e, she slinked away.

“I’m going to find Lauren.”

“Is Miss Liz here?”

This was the ball held at Viscount Rencid’s house.
So Eugenie, as well as Oliver and their mothers, all attended.
Julia was brought by Eugenie.

“She said she was coming,” she said.
“She was invited by the Viscountess.”

“Miss Liz?”

“Lord Masterson.
He seems to be acquainted with the Viscountess and Mrs.

Eugenie nodded her head and sent Julia away.
At least here, what Lauren fears won’t happen.
No matter how Lord Masterson was, at the ball at the Viscounty of Rencid, he would not want to join Lauren and Lord Sekay.
Eugenie thought so.


Awning and Viscount Rencid, who had arrived just in time, greeted Eugenie.
Viscount Rencid nodded at Eugenie’s greeting, then looked at Julia, who walked away, he said.

“IShe must find a marriage partner.
Sir Escalee must be very worried.”

Quite the opposite.
Eugenie smiled and said.

“Sir Escalee would like Julia to marry as late as possible?”

“No way.
Who wants her daughter to be an old maid?”

But it was the case.
Although she was far from being told that since Julia was only eighteen now.
When Eugenie tried to point out that part, Awning said.

“Besides, it’s not that nice to have a girl like that walking around in the knights.”

“Why is Julia hanging out with the Knights?”

Awning and Viscount Rencid’s eyes collided with Eugenie’s question.
This was why the two of them liked Eugenie.
Unbeknownst to girls these days, it’s quiet.

The Viscountess said with a benevolent smile.

“You know how much girls of that age are interested in boys.
At every opportunity, she will try to get in and out of the Knights.”

Eugenie looked at Viscount Rencid in surprise.
Then she turned her head to Awning with a look that asked if he agreed with her.

“Eugenie isn’t like that, mother.”

Awning spoke to his mother with her proud expression and looked at Eugenie.
She should thank him for supporting Eugenie, her future daughter-in-law, in front of his mother.
But she, Eugenie, was in no mood to thank.
She took a step back from the two of them.

“Julia is my cousin.
I’ll pretend I didn’t hear what she just said.”

The eyes of Awning and the Viscountess collided.
It was the part where the two liked Eugenie but felt uncomfortable at the same time.
She was inflexible.

Awning intervened to reconcile the relationship between his mother and Eugenie.

“My mother isn’t saying Julia is like that, she’s saying it because there are women who squeal when they hear that there are decent men in the Order.”

She thought it was a little tiring, but this must be married life.
Awning said she talked to his mother to make sure she was doing well.
Then found her mother looking at Eugenie with a disapproving expression.

“Be careful with your words, Awning.
It’s none of our business whether you squeal at a knight’s woman or squawk at a man.”

When Eugenie spoke with a serious expression, Awning’s mouth closed.
He reflexively looked at Viscount Rencid.
Sonia Lencid, who was looking at her with her disapproving expression, signaled to her son to hold her back. 

Although she is engaged, she is not yet married.
she said, putting her hand on Eugenie’s shoulder to change her subject.

“How about refreshments? How much Awning worried about you.”

It refered to the refreshments prepared for guests in between.
There were drinks as well as light snacks.
Among them, the Viscount Rencid family was most proud of Cream.
It’s soft and sweet, so you could eat it with sweets or dip it in fruit, but the most important thing was the richness of being able to serve cream in summer.

She said as she led her Eugenie to the display where she had her refreshments and her drink.

“Awning asked me to prepare cream for you.
What a sweet boy yes?”

If Awning had said that, he would have asked Eugenie if she liked cream.
But her opponent was Viscountess Sonia Rencid, and she was above her.
Eugenie didn’t want to embarrass Sonia and she didn’t want to make the situation awkward.
She was even more so because she had just pointed out to Awning to be careful with his words.

“I didn’t know you liked cream.”

Then, a familiar voice interrupted the two of them.
Reflexively turning her head, Viscountess Rencid spotted a large man who had suddenly appeared.
She looked up at how tall he was, but all he could see was the man’s neck and shoulders.
She let out a small scream and backed away, crashing into her drinking tray.



Surprised, Eugenie and Eoning approached to help Sonia, but it was too late.
The impact of the bump splattered the drink onto Sonia’s dress.

“Oh my God!”

Sonia looked down at her wine-stained dress, then she looked angrily at Count Burns.
If he suddenly appeared, what would she do? She was going to get angry.
But when she saw Count Burns’ face, her mouth fell open.
He’s so handsome.
It’s the first time she had seen such a handsome man since she was born. 

Elliot said to her astonishment.

“Are you okay?”

Not okay.
It was a dress she prepared for today, but it was stained like this, so she threw it away.
Sonia said, trying to find her dignity.

“Are you okay? It must be her husband’s guest.”

“Ah, you are Viscountess Rencid.
I was invited by your son.”

Awning? As Sonia and Eugenie’s eyes turned to him, Awning nodded his head shyly.
Because he didn’t invite unless he really wanted to.

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