That’s what I said a moment ago.
You don’t have to say that much, do you?”

“I was just presenting the reality.
Isn’t Miss Escalee too fancy just because her father is the commander of the knights?”

“That’s up to Sir Escalee and Julia to take care of themselves.
You and I have no reason or need to care.”

Even so, Awning hated people like Julia and Lauren.
Little girls with pretty faces or good fathers.
And he began to hate Eugenie, who did not take his side.
Awning asked, placing his hand on his waist.

“Why are you so hostile?”

“What are you talking about?”

“For a while now, you keep opposing me.
Count Burns and Miss Escalee are the same.”

“That’s because you keep being rude.”

“It’s not rude, it’s realistic.”

It’s just that he was trying to teach Eugenie that Miss Escalee was catching floating clouds.
He sighed and continued.

“Be honest.
How can a woman with no family or money get married to a good place?”

She didn’t have to get married.
But yes.
Eugenie admitted that it was difficult for her to live without marriage.
It might be possible if you were a very wealthy person.
But someone like Lauren would have it difficult.
Because there was no one to protect her.

“Then what do you need?”

Elliot stepped up when Eugenie tried to ask, “Isn’t it necessary to be a mistress?” The face of Awning, who had forgotten that he was there, hardened.

“Eugenie, what do you need is to marry a good man?”

Elliot asked Eugenie this time on behalf of Awning, who was speechless.
She, too, had forgotten that Elliot was by her side.

Eugenie frowned at Elliot’s question, but soon fell into her thoughts.
And she spoke slowly.

“You have to be right with each other.”

At least they should be of the same mind.
If you think of marriage as a business, then the other person should too.
Likewise, if you think of marriage as a union of people who love each other, then the other person should too.
Eugenie’s answer brought a smile to Elliot’s face.
He said, turning his head toward Awning.

“She said that they have to agree with each other.
Lord Rencid, how about you?”

He had to say yes.
In Awning’s head, the answer was spinning round and sound.
If it was only Eugenie, she would have been able to say that.
But Awning couldn’t say that because of Elliot in front of his eyes.

Don’t you think so?”

“Oh, no…”

Awning tried to say something with a pale face.
But he didn’t know what to say, so he just opened his mouth.

“I’m a bit old-fashioned, I think a couple should love each other.”

Then, Eugenie opened her mouth again.
He said it’s old-fashioned? When Awning and Elliot looked at her, Eugenie continued with a slightly embarrassed expression.

“You think a couple should have affection.
It’s tacky.
But I like that.”

A smile appeared on Elliot’s face.
Even though she thought it was tacky, Eugenie spoke her thoughts to the end.
That part was good.
At the same time, it was nice to know the part of him that she never said, that he couldn’t.

“So do I.”

Eliot said that and took Eugenie’s hand.
He wasn’t particularly interested in being tacky or sophisticated, but if Eugenie liked tacky, he liked it too.
He kissed the back of Eugenie’s hand and continued.

“I liked that.”

As expected, it was clear that Count Burns had feelings for Eugenie.
Sparks flew from Awning’s eyes as he saw him kissing the back of Eugenie’s hand.
Anger welled up in Awning’s head.
Surprisingly, it wasn’t anger toward Elliot, who flirted with Eugenie while her fiancé, who was himself, kept her eyes wide open.

It was anger towards Eugenie who was interested in such a man.

* * *

“Women like performances, don’t they? I have a seat in the theater.”

At the same time, Lauren was at a loss in front of Lord Sekei.
She wanteds to tell her uncle to go away because she didn’t care, but Lord Masterson was standing over her, watching her.
If she offended Sir Sekei, it was certain that Sir Masterson would come after her immediately.

“How about the opera? Do you like that? Oh, you’ve never seen it.
Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything to you.”

‘Oh my god.’ Lauren started listing the reasons why she shouldn’t hit Lord Sekei here and now.
But no matter how much she thought about it, there were more reasons to hit him than reasons to not to hit him.
Of course, having more reasons didn’t mean she could hit them.
Her gaze turned to Lord Masterson.

Lord Masterson said he would take her out for a moment.
He raised her all this time, so she wondered if he had to do something like this.
He said that his business was not very good.
He said that if she did something wrong, the Master’s sons and his wife could end up on the street.

That’s why she talked to Sir Sekei.
Anyway, Lord Masterson supported her to attend the academy after the loss of her parents.

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