A child who, until a few months ago, had been docile with just one dress, suddenly became arrogant.

He said, gripping Lauren’s arm even tighter.

“What am I going to do? I’m just asking you to please Lord Sekei.
Just laughs next to him and sometimes watches performances together.”

She didn’t know what’s so distasteful about this scolding.
Rust said in frustration at Lauren’s sudden rebellion.
Then, Julia, who was worse than she was, intervened.

“Lauren is sick.”

Only then did Rust realize that Julia was by their side.
He asked Lauren, still clutching Lauren’s arm.

“Julia, do you like performances too? Even though my friend puts on a good performance in a good place, he says he doesn’t like it.
Do you understand?”

Girls this age would love to see a show in the theater.
Rust believed so.
Of course, he wasn’t wrong.
Julia was begging her father because she wanted to see a recent famous performance.
But the show wasn’t more important than her friends.
She looked straight at Rust and said.

“No matter how interesting the performance is, I don’t want to see it if the person who shows it isn’t good.”

Rust then realized that Lauren had told Julia.
He didn’t know what she was talking about.

He turned his head to Lauren.
Then he squeezed her arm tighter and sighed softly.

“You, you’re not going around talking all over the place, are you?”

“It hurts!”

Lauren began to struggle to free herself from Lord Masterson’s grasp.
Then, the savior Julia had been waiting for appeared.

“What are you doing?”

Surprised, Eugenie’s voice exploded much louder than she expected.
Thanks to this, the eyes of the people around them turned to Eugenie, Lauren, and Rust.

“Can’t you let go of that hand?”

Eugenie shouted again, and this time, everyone’s eyes turned to Sir Masterson’s hand holding Lauren’s arm.
He was startled by the people’s gaze and quickly let go of his hand.
Then she showed Eugenie the palm of her hand and said,

“Oh, it’s a misunderstanding.”

“How could it be a misunderstanding to bully someone younger than you?”

Eugenie shouted as she quickly pulled Lauren, who had been freed from Rust’s grasp, behind herself and hid it.
It didn’t matter that Lauren was a little taller than he was.
If that man were to lay his hand on Lauren again, he would have to knock Eugenie down.

“Now, wait a minute.
I am Rust Masterson.
I am Lauren’s uncle and guardian.”

Only then did Eugenie know that the man was Lord Masterson.
And it must be false, she thought, that he was in financial trouble.
Rust’s attire was quite fancy.
Not only did he use luxurious fabrics, but he also had a few shiny buttons.
Moreover, it could be seen that his sleeves and collar are also embroidered with gold thread.
It’s splendid for someone suffering from financial difficulties.
If Elliott were to come to this place now, Rust might look like a Duke.

“You mean you’re a guardian and you’re bullying your nephew?”

This time she deliberately spoke a little louder.
Upon hearing Eugenie’s voice, the people around her gathered in twos and threes and began to whisper.

“Oh no, that’s a misunderstanding.”

“Don’t come closer.”

Eugenie quickly held out her hand.
She didn’t know what excuse he’s trying to make, but she’s not going to allow him to come close to Lauren.

At her attitude, Rust stopped a step away.
And he spoke to convince Eugenie.

“I was just educating Lauren.
It’s different from what you think.”

“I would very much like to know what education is.”

Eugenie’s words made Rust speechless.
What education was? He looked at people and said gibberish.

“That, so, what is that, that, to listen carefully to the adults…”

“It must have been a very important lesson to hold her so hard that you bruise her arm in a place like this.
I also want to learn that lesson, so could you elaborate?”

The surroundings became quiet.
People began to wonder what kind of education Rust was trying to teach.
His face turned bright red.

“What is he doing?”

“Lord Masterson was educating a girl sponsored by him.”


Why? People’s faces were distorted.
A guardian could educate a child sponsored by them.
However, all parents and tutors educated their sponsored children at home, just as they educated their children.
Even Lauren looked to be in her late teens.
It’s not very nice to see a child of that age in a place where there were many eyes.

“What the hell did she do wrong?”

Now people’s curiosity turned to what Lauren had done wrong.
If she was very rude to people, it’s understandable to some extent.

Then, Julia intervened.

“Tell me honestly.
You are scolding her because she doesn’t want to see the performance alone with Sir Sekei.”

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