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(( ”Twelfth?? ”)) Margaret stared at the rectangle, her eyes scanning the information rapidly, going through it over and over again, as if rereading would change the words on the image before her. (( ”Thats impossible. Isn there only supposed to be eleven?! ”))

Elemental Rookies were rare. Almost rare enough to be counted on three hands.

Despite how simple becoming a Rookie sounded on paper, very few individuals in the world could pass the Trials before the age of 13. In order to pass, one must successfully complete 2 out of 3 Trials, testing ones magical abilities, physical abilities, and combat ability. Very few could even pass the requirements for the first two at the age of 14, let alone any time before that. Those that DID manage to surpass the average could only do so at 13, when their physical capabilities and combat prowess had been substantially heightened. It was almost impossible to become a Rookie without possessing monstrous talent and training, of which the vast majority of individuals lacked, regardless of race or gender.

Every decade, there were a select few who would always pass the Trials with flying colors and take their place as Elemental Rookies. Without exception, these people would either go on to make peerless achievements that rocked the worlds or would die young.

In the current decade, there were only supposed to be 11 who had made it. At least, thats what Margaret had believed up until that particular moment.

”Hmmmm. Looks like they marked you as dead, ” Mako remarked, interrupting Margarets train of thought. He had his finger under his chin, a thoughtful look on his face as he stared at the information on the screen before his cloaked companion. ”Pretty interesting if you ask me. Whatcha think? ”

”Not much to say. ” The hooded figure shrugged. ”I left without telling the WGC shortly after that incident. Its reasonable to think that I didn make it out alive. ”

”Yeah. I guess you have a point, ” Mako said, in complete agreement with Jaks take. ”Suppose it doesn truly matter. ”

Swiping downwards on the rectangle, Jak closed the hologram, shutting the orb down. Without another word, the young teen reached into the folds of his cloak and pulled out the katana Margaret had noticed when they first walked up. The sheath was pitch black with veins of fiery crimson running down the length of it, a red so bright that it almost appeared to glow. The hilt was completely black while the guard was a mixture of the two colors, half black and half red. On the bottom of the sheath, a small symbol rested in the center.

Jak pulled the sword slightly out of the sheath for a brief moment, allowing the violet eyed receptionist to see the pure red, orange, and yellow mixed blade, a color that churned and swirled, as if it were a living flame. The next moment, he was handing it over to Mako, who wrapped it carefully in a blanket before taking it. It wasn until the moment Jak was walking towards the Examinees that she snapped out of the trance she had been in.

”Wait. What about the rules? And the reg- ”

”Don bother Marg. ”

The purple haired woman stopped mid-sentence, her gaze shifting from the boys receding back to the blonde haired receptionist from before. It seemed that she had managed to finish calming everyone down and silencing the unruly individuals, hence why no one was continuing to chat in anything above a whisper. Everyone, including Margaret herself, possessed a deep-rooted fear for Flora, and those that didn quickly learned why everyone else did.

”He won stop for you, ” Flora continued, light brown eyes staring at Jaks cloak. ”Theres no point in even trying to. ”

”Thats entirely correct, ” Mako muttered as he walked up to Flora, eyes also on the retreating figure. ”Jak only seems to have one gear at the moment. Forward. ”

”He hasn changed too much has he? ” Flora asked, glancing at Mako. ”Its been a while since THAT happened. ”

”No….Hes changed. ” Mako looked at the bundled up katana in his hands. A sort of ominous silence fell over him as he stared at it, red eyes gazing at the symbol near the bottom. ”Hes definitely changed. ”

”Wait, Flora. ” Margaret tilted her head. ”Are you saying you know him? How? When? Can I get the details? ”

Flora smiled. ”Don you have a job to do? ” She pointed towards the line of impatient looking people, of whom had only stayed silent due to Floras presence.

”Oh right. ” Margaret cleared her throat. ”Can the next one please step forward? ”

Flora turned to Mako. ”You be sure to take care of those things okay? Ill see you after the Trials are over. Well do some catching up then. ”

Mako nodded. ”Sure. Id be honored. ”


The WGC was shaped like a giant sideways rectangle, and the majority of it could be summed up with two boxes. The left box contained the entryway, the receptionists counter which was blocked off by thick glass that magically moved whenever needed, and the quest board, where guildless adventurers went to collect potential job opportunities. On the right box, a waiting area rested on the same side as the entryway complete with tables and cushioned chairs, and at the other side was a large empty space, where others would wait next to the doors that would take them into the Trials for the Adventurers Exam.

The crowd for the current Exam had already formed and was very near its completion, around 40+ individuals milling about, chatting, and trying to pass the time until the Exam started. Of course, the topic on hand was about the cloaked newcomer, and the majority of them didn have very nice things to say about him.

As Jak made his way into the crowd of people, the gossip and chit chat grew louder, ensuring that the hooded figure could hear every single word.

”New guy looks stupid as hell. Can believe they
e letting this ignoramus into the group. ”

”I don know. The outfit looks pretty badass. I wouldn mind wearing it. ”

”Looks pretty weak more like. Can imagine him doing well in the Exams. At least, he won be doing better then me. Competition looks pretty poor all around. ”

”I heard that hes doing a Reinstatement Exam. Meaning hes already passed the Trials. Wonder why hes taking them again. ”

”Happens all the time. Some guy passes by chance, goes Rift Hunting and learns that he can keep up with actual skill. Poor fool probably quit before he even began life as an adventurer, bailing because it was far too tough. ”

”He came in with an Elemental Rookie though. Can be all bad. ”

”Hanging out with genuine talent and skill doesn equate to HAVING talent and skill. If I was frie

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