oyal Highness, it's almost time.
It's time to get up.”

Fu Ping’An was getting angry and raised her foot and was about to kick it, when she suddenly thought of the phrase “she is a tyrant”, stopped her foot and was stunned for a moment.

How could she want to kick someone?

When she was in Lingting, she fought with children in the same village and was kicked off the pyre once.
It was really painful.
Her chest was blue for three days.
After a day the family finally brought a basket of eggs over and it was a matter long over.

But just now, she felt that it was okay to kick a palace maid.

Even if she kicked, Qin He would definitely not be angry; she would just kneel on the ground and pray for her anger, asking herself why she was angry.

Does Qin He hurt?

She looked at Qin He and saw that Qin He had narrowed her eyes slightly; showing a somewhat frightened expression but she did not hide.
Seeing that she did not kick in the end; she breathed a sigh of relief, knelt on the ground and said, “Your Highness forgives the sin, it is the servant who offended you.”

Fu Ping’An took a deep breath and said, “I'm about to get up.”

In any case, there are still a lot of things to do today, and there is no time for her to understand what the barrage is saying.

She wore a grand dress that had never been seen before; wearing black clothes, plain clothes, five-color clothes, wearing large belts, leather belts, and yellow overcoat.
When she put on the crown, she began to feel irritable and tired but in fact everything just kept happening.
At first, she went to the Golden Autumn Palace to invite the Queen Mother and then went to Chaoyang Palace together with the Queen Mother.
Then asked the Queen Mother to take a seat first and took the seat herself after.

This time, she found that the seat was so high that she could see the officials standing at the bottom and the people at the head were the acquaintances who were arguing about the “Prince Li” last time were standing respectfully.

After she was seated, the Regent Fu Lingxian walked out of everyone, stood in front of the throne and recited the policy text.
Then she requested Fu Ping’An to succeed on behalf of the officials.
Agreeing, the ceremonial officer handed the emperor's seal to Fu Ping’An and next to the seal was the first edict that she needed to issue.

The content of the edict was naturally settled by Fu Ping in name.
In fact, she just glanced at it.
Most of them were the existing norms and of course there were also private goods.

First of all of course, her succession was announced; then she was named the emperor and then the Queen Mother was named the Empress Dowager of Sheng Ci, adding a fief and salary to the Empress Dowager.

The rest are all conferred, from the Regent to people she doesn't know at all, Fenghou and Fengan, Fu Ping’An noticed that the daughter of the Regent was conferred the title of Yunping County Lord.

So the Regent does have a daughter.

It's not only she who has noticed this-

[Taro mashed bobo milk tea: I really have a daughter.]

 [Hebei Qingshan: …I just saw a plot that was quite scary…]

 [Hebei Qingshan: Forget it, I won't talk about it.]

After the ceremonial officer read the final edict of amnesty for the world and lifting the curfew for three days, the Regent stepped out of the crowd again and took the lead in saying: “Your Majesty's enthronement today is the order of heaven and earth, the thought of all people; it is indeed a blessing for the country…”

Saying this, she knelt on the ground, bowed her head and said loudly: “Long live the Emperor.” The ceremonial official raised his voice and said sharply: “Kneel—”

As the voice came out, the hall included the ministers outside the hall knelt on the ground in unison and their voices surged like a wave: “Long live my emperor, long live-“

Fu Ping’An stared at this scene, the bead curtain on the crown in front of him gently shaking because her body was shaking slightly uncontrollably.

 [Regardless of Wei and Jin: Wow, so spectacular.]

 [Taro mashed bobo milk tea: I'm worth it in my life.]

 [One day of insomnia: It’s okay, it’s still worse than the nuclear bomb blasting the spacecraft to the sky, right?]

 [Taro mashed bobo milk tea: That's not the same thing.]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: I'm moved, I'm about to cry.]

Fu Ping’An took a deep breath and relieved the tension and excitement…
and the uncontrollable joy that was growing like a vine.

She found that she liked the feeling.

But the ceremony was not over yet.
Next she changed her attire, changing her main gown to a more solemn and serious dress, got on a huge chariot at Chaoyangmenand went to the Gaozu Temple in the suburbs surrounded by flags to pay homage.

It is said that this was a request made by the Regent.

She was the only one in the huge car park.
When she was walking on the wide road, she saw the crowd of people on the side of the road through the raised car curtain.

“I don't want to be a tyrant,” she muttered.

[Baby Ping An is so cute: you won't be a tyrant, baby, I don't believe it.]

 [Whether Wei Jin: Well, it's not now anyway, even I can only be a villain controller.]

 [Chang'an Flower: I still feel a little bit…]

 [Hebei Qingshan: I just read a little bit more, um, the tyrant wiped out an aristocratic family, causing a particularly smart person to escape and defect to the Regent.]

 [Insomnia day by day: What's it called, let's win him first?]

[Hebie Qingshan: Hey, you care about killing a family first!]

Fu Ping’An frowned: “I won't be a tyrant.
Bo Changshi said that tyrants will cause chaos in the world, the people will be displaced, and many, many people will die.
I won't.”

 [Insomnia day by day: I just can't believe that the kids I've watched grow up do this.]

 [Insomnia day by day: I'm going to start supervising you now.]

Fu Ping’An lowered her head; her hands were buried in the wide sleeves, only she knew that she was clenching her fists tightly.

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