ace, and heard on the way it was Miss Azhi who was arrested, and the slave servant knew that Her Majesty valued the girl, so she rushed back to report the letter.
The servant knew that she had behaved badly, so she just begged Her Majesty to spare the slave servant, but these words are absolutely true, if there are lies, there will be lightning strikes.”

Fu Ping’An took a few steps, but said: “Is there nothing else to say?”

Qin He turned pale with fright, and kowtowed again and again: “This servant never told the Empress Dowager that your Majesty and the princess often talk alone.
Although this servant used to belong to the Qianqiu Palace, now she is devoted to Her Majesty.
This servant just knows, right now the suspicion of being a servant is the biggest, that's why I came to plead guilty.”

Fu Ping’An: “If it's not you, then who could it be?” “

Qin He said: “Your Majesty, give me some time, and I will definitely find out.”

Fu Ping’An nodded slightly.
Qin He had just breathed a sigh of relief, but she heard Fu Ping’An say, “Two days, after the Holy Banquet, I want to know who did the trick.
I can wrong you.”

Qin He raised her head and wanted to speak, but when she met Fu Ping’An's eyes, she flinched again.

The girl in front of her didn't have a very vicious look on her face, and even had some compassion, but it was this kind of look that made Qin He know that she was serious.

She leaned down and said, “Slaves…
must do her best.”

Fu Ping’An walked to Qin He's side: “Don't lie to me, don't try to find a scapegoat, I know it well, you may not believe it, but you can try.”

Qin He pressed her fingers tightly on the ground, her fingertips turned white: “I dare not.”

“Well, go and ask the dining room to prepare lunch.
Princess Yunping is leaving in the afternoon, so I will eat something good today.
You can figure it out.” “

Qin He stooped and exited the palace gate.
After blowing some wind outside, she realized that she was covered in cold sweat.

She still remembered that when she first came to Her Majesty's side a year ago, she still felt that Her Majesty was innocent and kind.

But now, when she thought of how she had thought about it back then, she shivered with fear.

At lunch time, Fu Ping’An started a live broadcast again.

A bunch of people flooded into the live broadcast room, all asking why the live broadcast suddenly stopped.

Probably because she has never closed it, no one seems to think that she closed it herself, and they all think that the signal may be unstable, or the platform went crazy and blocked her for a while.

Sitting in the hall were Bo Jiaoer and Princess Yunping.
Since the meals were shared, the three of them were far away in three corners of the hall.
They only ate a little, and Princess Yunping put down her chopsticks and said, “I'm full.”

Pingan glanced at it: “You should eat more, you eat too little, no wonder you are so thin.”

As soon as the words fell, Bao Jiaoer also put down the bowl and said, “I don't want to eat either.”

Fu Ping’An was helpless “Why are you?”

Bao Jiaoer said: “They all said that Her Majesty likes thin people.”

Fu Ping’An: “…I don't have any.”

Princess Yunping said: “In the past, King Ling of Chu had a thin waist.
The Chinese are vying to regard thinness as beauty, and it is still being criticized.
Your Majesty should act cautiously and not leave any excuses for others.”

Fu Ping’An smiled bitterly: “Are you admonishing the emperor?”

Princess Yunping's face darkened: “I am not, I can't do it either, Your Majesty, don't listen to anything I say.”

Fu Ping’An saw that she was angry and knew the reason, but the more she was like this, the less she knew what else to say.

But she still felt as if her hands and feet were bound, as if she was in a deep pool, and it was difficult to breathe.

Nor can she protect anyone around her.

Regardless of the barrage of “Hurry up and coax her”, this time she didn't say anything else, she just said to Bo Jiaoer: “Don't swallow your saliva, eat something quickly, or you won't grow taller.”

After lunch, Grandma Quan came to pick up Princess Yunping.
Fu Ping’An called Grandma Quan and told her to clean up Qingquan Palace and take care of it on weekdays.
Finally, she finally asked, “Azhi has left the palace, already?”

Quan Momo said: “She has left the palace.”

Fu Ping’An asked again: “Is anyone picking her up? Where does she live?”

Quan Momo smiled bitterly: “This…
I don't know.”

Fu Ping’An felt that this was the best way, which showed that A Zhi had indeed escaped the Queen Mother's eyeliner.

At this time, she caught a glimpse of the barrage and said——[What about that guard, did you reward Azhi to that guard?]

Fu Ping’An really didn't expect this.
Thinking about it, the other party should be the person who sent the news, rounded up to be hers, so she was stunned for a moment and asked: “What about the guard?”

Dodging her eyes, she said, “Your Majesty, don't ask; the Empress Dowager has her own disposal.”

Fu Ping’An suddenly understood.

Naturally, the Queen Mother never relents easily.

She silently sent Princess Yunping to the gate of the palace, and couldn't help but whispered: “When the Regent comes back, you go out of the palace.”

Princess Yunping didn't shake her face this time, she held Fu Ping’An's hand, her lips moved, and she hesitated to speak, but in the end she didn't say anything, and only squeezed Fu Ping’An's palm heavily.

This made Fu Ping’An think of A Zhi, who also squeezed her hand heavily at that time.
Besides passing on the news, did the other party want to express something similar to that of Princess Yunping?

Fu Ping’An forced a smile and said: “When I'm still in the palace, I can still see you.
I will visit you in Qingquan Palace from time to time.”

Princess Yunping's eyes turned red, and she nodded.

That night, Fu Ping’An burned the silk on the candle, and realized that Azhi had really left, and there was a high probability that she would never see her again.
She cried silently, but was worried about her manners at the feast would not be good, forced to hold back and went to sleep.

Before going to bed today, she turned off the live broadcast.

In the early morning of the next day, she habitually called out “Ah Zhi”, and came back to her senses in a trance, remembering that Azhi had already left, but she was surrounded by Mother Zhao, she asked in a low voice, “Who does Your Majesty want to serve?”

Ping'An thought for a while: “Then…
Ah Ying.”


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