the shallow lips of her mother: “No, you're Fu Duanrong.”

Mother sat on the steps and stretched out her hand.
Fu Ping’An understood at once, handed the stone in her hand, and her mother wrote on the ground “Fu Duan Rong”.

She still remembers the gestures of those few words, but she doesn't want to say it for some reason.
Although this behavior made her laugh.
Yes, study hard.

 [Changan Flower: Hahahahahaha] [

Wang Ami, Queen of Out-of-tune: hhhhh]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: The baby is so cute.]

 [Taro mashed Boba milk tea: Okay, let’s talk about the business, Looking at it today, how do you feel about the situation?]

Probably the topic changed too quickly, no one responded for a while, and it took a while for someone to say——

 [No matter Wei Jin: I feel that the queen mother is a bit scary, the maids in the whole palace seem to be afraid of her , After the two palace maids were asked to come, they seemed to be a lot happier.]

 [Chang'an Flower: The situation is not good, I already feel like going into the Longtan Tiger's Den.]

 [Taro Mud Boba Milk Tea: I don't think the situation is good or bad.]

 [Regardless of Wei and Jin: Huh?]

 [Taro Mud Boba Milk Tea: The Queen Mother and the Regent have a bad relationship, so they can form a confrontation.
A single piece of iron is a lack of skills.]

 [Ping An baby is so cute: wow, it sounds so reasonable.]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: Second, the queen mother seems to be simple and loving, but in fact, she likes luxury and flattering, arbitrary, and ambitious.
At a glance, this means that we can easily vote for what we like.]

 [Wang Ami, the queen of the off-key song: How to vote?]

[Taro mash Boba milk tea: pretend to be stupid, flatter her, and say good things if you can, Kind words, don't make her angry.]

Fu Ping’An suddenly said, “I'm not very good at it.”

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: You made it well in the morning, how did you think of pretending to be hungry to get closer?]

Fu Ping’An murmured: “…because I'm really hungry.”

But there seemed to be some intentional elements, and she couldn't tell the difference.

 [Ping An baby is so cute: ah ah ah ah, it's really cute.]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: Then you did a good job.
If you are afraid of making mistakes in the future, you should talk less and wait for us for a while, and we will give you an idea.

 [Whether Wei and Jin: I feel that only you can come up with ideas, I don't understand that at all]

 [Insomnia day by day: The current situation is; can you still be on the throne? Judging from the situation in the morning, the Prince Regent hoped that she would be enthroned safely, but the Queen Mother was delaying.
Why is this?]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: It depends on the specific situation of the court, there are many possibilities.]

 [Insomnia day by day: For example?]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: For example? For example, it is possible that the queen mother wants to be the emperor, but according to my observation, the queen mother does not seem to have such qualities, it may also be that the Regent wants to usurp the throne.

 [Insomnia day by day: Huh? Why does she want to usurp the throne and urge the establishment of a new emperor?]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: Because there is no new emperor, the decision-making power of many things currently rests with the mother of the first emperor, the empress dowager.
Obviously, the relationship between the empress dowager and her is not very good, and the Regent can have an excuse to do something else.The arrangement, even if it is a rebellion, there must be an excuse similar to the Qingjun side, right? Now that the Queen Mother has forced her to become the Regent, she has no reason to rebel.]

 [Insomnia day by day: Thinking about it is very scary.]

 [Taro mash Boba milk tea: Alas, we actually have too little information now.
It would be great if someone who knew the situation in the courtroom could give me some information.

Bo Changshi came to Fu Ping’An's mind immediately.

 [Insomnia day by day: Bo Changshi?]

 [Tao mud Boba milk tea: Bo Changshi may not be willing to tell the truth, looking at your post, she seems to have said a lot along the way, but there is one thing related to the situation in the court that she didn't say, she didn't even say a word.
What about the relationship between the Queen Mother and the Regent?]

 [Insomnia day by day: Azhi?]

 [Taro mashed boba milk tea: Azhi seems to have low political literacy now, and of course there is the possibility of disguise.]

Fu Ping’An was dizzy and dizzy.
She couldn't understand some of their words, so she couldn't help but closed her eyes and muttered: “I'm so sleepy.”

The lights were all extinguished, and there were no fingers in the room.
The window panes seemed to be bright with moonlight.
The shadows of the trees swayed in the panes, like ghosts.
Fu Ping’An was suddenly a little scared.
She regrets that she drove all the palace staff out.

Although opening her eyes is a lively barrage, in reality she is still the only one after all.

She opened her mouth to call someone, but saw a few orange lights suddenly light up outside the window.
The lights were lined up in a row, swaying like ghosts from far to near.
Fu Ping’An huddled in the bed, and when she saw the barrage, they said ——

 [Insomnia day by day: It seems that someone is coming.]

Fu Pingan: Oh? Is that human?

She was not afraid anymore and stuck her head out.

Sure enough, it wasn't long before there was a commotion outside, and someone vaguely heard someone say: “…the Empress Dowager…”

Thinking that the door of the main hall was pushed, it swayed open with a “squeak” sound, and Fu Pingan took the quilt.
Wrapped in her body, only her head was exposed, her hair was messy and she stared blankly at the screen at the door.

 [Baby Ping An is so cute: My God, it's so cute now, Mommy.]

 [Insomnia day by day: Well, it's a little cute.]

The screen blocked her vision, so she could only see the overlapping and swaying lights.
The lights suddenly stopped at the curtain of the entrance, and then a light separated and came out from behind the screen.

The delicate palace lantern exudes a faint yellow light, and the light dimmed to illuminate a slender hand and a robe with dark lines.
When the light reached his face, it was already too dark, blurring his face, and he could only see a general view.
Zhang's pale, delicate, well-maintained face shows some age.

It is the queen mother.

The queen mother approached slowly, there was no sound of footsteps; only the rustling of the fabric was heard.
When she got to the bed, she put the lamp on the head of the bed, then sat by the bed, stroked Fu Ping’An's hair, and lowered her head.
The voice: “It's so late, haven't you slept yet?”

The tone is infinitely gentle.

 [Insomnia day by day: come to Huairou? ]

 [Whether Wei and Jin: In the middle of the night, Huairou didn't see it, but it was rather scary.]

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