“No no!”

A scream that didn’t belong to her came out of her mouth.
No, it was not a scream.
She frantically reached out and ran to block everything in front of her.

The blood-soaked man was brandishing a sword.
His great sword cut down the servants who were blocking his way to her brother and mother.


She almost fell down the stairs and ran down them.
She didn’t even feel the pain of a bumped knee or the palm of her hand when she fell.
She just wanted to stop him from killing her family the same way he killed the servants.

The movement of the man’s sword seemed very slow but her were even slower.


As if foreboding something, her mother’s screams burst out.
And no long after, the man’s sword pierced her brother’s chest.


Even after falling down the last flight of stairs, she looked at her older brother and screamed.
The man’s eyes seemed to glow darkly.
Her brother’s… Oliver’s face contorted in front of him.



The screams of her mother and hers burst out at the same time.
Oliver slumped in her mother’s arms.

‘No, no, no.
This is a dream, this is a lie.’

Her mind went blank at the unbelievable sight.
Why did that happen? Why was that man attacking her family?

Countless thoughts passed through her head, but she couldn’t catch a single one.
Because the man pulled the sword out of Oliver’s body.

She closed her eyes tightly at that brutal scene.
But she saw the man shake off his brother’s blood with one swing of his sword, and she saw Oliver’s body collapse into her mother’s arms.


Her mother screamed and hugged her brother.
In front of them, the man turned towards her mother.


Reflexively, she jumped up and run to the man.
That bastard, the killer, she couldn’t let him hurt her mother.


She hugged him by the waist and pulled him.
She tried to keep away the man from her brother and her mother.

“Lady Biscon.”

The man’s voice was dark and heavy.
He was even slightly polite.
Calling her by her correct title in that situation felt like a bad joke.

No, a bad joke was better.
She felt goosebumps all over her body at the man’s behavior and the way he spoke.
Even so, she didn’t let go of waist.

Even if he cut off her arm, she couldn’t let go.

“Let go.”

The man spoke calmly.
He was still using a gentle and polite way of speaking. 

‘Why are you doing this?’

Tears came out, but she tried hard not to cry out loud.

“Oh, Mother!”

Her voice came out strangely because of her crying.
She sobbed and called her mother. 

‘You have to run away.’

All around her mother was devastated.
The bodies of the dead servants and the moans of those wounded by the man’s sword were terrifying.

“Mom, come on!”

She shouted as she pulled the man.
But even though she was hanging on and pulling with her whole body, the man was moving as if he was not constrained at all.


She couldn’t possibly do it.
Holding on to the curtain with one arm and holding the man’s waist with the other, she turned her head to see if her mother had run away.

Her mother was still sitting in front of the man.
She saw that her brother’s body, limped in her arms, was stained red like the man’s.
The difference is that the blood that dyed the man’s body was the blood of the people he killed, but the blood that stained his brother’s body was the blood from the his wounds.

“This beast!”

Her mother shouted as she hugged her brother.
Her eyes were staring at the man.
She stared at Oliver in her mother’s arms and prayed that he would not die.

‘Please stay alive.
Please, please stay alive.’

Maybe someone who ran away will call for help.
If enough people come, she might be able to save her brother.

In the corner of her head praying earnestly, there was another strangely rational her.
And that rational being already knew that her brother was dead.

“Kill me too!”

Tears flowed again at her mother’s cry.

‘No, no, mother.
I tried my best to stop the man.
Please, please anyone, please help me.’

The man said nothing.
He just took one step towards her mother.
With that alone, she missed him and, unable to overcome the recoil, bounced against the wall and fell.

The next moment, the man looked back at her.
Oddly enough, the attitude seemed concerned about her.
A light crossed his eyes.

As she hit the wall and let out a moan and moved her body, the man’s eyes flashed with relief.

But she, who bounced off, did not see.
As soon as she corrected her posture, she came to her senses and looked at her mother.


‘Mother is still there.
Why hasn’t she run away?’

Perhaps she was distraught over her brother’s death.

‘No, no.
Oliver is not dead.
He’ll still be alive.
If only someone comes… if a doctor comes.’

She made up my mind and jumped at the man again and shouted.


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