r guardian and sent her to the academy.

“Ah, is that why you raised her? Are you going to use her like this when she grow up?”

Then, Elliot appeared.
Standing behind Eugenie, he asked Sir Masterson with an amused expression.
Rust’s face contorted at the harsh remark about using her in this way.

“Oh no, what are you saying…”

He quickly tried to counter Elliot’s words.
At the end an excuse flowed out of Rust’s mouth involuntarily.

“My, since I raised my horse, at least he should pay for the meal…”

Then the surroundings became cold again.
The people watching around them were momentarily speechless at Rust’s words, but immediately started whispering.

“It’s a bit hard to hear that it’s the price of food.”

“It must have cost quite a bit since we sent her to the academy.”

“Then shouldn’t you have accepted it in the first place?”

“I know, right.
I heard things aren’t going well with Masterson.”

“For that matter, Lord Masterson’s use is quite good.”

As Rust’s spending went on the cutting board, people’s eyes turned to the clothes he was wearing.
Everyone saw the same thing as Eugenie.

“I’ll pay.”

Then, Eugenie opened her mouth.
She said again to Rust, who had a questioning look on her face.

“That meal price.
Send the bill to Biscon mansion, I will pay it.”

That would be a huge amount.
But Eugenie decided not to think about it.
She just needed to sell her jewelry.
The most important thing right now was Lauren’s safety.

“Ah, no, not only the price of food, but also the academy…”

“Charge everything.”

Rust’s face turned pale at the emotionless calm voice.
He didn’t know what to say, so he opened his mouth and cried out as if it was unfair.

“It’s not just me! Count Serado over there…”

All eyes turned to the man standing to one side drinking and watching the scene.
Count Serado was startled and began to cough.

“Oh no I… No, what are you talking about!”

At first Count Serado tried to make excuses.
He then tried to deny it.
But soon he decided to run away from this place.
Like Lord Sekei who disappeared at some point.
But Rust had no intention of leaving it that way.
It didn’t stop.
He yelled at the idea that he couldn’t be the only bad guy.

“Don’t lie! You promised to have a meal with Lord Sekei next month, didn’t you!”

His shrieking shout drew people’s attention to Count Serado.
The Count, who was about to sneak away, looked around in confusion as the people retreated from him.
Lord Masterson shouted again, not missing the chance.

“Look! Count Serado is like that too! That person is not even sent to the academy!”

The unexpected revelation made Count Seradon’s face pale.
He was conscious of people’s stares and hurriedly made excuses.

“No, I, I mean, he’s the maid’s son…”

That was enough.
People’s eyes narrowed.
At the same time, Rust continued to scream.

“Why do you only have me! Everyone says it!”

“If that is true.”

Eugenie opened her mouth again.
She looked back at Count Serado with a hard face.
There was nothing she could do this time.
It quickly spun around in Eugenie’s head.
There would definitely be something she could do.
Eugenie looked around her and calmly opened her mouth.

“I guess I won’t be able to attend Count Serado’s ball next week.”

She already replied to the invitation saying she would attend, but she wouldn’t attend.
If Lord Masterson’s accusation was true.
Of course, even if that happened, Eugenie knew that she didn’t have much influence.
And Count Serado knew that too.

“Well, whatever.”

Even if she straightened his posture right away, the Count replied with an expression that was not a big deal.
She’s not even single, and the man she’s already engaged to said he wouldn’t come.
That said, no male attendees would be targeting Lady Biscon.

But then, Count Burns stepped in.

“Ah, then I’ll have to decline too.”

Why were people’s eyes turned to Elliot? He grinned and came to Eugenie’s side.
And he added, holding out one of her arms.

“Because I don’t think any girls would attend a ball held by such a disgusting person.”

Count Serado put his hand on Eliot’s arm and cleared his throat as he watched Eugenie leave the mansion.
Well, there were only two of them.
One was already betrothed and the other was an upstart aristocrat.
There can be no great influence.
Besides, it’s next week, but now there were only three days left.

Count Serado thought there would be nothing wrong with his ball.
People would gossip.
But he just had to ignore it.
However, from the next day, letters began to arrive to Count Serado to cancel the ball.

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