“Why the letter?”

After calming down a bit, she asked Count Burns since reconsidering his words calmed her down a bit.
She knew that a little while ago, Awning was wrong.
Because he ignored her will.
But she believed what he was worried about was not his well-being, but hers.
If the Duke got angry with her house, it’s her safety, and not Awning’s.
She bet he wasn’t worried that the Duke’s wrath would turn on Viscount Rencid after they got married.

“I want to do it too.
I thought it would be more certain to send it together.”

Count Burns spoke softly, as if being cold to Awning was a lie.
He was like a different person.
She nodded in agreement.
If they did it together, they would have more strength.

“And then I found out that Lady Biscon met a strange person at Viscount Aston’s ball.”

Huh? She nodded and stopped at Count Burns’ words.
A strange person? She did tell the Viscountess Aston, but how did he know that? She made a face asking how did he know that, and Count Burns said with a humble expression.

“The investigator asked if it would help us catch the criminal.”

If she had told Viscount Eston, the Viscountess would have said that it was a strange man, even to exonerate Jake.
That said, it went all the way to Cunt Burns.

“Oh, that’s right.
I met one.”

“You should have told me.”

Count Burns said affectionately.
But she didn’t like his way of talking.
She asked, trying not to be rude.

“Why should I?”

She saw how Count Burns paused.
But unlike Awning, she wasn’t sorry for him.
After all Awning had been a family friend for many years and was her fiancé.
But Count Burns had only been friends with her for a few weeks so she said softly.

“The Count never told me he was looking for the culprit, and he never asked me if I had met any strange people.
Why do I have to tell you that I saw a suspicious man striding inside my family friend’s house?”

Count Burns looked at her blankly and then said quietly.

“Because I want to know.
Lady Biscon, not only the good things that happen to you, but also the bad and the little things.”

His blue eyes seemed to radiate light.
What was it? She couldn’t understand why this man was saying this to her, so she stared blankly at him.

Then it dawned on her that things weren’t right.
That was not right.
She was engaged to Awning and she didn’t want that kind of attention from a man other than Awning.

“Count Burns.”

She jumped up from her seat and called him.
She started to feel uneasy again.
Did that man like her? That question came into her mind first, but then she remembered him saying he had someone important.
He said it was a woman.
The person Count Burns had in mind.
Who was it? She didn’t know what to say to him, so she looked at Count Burns and thought about the woman he held dear.
She wondered what kind of person she might be.
What kind of person was she to leave such a man alone? She said carefully.

“I remember you said you had someone important to you.”

Count Burns’ expression hardened for a moment, then returned to normal.
Oh, she thought that woman was really precious.
From the look on his face, she could tell how much he valued her.
Count Burns seemed to be in pain just because someone he held dear had come through someone else’s mouth.

She continued, hoping he wouldn’t get hurt.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to say such kind words to that precious person?”

The next moment, Count Burns’ face collapsed.
It seemed so.
In fact, she didn’t even know if what she saw was correct.
She thought his face was distorted, but he immediately returned to his expressionless face as if he had put on a mask.
Count Burns looked at her expressionlessly and then he smiled and said:

“I am doing it.”

She guessed so.
She thought with a bit of shame and jealousy if that was enough for her, he would do more for the woman he loved.
Suddenly, she became curious about a woman whose name and face she did not know.

She asked cautiously.

“I wonder who she is.
Is she someone I know?”


Count Burns got up after her.
Thanks to that, she realized that she was up and he was sitting.
Somehow, her neck felt comfortable.

“I do not know.”

He hesitated.
Well, there’s no way he knew if she knew the woman he loved.
She wondered who she knew who Count Burns might be so fond of.
Maybe it was Miss Lindell.
She’s such a kind and nice person.
Or maybe she was the young lady of Roche.
She was a good person even if she was a Roche.
She mailed her frequently.

“Can I be introduced?”

Her question brought a smile back to Count Burns’ face.
He said holding her hand.


She remembered when he held her hand.
The ring! She tried to return it before, but he refused.
She said, stopping Count Burns from kissing her on the back of her hand.

“I’ll bring you the ring.”


“The one the Count gave me.”

It is also quite old.
She tried to return it before, but she couldn’t.
Why did he do that? She immediately remembered why she couldn’t return the ring.
Even then, Count Burns acted strangely.
So she turned her words away.
SheI turned around thinking she was bad.
She should have returned it though.


She was about to leave the drawing room to get the ring, but this time Count Burns stopped her.
No? When she turned around, he shook his head and said.

“That’s yours, Lady Biscon.”

She didn’t know what he was talking about.
She put on a face that said, ‘What nonsense is that?’ and Count Burns took her hand again.

This man, he’s not even wearing his gloves.
Since he wasn’t wearing gloves, they were touching each other with bare hands.
She hesitated whether to tell him to wear gloves when leaving the house or to return to the ring story.

“You mustn’t give your signet ring to someone else.”

First, she decided to tell him what’s most important.
She continued talking as she tried to remove her hand from his.

“That means you can use your rights.
Anyone who has it has equal rights with Count Burns.”

“I know.”

“You know, then why…”

She didn’t know if it was sent to her.
When she couldn’t speak, Count Burns let out a small sigh.
Hey, was it her who could make a sigh?



Count Burns sighed and opened his mouth quietly.
She stopped trying to get her hand out of his.
He was looking down at his hands and hers with his head down.

“Someday Lady Biscon.
There may come a time when you feel like nothing is around you.”

What was that man talking about? She didn’t know what the point was that there would come a time when she would feel like she had nothing by her side.
She looked at him with a frown.

“I hope you remember that time.
The ring I gave you.”

He made a weird noise.
If she didn’t know Count Burns well, she would have thought he was more than a strange person for doing that strange noise.
And she would have sent him out quickly.
But the Count Burns she knew was a strange man.
Oh no, he’s a weird guy.
She remembered the strange behavior he had done.
And she started thinking about what to say.

“You have to wear gloves.”

In the end, what came out of her mouth was the second most important point.
He should wear gloves when he leaves the house.
At her point, Count Burns raised one eyebrow as if he was saying something, and he lightly shook the hand he held.

“You have to wear gloves when you leave the house.”


Only then did Count Burns looked as if he knew what she was talking about.
He pulled his gloves out of his pocket and grinned.

“It’s hot.”

Summer weather was hot and humid, so wearing gloves was a little uncomfortable.
She couldn’t help but ask Count Burns, who put on his gloves.

“Then the ring…”

“It’s yours.”

It seems that he really had no intention of getting it back.
She couldn’t understand.
She watched Count Burns put on his gloves, frowning.
Why would he give his signet ring to someone else? Was anyone looking for his signet ring? A plausible thought ran through her mind.
She watched Count Burns gauntleted his long fingers and thought of the evil group that would take Count Burns’ signet ring.


At that time, the door burst open and Awning returned.
He seemed to have calmed down a bit now, his expression was a little red, but he looked calm.

“Awning, are you okay?”

She approached him and asked.
She hoped he had calmed down a bit.
Awning looked at Count Burns, and he immediately turned his gaze to her before saying, while holding her hand.

“I will apologize.”

‘Thank God.’ She let out a sigh of relief after receiving his apology.
That was the Awning she knew; patient and gentlemanly.
He tended to make a little fuss, but he was a good person with all of those points.

“I, I too…”

“I’m leaving.”

Cut off the words of Awning, Count Burns talked.
She called the butler to see him off, and Count Burns kissed her hand and left.

“I hope you don’t get too close with the Count.”

When Count Burns left, and the two were alone, Awnings said that.
But he could make such a request because he’s her fiancé, so she nodded and said.


To be honest, lately she had been a little closer to Count Burns.
It’s all because of Oliver, but she admitted that Awning was uncomfortable.
She would also be uncomfortable if he was too close to another woman.


Translator Note:

What I really love and hate about this story is how they talk about completely different things with the same words.

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