which said that the steps to gaining power are: to get rid of the previous rulers; find money; build a small alliance; give them just enough to keep them loyal against the opposition.

Fu Ping’An suddenly realized.

The Regent has done a good job in the latter points, and she, Fu Ping’An, maybe the former ruler who needs to be removed.

There are also some miscellaneous things, Bo Mengshang also said, these things have been said on and off for three months, Fu Ping’An has survived a particularly cold winter.

When spring comes, everything comes back to life, but Fu Ping’An doesn't feel well.
There are many flowers outside, but Fu Ping’An coughs as soon as she smells the fragrance of flowers.
This is a symptom that she didn't have before.

The barrage thinks that she has a pollen allergy due to poison in her body and low immunity.

Fu Ping’An glanced at the balance—only 980,000!

[Ping An baby is so cute: soon, soon, don't worry, drink the universal antidote, and the medicine will cure the disease!]

But the pollen allergy is really serious, so she seldom goes out except for class, not to mention that although Bo Mengshang is so dedicated to teaching her, she still can't reveal her secrets, so on the surface, she still fishes for three days and spends two days on the net and flipped through the system all night in her bedroom.

It was probably because she was too weak and too lazy, and she obeyed the Queen Mother's words that the Queen Mother gradually relaxed her observations and even avoided the morning and evening greetings every day, and only asked her to greet her three times every ten days.

Not only that, every time there is a tonic and food panacea, it is sent to Jingui Palace immediately, and from time to time, the Tai Tuo is asked to write some edicts expressing concern in exquisite words, so on the surface, this foster mother and daughter are simply mothers.
A kind child is filial, and she is happy.

Time flies by, and after the bitter summer, and late autumn again, Fu Ping’An secretly stuffed Chen Yan's name among a bunch of people in the past few months and promoted her to an official position, and Chen Yan became a fifth-rank general.
She can bring about twenty younger brothers.

She also heard that Fu Lingxian and the Queen Mother had a fierce quarrel in the court because Fu Lingxian wanted to recruit the victims into an army to open up a wasteland, but the Queen Mother was worried that Fu Lingxian wanted to expand her power, and the two sides were at a stalemate.

Then a few days later, the Regent's birthday arrived.

One thing is enough to prove that the relationship between the Queen Mother and the Regent is constantly ossifying.

Fu Ping’An remembered that in the first year of her accession to the throne, the Queen Mother offered to go to the Regent's mansion to congratulate the prince Regent on her birthday to show her grace, and asked Fu Ping’An to choose a gift.

Then this year, in mid-November, Fu Ping’An didn't hear the Empress Dowager talk about this matter, and it was clearly stated in the brochure that the Empress Dowager prepared the gift, and then the brochure hinted-whether she wants to drive out of the palace and go to the Prince Regent's Mansion for the birthday.

Fu Ping’An hadn't been able to leave the palace for the past year, so naturally, she still wanted to go out of the palace, even if it was to celebrate the birthday of someone she hated.

What's more, Chen Yan said before that Tian Gong would find a way to contact her when she left the palace.
Fu Ping’An was a little worried that she hadn't been able to leave the palace.
The odds are not very high.

In short, she wanted to fight for it.

The next time she paid her respects, she complained loudly in front of the Queen Mother; basically saying that so many excuses asked her to go to the Regent's mansion in person, which made her feel uncomfortable.
The last time she went to the Regent's mansion, I felt that everyone's attitude towards the Regent was too respectful to her; she doesn't want to go through this kind of thing again.

The Empress Dowager heard the words thoughtfully and said: “The emperor is right.
Nowadays, the Regent is the king of the court.”

Fu Ping’An pouted and said: “It is clear that I am the emperor, and the Empress Mother is the Empress Dowager.
Alas, in the palace, the Queen Mother treated me so well, but those courtiers asked me to go to the Regent's mansion to be humiliated.”

The Queen Mother must have tried to persuade Fu Ping’An hypocritically, but this time she hugged Fu Ping’An and sighed: “These courtiers are all around that Fu Lingxian, they are just bullying us orphans and widows.”

The two sat together and talked bad things about the Regent for a long time.
The Queen Mother felt that she had a closer relationship with Fu Ping’An, so the next day she agreed to the proposal from the ministers to ask Fu Ping’An to go to the Regent's mansion.
After being humiliated, wouldn't she be more on her side and hate Fu Lingxian?

An enemy's enemy is a friend, and the Empress Dowager understands this truth even though she is in the deep palace.

So on the day of the Regent's birthday, Fu Ping’An drove out of the palace.

That day, Fu Ping’An was so excited that she didn't fall asleep all night, and she woke up very energetic in the morning.
Along the way, she wondered if there would be any accidents, such as a person suddenly jumping up on the carriage, or something hit the carriage, so let her know news but there was no such results.

After all, the imperial army cleared the way, notified the capital management office in advance, and dispersed the people on the street.
It was indeed a bit difficult to do something tricky on the road.

She arrived at the Prince Regent's mansion very smoothly.
Fu Lingxian came to greet her in person and knelt to her in front of all the courtiers.
Fu Ping’An helped her up before she knelt.
The two entered the gate together.
Fu Ping’An glanced at the whole place.
At the scene, across the crowd, she saw Princess Yunping who was surrounded by everyone inside the door.
Now she knew that the other party's name was Mu Tingyun.

After a year, the other party seemed to have changed, but she could only take a glance, and immediately looked away, looking at Fu Lingxian in front of her again.

Speaking of which, the Regent Fu Lingxian and Fu Ping’An didn't see much.

But now that she knew many things, looking at Fu Lingxian, Fu Ping’An's mood became more complicated.


(under the feudal system) give (someone) freehold property or land in exchange for their pledged service.

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