“We’re back.”

When I got home, Kana was nowhere to be seen, so she didn’t get mad at me like yesterday.

Kana belonged to the dance club, and she didn’t have many days off and her activities were rigorous.

After we got home, Mother came home.

It seemed that she had gone shopping and was carrying heavy bags in both of her hands.

“Mother, I will help you prepare dinner.”

“Ara, Thank you Yumika-chan.”


Mother and Yumika went straight to the kitchen.

I wanted to chill out, so I decided to relax in my room.

“…This is obviously no good.
This is bad.”


I changed from my uniform to lounge wear, dived into bed, and writhed in agony worrying about what’s going to happen from now.

I have definitely fallen in love with my twin, Yumika.

If we continue to close the distance, this feeling will only increase.

But there’s no way to distance ourselves and I’d rather be with Yumika.

I was angry at myself for that, so I listened to music and closed my eyes to enter my own world────


Apparently I fell asleep listening to music.

I got the sense that not much time had passed, so I assumed it was time for dinner.

For some reason, it feels so good……

The pillow was soft and warm.


When I opened my eyes, Yumika was peering into my face.

“Are you awake? It’s almost time for dinner.”

For some reason, Yumika was giving me a lap pillow..

No wonder it felt heavenly.

“Don’t just barge in like that.”

“I came to call you because it was time for dinner, but Sakiya was sleeping comfortably with a cute face.”


I got up and moved away from Yumika.

Just when I was thinking of keeping a little distance, she moved closer.

“Just wake me up normally.”

“You didn’t like the lap pillow?”

“Of course it was good.”

“Pfft, you’re contradicting yourself.”


It’s impossible……

Even when I think about keeping my distance, Yumika closes the distance.

All I can do is endure.

“Let’s go have dinner.”


As I started to walk away, Yumika naturally grabbed my hand and held it.

“Why are we holding hands?”


I wish she didn’t stimulate me any further, but Yumika would not allow it.

She was rubbing me the wrong way.

“I don’t see why it’s strange for us to hold hands since we’re twins.”


It wouldn’t be strange if it was only twins, but when it comes to twin high school students, that was a different story.


“You’re right.
But only when it’s just the two of us.”


As I declared, Yumika let go of my hand when we entered the living room and stood in front of my mother and Kana.

“Onii-chan! That comedian is on!”

Kana had come home and forcefully pulled my hand to bring me in front of the TV.

It was not strange for families to hold hands.

So I told myself that it was only natural to hold hands with Yumika.

『I will do an exaggerated Kirito imitation.』

On TV, my favorite shirtless comedian was performing an act.

Kana hugged my waist as we watched TV together.

『Switch! Switch! Asuna Swiiiiiiiiiitch!』(TL: Sword Art Online)

I burst out laughing at the comedian’s joke.

I like comedians because having fun makes you forget your worries and hardships.

“This comedian is funny.
I like him too.”

Yumika watched TV with me while holding my free right arm.

Come on, you’re being too bold, clinging to me in front of my family!?

What if they get the wrong idea!

“Ara~ Sakiya’s so popular.”

My mother laughed at this situation, but Kana was not laughing.

“If you don’t eat soon, it’ll get cold.”

With a word from my mother, everyone took a seat at the table.

It was Tonkatsu today.
(TL: Japanese Pork Cutlet)

The food, which Yumika was said to have helped prepare, was honestly delicious.

Yumika had lived with her father and had many opportunities to cook.

I’m not a great cook, so that’s where I differ from my twin, Yumika.

Yumika put soy sauce instead of sauce on her pork cutlets, which was the same habit as mine.

I’m hopeless…

I suddenly realized that if I am not careful, I will be only thinking about Yumika, and so I reflected on this.

My head is already full of Yumika──

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