A figure five times taller than a normal man, having eight muscular packs, dark brown fur spread across its body from head to toe.

With small red eyes that glared at me intensely, I shuddered a bit.

It felt like a battle between cowboys, who move faster than others will win.

The silence broke down as I breathed air in. The bear rushed at me and jumped.

”Oh shit! ” I activated my boots and dashed from there.


Shockwave spread, all of my Summon present there crumbled into pieces. One third of my Summon disappeared from this world, leaving only 25 mighty bear undead and 30 skeleton wolves.

Sniff…All my cores and hardwork ruined.

My sorrow quickly faded as the bear threw the bear that crawled at its body.

”Gwarrrrr!! ” A loud roar escaped its mouth and the advancing Summon flung away.

”What the hell am I doing?! ” I slapped my cheeks drawing myself out from being dazed at the bear.

I crazily wanted it in my horde.

Do you know why undead are really useful? It is because they aren affected by poison!

”Poison ground! ” With my command, and where I wished, the ground turned green.

Feeling a sense of danger, the bear jumped from there.

However, I didn stop myself there. ”Poison Ground!… ” I cast the spell until it filled the entire ground.

The bear affected by the poison turned pale, its life essences slowly fading. However, it did not lose its energy.

The best looked at me. A tingling sense of fear spread in my body. I crazily chanted various skills.

”Electric Zap, ice bolt, fireball! ” The bear jumped despite getting hit by various skills.

I ran with my speedy boots and still jumped so as not to get affected by the shockwave.

Really, F rank skills are not useful against E rank monsters. The electric zap only paralyzes the monster for a second.

I again cast that skill, but it still moved with lag. I cast fireballs running away from the monster.

Ice bolt, fireball and poison ground did a number on the bear. The bear had tough skin, and good defense.

I cast fireballs multiple times, which burned some of the fur. While my ice bolt hit the head, in hope to cool its eyes.

The poison ground slowly but steadily decreases the bear hp.

”Fireball! ”


The monster finally fell on the ground. The boy faded leaving a glistening book.

”Hah! ” I fell on the ground breathing heavily. I thought the battle would go easily, as killing minion bears was a piece of cake.

”Who would have thought the boss was hundreds times tougher than the minions? If it wasn for my boots, I would have died either crashed or by the shockwave. I need defensive skills, and items. Also, I need to equip myself with speed spells. If I don prepare myself, I should just give up going inside a D rank dungeon. ” I contemplated.

After a while, I picked up the skill book and learned it.

[Minor Shockwave: Create a shockwave around the caster.]

”Great skill! ” I couldn help but be happy looking at the skill. With this skill, I don have to be afraid of enemies coming at me…At least, weak enemies.

With that said, I started round 2 in the dungeon. All the monsters were killed easily by me, and turned into my mobs.

Not long after, I again reached the boss room.

I entered the room and stared at the muscular giant, who could crush me as easily as an ant.

I didn hesitate and cast my skills from the start. I created a shockwave around me, and cast fireball and ice bolt multiple times while spraying the ground green with my poison ground skill.

I didn let out my summons this time, as I couldn endure watching their crushing defeat.

After a while, as I ran around, firing my skills, like in games where the mage character is at 10m away from the boss, I defeated the boss.

The huge beast crumbled down and disappeared leaving a shining item.

”Tit Tin Ting! Dual Sword obtained! ” I was proud, a little bit.

Later, I raided the dungeon 10 times in a row, never once feeling bored. The rate of my clearing increased, as I increased my undead. They did all the dirty work from killing the monster to gathering the cores.

My work was only to handle the boss.

Never in my life had I felt this excited and happy. The feeling of being powerful is addictive.

As the sun set down, and stars appeared. I left the dungeon after my 28th clearing.

375 new bear monsters were added to my team. My total unit reached 400 bear units and 30 wolf units.

I also gained 5 weapons, 2 rings, 1 gloves, 3 minerals, 590 cores, and 7 skills in total.

3 F rank skills and 4 E rank. I learned 3 new skills and left others to sell as they were not that useful for me.

I equipped the ring and gloves. Minerals that look like stone are used in a variety of places. So, they would be sold.

Weapons, I don use much so, I will sell them too.

After planning everything, I left the dungeon. Having a storage ring is handy as all my items and half of the cores were placed there.

Other half remained in my bag.

I reached the hunter guild and sold all the unnecessary things for a huge amount of money.

Then I reached the hotel and ate my meal before sleeping.

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