Although there was no worship of the Emperor Gaozu Temple in the past, but Fu Ping’An did not reject it.

Before listening to Bo Changshi's words, Fu Ping’An had already admired Gaozu very much.
In folklore, Gaozu was an unparalleled hero who descended from the sky.
The Heavenly Emperor gave her the sword to cut the snake to help her rule the world, ending the chaotic world of cruel disputes.

The cruelty of the chaotic world still retains its prestige.
The old man will use “If you don't obey, the green bearded ghost will eat you” to scare children, because only 30 years ago, it was still a world where people would eat people.

Moreover, Gaozu was a female Tiangan like her.
The other party spent fifty years to pacify the world.
After unifying the world, she became emperor for 11 years and lived to 80 years.
The old man said that the female Tiangan would live longer.
Compared with the short-lived male Tiangan emperor, this statement currently seems very convincing.

Going to pay homage to Gaozu Temple on purpose seems to be emphasizing that she inherits the lineage of Gaozu, and Fu Ping’An is not unhappy.

It was the Queen Mother who was unhappy about this.
After she got off the carriage, Fu Ping’An secretly glanced at the Queen Mother, and found that the Queen Mother had a sullen face.
If Fu Ping’An thought about it, he couldn't think of why the Queen Mother was unhappy.
The screen gave her some guesses—— [Taro mashed boba milk tea: Didn’t the Prince Regent specially propose to worship the emperor? I always feel that there must be something tricky about it.]

 [Taro Milk Tea: The Empress Dowager is the wife and mother of the first two emperors and the relationship is very close.
Perhaps the Regent's move is an attempt to cover up the existence of the first two emperors, emphasizing the legitimacy of the succession of Emperor Gaozu's bloodline, and weakening the Empress Dowager's authority.]

 [Chang'an Flower: From the current situation, will the Prince Regent be a little too selfless? She doesn't seem selfish at all.]

 [Hebei Qingshan: She is the protagonist, I said, she is a good person, she clearly holds the military power, and she never thought of rebelling until she was forced to bear it.]

Fu Ping’An couldn't help but raised his brows when he saw the word “rebellion”.

Her attention was completely behind the sentence, and she came to the conclusion that the Regent would rebel.

She couldn't help but look up at the Prince Regent in the crowd, who was standing upright; staring at her feet slightly and looking solemn and sincere.

 [Insomnia day by day: So this guy rebelled.]

“Insomnia day by day” spoke for her.

 [Hebei Qingshan: It was forced by intolerance.]       

 [Insomnia day by day: What; if she doesn't hand over her military power, she will want to rebel sooner or later.
Don't be deceived by novels, novels have artistic processing.]

 [Hebei Qingshan: …]

 [Taro Mud Boba Milk Tea: You really don't say it, this makes sense; weakening the authority of the Queen Mother is not necessarily for the emperor.
When the authority of the Queen Mother is lowered, so will her own authority.
Li, at present, there is nothing to do with our little peace.]

“That's right.” Fu Ping’An couldn't help but blurt out.

The ceremonial officer on the side glanced at him and said with a smile, “What did your majesty say?”

Fu Ping’An didn't know how to explain it, so he kept his mouth shut and pretended not to hear it.

Next, Fu Ping’An burned incense in front of the Gaozu Temple and saluted and listened to the ritual official reciting a long prayer on the side.
Hunger, she was still young and she couldn't help being hungry.
When the sacrificial wine was served, she was already dizzy.

The sacrificial wine was brought by the Regent and the other party also changed her clothes; from the original red auspicious clothes to dark purple mourning clothes.
According to the current dress etiquette; black followed by dark purple wsere most honorable and Fu Lingxian couldn't help wearing a deep purple, as well as she wore a black woven gold belt around her waist; which showed that her status in the courtroom was inexhaustible.

Fu Ping’An didn't think too much about it at this time.
She was hungry and thirsty.
When she saw the offering wine, she couldn't help but swallow her saliva and look forward to it.
There were two cups on the plate.
Drink it yourself and tell the world.

She poured the first cup, then picked up the wine glass and was about to drink the second one, when she suddenly saw the barrage saying—

 [Hebei Qingshan: Don't drink, this glass of wine seems poisonous.]

Fu Ping’An had already drunk half of his drinkand the remaining half had already entered her mouth.
Hearing the words, she sprayed it out immediately.
The wine was gleaming, and all of it was sprayed on the clothes of the Regent Fu Lingxian.

Fu Lingxian: “…”

Fu Ping’An: “…”

The ceremonial official was more panicked than the two of them and immediately took the wine glass and said loudly: “The emperor is in the sky, the sun is coming down to the earth; …this is the 20th of June in the year of Long'an, and I worship at…”

Fu Ping’An couldn't hear the next words.

Darkness passed before her eyes.


Anyway, this wine is really poisonous.

This was the first thought that popped into Fu Ping's mind when she woke up.

There was a lot of noise in her ears, and it seemed that there was always someone going in and out but Fu Ping’An only felt a buzzing in her ears and she couldn't hear clearly if she wanted to.

On the contrary, after opening her eyes slightly, the system panel appeared very clear and the green “healthy physical condition” in the upper right corner turned into red “abnormal physical condition (poisoning)”.

The barrage is also quarreling——

 [Insomnia one day: You really have it, you know you didn’t say it earlier, you waited for the anchor?]

 [Insomnia day by day: I have to be harmonized again, mad at me.]

 [Hebie Qingshan: I really didn't remember it at first, I didn't see that part when I rewatched it, and I only vaguely knew it when the wine was served.
Remember, the back of this article is good as it has always been said, when the emperor ascended the throne, the wine was poisonous, which caused the emperor to always be afraid of the Regent.]

 [Whether Wei and Jin: This will definitely be feared, this wine is poisonous.]

 [Hebei Qingshan: But it wasn't from the Regent.]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: there are antidote for sale in the mall, I bought a gift, the anchor must be rich, buy it quickly.]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: …
Does she have express delivery over there? ]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: I can give it to you, if you can buy it, you can definitely give it away.
Baby, find the mall soon and have a look.]

Fu Ping’An has no strength, only her eyelids can move slightly.
Fortunately, this system doesn't seem to have much to do with whether or not she has her eyes open.
She quickly found the mall.

If this “mall” is literally understood, it seems to be the city of Shang, but after she clicked in, she did not go to a certain city-state, but saw a bunch of fancy pictures, each with a number under it.

 [Ping An baby is so cute: Searching for antidote]

 [Insomnia day by day: Does she know how to search for antidote? Call out the system wizard directly, search by voice, Ping An, listen to me, you can say it now, system, search for antidote in the mall.]

Fu Ping’An took a deep breath, but the sound she made was like a hairspring: “…System Searching in the mall…

Her voice became softer and less standard, but the system recognized it, and a row of things marked “antidote” jumped out in front of her.

Someone on the side also seemed to hear her voice, she felt her body being shaken, but she couldn't even see who it was.

 [Insomnia day by day: Click to buy, keep clicking next, and select automatic positioning for positioning.
Anyway, you must be the only one in your world with a system.
If you can send it, you can only send it to you.]

Fu Ping’An also did the same, but when she got to a certain interface, the button was grayed out, and she couldn't click it at all.

She had no strength and sighed softly.

 [Insomnia day by day: what's wrong?]

Fu Ping’An shook her head.

She doesn't know either.

 [Insomnia day by day: Anyone who knows any words on the interface should read them out.]

Fu Ping’An: “…Poison…Fifty…Balance of 6,728…Lucky…Seven…Seven million…”

 [Insomnia Every Day: …]

 [Insomnia Every Day: I got it; the shipping cost is seven million! Poisonous! ]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: …]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: …]

 [Whether Wei Jin: …]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: I'm sorry baby, I, I don't have that much money (qaq)]

 [After the song goes out of tune Wang Ami: I was going to give some gifts, but seven million…
ah this…]

 [Insomnia day by day: Don't panic, think about it carefully; she's not dead in the original book and she only drank half of it here, it's even more unreasonable to die, we really care about it and can’t mess up.]

 [Hebei Qingshan: Ah yes, yes yes, in the original book it was only said that the poisoning had serious sequelae.]

 [Insomnia day by day: You are right; send the original to each of us!]

Fu Ping’An didn't even have the strength to sigh, and she fell asleep again.

In a daze, she felt that someone poured a very bitter warm liquid into her mouth, and the strong bitter taste woke her up, and this time she found that she could actually open her eyes.

The picture in front of her became clear, she saw the mammy with red and swollen eyes, and Azhi who was holding her arm silently for her.

Before she could speak, Mammy was already crying excitedly, “Wake up! Little Master…
Oh no, Your Majesty is awake!”

The voice came from a distance, and soon the palace became lively.

Fu Ping’An, on the other hand, looked at the upper right corner of the system panel – her physical condition was abnormal (poisoning).

She was in a strange mood at this time.
She was neither afraid nor angry, she just felt a little dazed.

The imperial doctor came over to check the pulse and asked in a low voice, “Is there any discomfort in your body?”

She was already your majesty, but she seemed to be dying.
She thought of her elder brother and uncle who were in power before, and she couldn't help but wonder, is it possible that as long as you are in power the emperor die soon?

Thinking of this, she became frightened, her eyes were wet, and she burst into tears.

It was as if not long ago, she was still secretly making up her mind, thinking that she would be a good emperor and not a tyrant, but now it seems that she is the one in more dangerous situation.

 [Ping An baby is so cute: woo woo woo my heart is broken.]

 [Insomnia day by day: I have already received that article, I will immediately read it a hundred times and strive to memorize it.]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: Peace, you call the Regent over here.]

The mashed taro milk tea is always reliable.

Fu Ping’An said, “I…
I want to see the Prince Regent.”

She sniffed, her anger felt like gossamer.
Just saying these words took all her strength.

So when Fu Lingxian arrived at the Jingui Palace, what she saw was this scene–Her Majesty was pale and red at the corners of her eyes, sniffing her nose and looking at her pitifully; her breath was weak but she still said with difficulty, “Aunt Huang…
I know it's definitely not your poison.”


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