is not Her Majesty, but a thief pretending to be a thief, quickly arrest her!”

She was hoarse, but no one moved when she finished speaking.


The surrounding attendants showed their weapons, but they pointed in her direction. 

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