The stupid nobleman touched the dragon’s egg and it was Elliot who appeared when the egg was about to break.
He protected the egg from breaking and offered a deal in front of an enraged Daaribhorn.
Now that he has kept the egg, he asked him to cover up the problem of the Balsian nobleman who touched the egg.

“That’s why Daaribhorn decided to turn a blind eye.”

Yes, that’s what happened.
At Eliot’s answer, Rupert groaned and closed his eyes.
That was a story that would make anybody sweat cold down their back.
Unbeknownst to him, a Valcian noble had touched the dragon’s egg and it almost broke.

“Who’s that stupid bastard? You said it was a nobleman of Balsian, right?”

The King’s anger was next directed at the nobleman who fearlessly touched the dragon’s egg.
According to Burns’ story, the nobleman who made the country dangerous cannot stand idly by.


It was the Duke of Germaroth who stepped out again.
He wasn’t sure if the idiot who touched the dragon’s egg was his son but it would be too late to check it before King’s anger was directed to his family.

He decided he had to get Burns on his side.

“We will find out later.
Wouldn’t it be better to talk about what kind of reward is worthy of the hero who saved the country?”

At the Duke’s words, Elliot laughed inwardly.
He must have noticed.

“I see.”

Sighing at the duke’s words, the King instructed that Burns’ room was prepared in the palace.
If Burns was right, he saved the country.
So he deserved to be rewarded.

Of course, they still needed to make sure what Burns said was true.

He met a fraudster who said he had already seen the future of the country.
At the king’s request to leave, the attendant took Elliot out of the Oval Office.

“Elliot Burns.”

German quickly followed Elliot and called out to him.
When the rest left German behind, the door to the Oval Office closed.
Elliott slowly turned around and saw German follow him out and said as if he knew it would.

“You know me.”

“I kno… yes, I know you.”

German said so and glanced at Elliot.
As things were, he had no reason to know, and no need to know.
He didn’t inherit the title, but unlike him, the third son of a viscount family, Burns was a commoner.
But according to his dreams, Burns was not an ordinary commoner.
German asked, staring for a moment at Elliot’s statuette-like appearance, one head taller than he was, and with dried blood.

“How did you know?”

Elliott wasn’t embarrassed by German’s sudden question.
He asked sheepishly, staring at German.


“The dragon’s nest.
How did you know where it was? And, and how did you know Germaroth’s son was there?”

A smile appeared on Elliot’s lips at German’s question.
He tilted his head and asked curiously.

“I never told you that it was Germaroth’s son the one in that nest?”

“Me, I know! I’m a prophet!”


At German’s insistence, Elliot looked at him with interest.
He asked, putting his hands on his hips.

“If you’re a prophet, try prophesying what will happen to me.”

At Elliott’s provocation, German couldn’t say anything.
No wonder.
It was different from the future he saw.

In the future he saw, most of the royals died due to Dragon’s wrath.
The plague has killed many people and revealed that a woman they never expected was royalty, forcing her to converge on behalf of the little prince.

And Elliot Burns…

He became an earl for defending the borders from foreign invading Balsian, which was declining.

‘If it’s the same thing, it’s that in my dreams, Burns was, and still is, a hero.’

“I guess it was a lie.”

When German couldn’t say anything, Elliot snorted in front of him.

“Ear, you’re going to become a nobleman.”

Finally, German couldn’t stand it.
In the dream, Elliot Burns was the Earl of Burns.
Elliot’s face turned cold as he snorted.

He said, looking down at German with an expressionless face.

“That’s not a prophecy.
If it were a proper prophecy, I’dl guess which fiefdom I’ll get.”

“That is, that….”

In the dream, Burns was the Count of Sinentra.
This was because the marquis of Sinentra and his successors had died, so the estate was returned to the royal palace.
However, it was about five years later that Burns became Count of Sinentra in German’s dream.
After Daaribhorn’s anger and plague had passed.

Everything went too fast.
German realized that his dream would no longer come true and that angered him.

“You dreamed it too, didn’t you?”

German shouted suddenly, and the servant who had been separated for a while so that the two could talk, looked back to see what was going on.

‘Should I help?’ He hesitated for a moment, but unlike German, who yelled, Elliot was motionless when he heard the yelling, so he decided to wait and see.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Don’t take me for a stupid! You dreamed! So you’ve found the nest! That’s it!”

German’s angry shouts could be heard all the way into the Oval Office.
The faces of the King and the Duke of Germaroth were contorted.

He thought the blasphemous voice was a prophecy, but he was about to let it go when he saw the face of the viscount in the distance.
He’ll give it some attention at home, if not his father could decide to send his useless third son somewhere for making unnecessary noise in the palace.
That was his plan but in the end he couldn’t contain himself.

“What is this…”

At the angry murmur of the Duke of Germaroth, Lord Escalee and the knights stepped in.
When they opened the Oval Office door and walked out, German was pounced on Elliot.

“You saw it! You saw it too!”

They saw German, who was running like a madman, pounce on Elliot.
In front of the startled knights, Elliot dodged German just by turning lightly.
Not only that, but Elliot even slipped German’s leg, which he had avoided.
Seeing German falling, Lord Escalee lightly clicked his tongue.

“Hey, that guy is a prophet too! You saw the future like I did!”

German, who saw the knights coming out of the office, shouted with his face dyed red.
The knights looked at Elliott in bewilderment, but he had an expression that he didn’t know what German was talking about.

‘Lord German looks crazy.’ Lord Escalee sighed and approached German, who was slumped to the ground.
He said, lifting him to his feet.

“Stop now before his Highness punishes you and your family.”

“It’s real! I really saw the future!”

“You mean the future of Balsian’s downfall?”

The knight who had followed Lord Escalee said with a sneer.
From the beginning, they thought it was a ridiculous prophecy.
Unbeknownst to Chrysa, Daaribhorn has never been seen except when he first appeared on the continent.

There were rumors that Daaribhorn was dead.
Although thanks to that, there are also treasure hunters who want to find gold in the nest of dead dragons.

“Yes! Daaribhorn is alive! This guy is proof of that!”

German shouted at the knight that his prophecy was not wrong.
The only difference was that Daaribhorn didn’t attack Balsian, but Daribhorn was alive.
Sadly the knights had a different idea.

Laughing at German, the knights shook their heads and walked up to German, grabbing one of his arms.

One of them said, dragging him to the other side of the hall.

“Come to your senses, Lord German, if all you have to say is that Daaribhorn is alive my son knows that too.”

Of course, the knight’s son believed rather than knew.

At the knight’s words, German had something stuck in his neck.
He really saw all that destruction.
A fiefdom turned into a sea of fire due to the attack of Daribhorn and the plague.

The death of his father and two older brothers made him a viscount that he never thought he would become, but it was not a very pleasant life.
He just wanted to change that.
Of course, it was natural to get some benefit from that.

“You must have gone crazy.”

Seeing German being led away by the knights, Lord Escalee said to Elliot that was staring at German with an incomprehensible expression.

“Viscount German must be upset.”

Lord Escalle said so and patted Burns on the shoulder, who still said nothing.
At the inquiry, Elliot’s eyes turned to Lord Escalee.


Elliot laughed, twisting one lip.

  ‘Is that true?’

“I remember he had an older brother.”

At Eliot’s words, Lord Escalee wondered how he knew.
But then he nodded and said.

“Lord German is the third son of the Viscount, so yes, he has two older brothers.”

The older brother even had children.
In other words, that family had no problems with the inheritance in the future.
But at the same time, it also means that the Viscount had two children who cannot pass on property or titles.
Elliot said sarcastically.

“Viscount German might like it.”

At the sarcastic words, Lord Escalee’s brow wrinkled.
But he, too, knew that Elliott might be right.

Children who were unable to pass on titles end up becoming a source of concern for their parents.
Especially if he was a nobleman who was not as wealthy as Viscount German.

“I have a question.”

Again the servant began to usher into Burns’ room.
Lord Escalee walked alongside him under the pretext of protecting Elliot and spoke up.

“How did you find the dragon’s nest?”

Even if it wasn’t German’s words, he wondered.
The dragon’s nest was deeply hidden and protected.
How did he find it? Of course, Lord Escalee did not believe German’s words that Burns was also a prophet.
But how did he find it and how did he get into it?

Everyone might be curious about that.
Elliot said slowly.

“I heard a rumor that a young nobleman was gathering mercenaries to enter the dragon’s nest.”

He followed the young nobleman.
The answer, which was much simpler than he thought, made Lord Escalee stunned.
He said with a smirk.

“Everybody was thinking about it, yes.
There was such a way.”

A smug smile appeared on Elliot’s face.
That’s the most plausible story.
Rather than the ridiculous story that he saw the future.

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