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Although it’s worse than where I live now.”

At his answer, the restaurant went cold for a moment.
But right away, Eugenie burst into laughter.
That was a pretty witty answer.
Especially for Eugenie, who thought that Duke Gumarot would mock Elliot.

Others started laughing as well, realizing that Elliot was staying at the palace.
Everyone thought Elliot was witty.
Thanks to that, the Duke could not help but laugh along with the people.
He told Count Burns to hide his bitterness.

“You are a very interesting person.”

“Thank you for looking at me like that.”

Cleverly, Elliot said so and she began to eat while Duke Gumarlot held back his desire to expel or kill Count Burns at any moment.

Because the Duchess insisted that he should ask Elliot what happened to their son.

They lost contact with their son, who was on a trip to northern Senende, last week after a letter he sent.
Even the servants accompanying his son, the mercenaries hired by him, and even his son’s friends, no one contacted.
The Duchess, unable to know the fate of her only son, collapsed, and the Duke secretly set out to find him.
An idiot has offended Daaribhorn, and it’s very likely that it’s his son, so he had no choice but to find it secretly.

Of course, he had no intention of appealing to Count Burns in order to inquire about his son’s whereabouts.
He was the Duke of Gumarot.
He was the current King’s uncle and the head of Balxian’s only Duchy.

“I recently heard an unbelievable story.”

Viscount Patterson opened his mouth as the Duke winked.
He was a bit offended by the Duke’s actions just now, but he had to go ahead with what he had planned for today.
He continued, thinking that he was very loyal.

“Viscount Aston.”

“Oh, I know.
It is truly tragic.”

Even so, the case of Viscount Aston came as a shock to the social world.
Everyone was worried about the alleged attack by an intruder the day after the ball.

Eugenie also nodded.
Of all the people there, she probably knew the case the most closely.
But she wouldn’t say anything.

“I heard from someone I trust and the culprit could be pretty close.”

People’s eyes sparkled at Otis’ words.
Was the culprit nearby? If so, it means family, friends, or lovers.
Either way, it was a stimulating situation, and socialites liked to talk about it.

“What do you think, Lady Biscon?”

When the arrow suddenly returned to him, Eugenie, who was sipping his tea, looked at Otis in surprise.
‘What do you think?’ She spoke cautiously, not knowing what he meant by asking.

“It is really scary.
I need to be careful.”

“Lady Biscon is said to be quite acquainted with Lord Aston.”

Jake Aston’s name came up.
And he just said that the culprit was pretty close.
People’s eyes started colliding.
Why was Viscount Patterson talking like that? The glances of ‘Perhaps?’ were quickly exchanged, and Eugenie said calmly.

“I am not friendly with Lord Aston, but with Viscount Aston.
To be precise, my father, not me, is acquainted with Viscount Aston.”

“But didn’t Sir Aston court Lady Viscon?”

“I am engaged to Lord Rencid.”

“But you’re here with Count Burns.”

Eugenie’s eyes sharpened at Viscount Patterson’s frank words.
She quickly realized that the target of the Duke and Viscount had become herself.
And she wondered why the two of them attacked Count Burns to such an extent.

She knew that Viscount Patterson and the Duke of Gummarotte enjoyed making fun of people of little influence.
Naturally, she thought they would attack Count Burns.
But in order to attack Count Burns, they attacked Count Biscon’s daughter, Eugenie?

That was only possible if the two of them had a deep need for Elliot.
Eugenie put down the teacup and said.

“I was asked a favor.
I was taught that it was polite.
Do you disagree, Viscount?”

“I don’t attack people when asked.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Eugenie was taken aback by the Viscount’s smirking words and asked.
But while she was embarrassed, people started whispering again.

“So you’re saying that it was Lord Aston who attacked Viscount Aston?”

“Looks like Lady Biscon helped.”

“Oh my gosh.”

Nonsense stories spread as if they were true.
It was even more so because the opponent was Viscount Patterson.
Then, Elliot stepped out.

“It is strange.
So, are you saying that Lady Biscon here attacked Viscount Aston?”

Elliot’s straightforward words made the restaurant quiet as if cold water had been poured on them.
Elliot looked at Eugenie and burst into laughter at her as if it was nonsense.
Then he said to Viscount Patterson.

“Viscount, you need to do some exercise.”

“What, what?”

Viscount Patterson put on a bewildered expression at the sudden noise.
Elliot continued to laugh as if he couldn’t contain his laughter.

“So, don’t you think the Viscount could be attacked by Lady Biscon and rendered unconscious? No, how powerless…”

At the end, his words were muffled from laughing, but people clearly recognized what he was saying.
Laughter soon erupted in the dining room.

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