When Bo Mengshang suddenly heard the name “Bo Changshi” she was also in a trance.


It's been a long time since anyone called her that.

To be honest, those twenty lashes took away Bo Mengshang's arrogance.

That day she was carried home covered with scars, and her parents cried when they saw her.
The new imperial edict the next day was not good news, but instead notified her that she would be demoted as an official.

Not only did her rank drop but her salary also dropped from the original one thousand shi to four hundred shi.
Fortunately, her family did not lack her salary and her mother even advised her not to go to work anymore and to take a few years off to get married and have children.

Bo Mengshang used to believe in starting a career first and then getting married and believed that she would be promoted soon.
Now she is inevitably a little frustrated.
This spring she was invited to a flower-viewing banquet.
She was a little concerned to see if there was a suitable partner.
In the end, when she was in the garden, she met Azhi.

The three maids who went to Lingting together at the beginning were sent by Ye Ting directly, and they didn't meet each other along the way but Bo Mengshang had a deep impression of Azhi because Her Majesty liked her most along the way.

The other party looks a bit older now than at that time.
She already looks like a girl of seventeen or eighteen years.
The clothes are not gorgeous, but they are also a set of heavy clothes.
This is a form of wearing clothes layered on the body, quite useless clothes, but it is the style popular among high-end ladies at the moment and at the same time, there is a maid who looks younger by her side.

If it wasn't for the fact that her face hadn't changed much, there was a high probability that Bo Mengshang wouldn't be able to recognize her.

Even so, Bo Mengshang had some doubts that she had identified the wrong person.
She asked the people around her and found out that the other person was indeed from the palace, but because she was Dikun, she was adopted by a wealthy family in Beijing.
Now, she is looking for a son-in-law.

Bo Mengshang keenly sensed that something was wrong, she followed Ah Zhi all the way and was finally noticed, but Ah Zhi generously came to see her and said with a smile, “Bo Yan Shi, long time no see.”

Bo Mengshang was taken aback for a while, and after a while, she said, “Azhi…Miss?”

Azhi said: “The adoptive father gave me another name.
Now this concubine's surname is Sun, and Bo Yan Shi can call me by my surname.”

Bo Mengshang's trouble was not because she didn't know how to address her but because the other party unexpectedly called out her; that is to say, the other party inquired about her.

Azhi is no ordinary person.

She recognized her immediately.

So she said meaningfully: “Miss Sun, I was blind in the past.”

Azhi showed a sad face: “It's not that Bo Yan Shi is blind.
I asked about Bo Yan Shi originally because I wanted to ask about Her Majesty's recent situation, but I found out…that this concubine is taking liberties.”

Is that the truth?

Bo Mengshang didn't think it was like that; at most it was half true or false, but it was true that people depend on clothes.
She used to think she was a thin maid but now she looked at it again, but she behaved dignifiedly and elegantly, and her appearance was beautiful.
The long eyebrows and eyes, now with some pink rouge, are immediately charming.

Such a beautiful lady confided to you with a sad face, even if she said that the other party was lying, she seemed a little puzzled.

Bo Mengshang then said: “It's because I have little talent and learning, and my virtue is not worthy.”

A Zhi said softly, “It’s just bad luck for Bo Yan Shi.
Could it be that she just gave up and didn't want to continue her official career?”

Bo Mengshang listened after saying this, she felt a little angry in her heart.
She didn't feel that the relationship between the two had reached such a level, so she just said indifferently: “Maybe I'm not good at this kind of thing.”

“One lesson; the difficulty of knowing is not to see others but to see yourself.
You taught Her Majesty to understand herself but you can’t understand yourself.
If you think about the truth in books, it is difficult for everyone to see clearly in reality.”

Bo Mengshang said: “Miss Sun also likes classics and history.”

Azhi said: “It's just that your Majesty likes it, and I will read it together.”

After saying this, she winked at the maid beside her, and the maid immediately backed away.
Bo Mengshang was startled, and said, “What are you doing? If someone happens to come along with each other, it's hard to tell what will happen.”

A Zhi was stunned, and said: “What is Yan Shi thinking? I just want to talk to Yan Shi alone.
I know that Yan Shi is an upright person.
You are willing to stop the car and horses that day and let Her Majesty get in touch with people from the outside world.
You want to come and find out how Your Majesty is living today, I would feel unbearable if I couldn’t answer.”

Bo Mengshang was still a little embarrassed when she heard the phrase “what is Yan Shi thinking?” She felt that she was thinking too much but after hearing it, she gradually became fascinated and asked: “How is Your Majesty doing now?”

Then Bo Mengshang knew that Her Majesty was walking on thin ice; lest she make a mistake and the doctors didn't take good care of him.
Even this word had to be discussed with Princess Yunping in private.

“…Her Majesty once gave Her Majesty a sand table to practice calligraphy.
Her Majesty cherished it very much but one day it broke unexpectedly.
Her Majesty was sad for a long time.”

Bo Mengshang knew that the Empress Dowager was in power, but she didn't expect that the Empress Dowager would collude with the ministers to adopt her.
About Your Majesty the more she listened, the more she became angry but after listening, she could only sigh and said: “What can I do?”

She lamented for her Majesty, and she also for lamented herself, but A Zhi's eyes were burning: “You have what you want!”

Standing in front of Her Majesty today, Bo Mengshang still feels a little unreal.

She won the title of First Rank Grand Tutor.
Although this position is empty at present, she is only about twenty-five years old now.
Before taking office, the relatives who asked for marriage almost broke the threshold of her house.

Bo Mengshang didn't think that she was strong in terms of knowledge.
Speaking of which, perhaps the piece of ruby ​​she presented at the Queen Mother's birthday banquet played a greater role.

But the red jade was given to her by A Zhi.

Before Bo Mengshang approached Shiqu Pavilion today, she finally understood that she is now—the “Emperor's Party” under the guise of the “Empress Dowager Party”.

It's complicated but reasonable.

Naturally, Fu Ping’An didn't know that Bo Mengshang was able to stand here today because of so many twists and turns.
She was just a little surprised.

The barrage reveals that she is “one of my people”, but Fu Ping’An is still a little nervous because she doesn't know the character of the other party but now the other party turns out to be an old acquaintance that has half a teacher's friendship with her.

Fu Ping’An hurriedly stepped forward and said: “Yes! Mister taught me enlightenment, and now she is a grand tutor, so it seems that Mister is destined to be my teacher.”

 [Chang'an Hua: Chang Shi is still very handsome, and I fell in love again.]

 [Insomnia day by day: The horse-faced long history still has a part in it.]

 [Gege: I'm the grand master now.]

 [Insomnia day by day: Oh horse-faced master.]

 [Chang'an Hua: It's not horse-faced!]

Fu Ping’An now has some aesthetics, so it can be objectively evaluated.
It is said that the “horse face” is a kind of meanness by insomnia day by day.
Taifu Bo's face is slightly longer, but the bridge of the nose is high and the brows are deep.
The long face complements each other, making this face look reliable and heroic.

Fu Ping’An was happy and wanted to do something.
Seeing that tea was being boiled on the stove, she picked up the teapot and wanted to pour tea for Bo Mengshang.

“I do something that respects the teacher and respects the way.”

Bo Mengshang said: “I am a teacher, but first I am your Majesty's minister.”

The two were deadlocked so Qin He stepped forward and said: “This one should come here as the servant.”

Qin He took the teapot, and poured water for them; Fu Ping’An laughed dumbfounded when she saw this and said: “I still remember the first poem taught by the Taifu, which is called “July”.
Mengshang is the elegant name of July.
It was intentional.”

Bo Mengshang said embarrassedly: “It's just a coincidence, but I also thought of it later.”

“The Taifu was born in July?”

“Ahem, it's…Your Majesty, stop chatting, let's start the class.”

Fu Ping’An also wanted to cherish the opportunity to have a good class, so she sat down in front of the couch and when Qin He went out, Bo Mengshang asked: “What did the masters teach in the past?”

“I learned poetry and history, and the history is mainly Gaozu's memoir.”

“No lectures?”

“Masters said I still need to lay a good foundation.”

Bo Mengshang secretly said calmly Observing Fu Ping’An: “I looked through the study case and the teaching records and Your Majesty doesn't have many classes.
I don't know why?”

Naturally Bo Mengshang was shocked; she had vaguely heard about the poisoned alcohol, but she didn't know that the poison hadn't been eliminated.

“Your Majesty's body…”

“I'm fine now.”

Bo Mengshang stared at Fu Ping’An in a daze.

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