My Superstar Idol System

Second Chance - 2

To explain my past a little bit, if yall were confused.

Like I stated before, I had been a scumbag in my first life, living a life full of sin and defilement as I kept the image of a refined scholar on the outside, fooling everyone.

Then, I had died from lung cancer.

Opening my eyes again, I had found myself in a world very similar to the one that I had lived my first life in, with a lot of differences.

The first and foremost difference that had become apparent was the fact that I was born before my sister.

Sure, she was still my adopted sister (I was the one that was adopted into her family) and looked the same as in my past life, but now, I was 9 years older instead of being 9 years younger.

Basically, we had switched birthdates.

As I started growing up, I had noticed a second difference about this new world that I lived in.

And that was the idol scene.

You see, the idols were still the same, but there was one stark difference.

Instead of all the popular, beautiful, female idols being grouped together, they had all been in separate girl groups, and the group names had been changed.

It was only until I found that one fanfic that I had figured out what had happened.

Damn horny author, just putting them all in the same group to write stories about orgies.

The fanfiction had been absolutely abhorrent in my eyes, as I found out that a certain guy I knew in my past life had been a ”protagonist ” and that he had ended up with a huge harem of idols.

But, it wasn like I had done anything better than him, with some of my actions having definitely been a lot worse than what he did.

And, although the fanfiction had been absolutely disgusting, it had answered a lot of questions that I had about my past life, living in this life in this alternate universe where I had become a completely different person.

Sure, it had been a little hard at first, with me being scummy and all, but, in the end, I had changed for the better.

Well, it actually wasn that hard, as assassin training definitely killed everything about the first life me.

Ah, I was an assassin in my second life if you couldn get that from the first chapter and from what I had said above.

After reaching four years of age, I had suddenly been trained by some shadowy guys and then thrust into the industry, quickly making a name for myself as an assassin that was definitely way too mature for his age.

Everyone just blamed it on my harsh training though, as it seemed like I had inherited the legacy of my family, which, surprising how I didn know this in my first life, had been a family that had created some of the most legendary assassins to ever live, as their legacies still inspired hundreds of young assassins to this day.

Oh, that reminds me, I should confront Noona about this.

Some things had been made obvious now that I knew this fact about my family.

It seems like she sacrificed a lot for me.

With her being the firstborn in the fanfiction world, it was obvious what she had become instead of me.

But she was also an idol… ah, but that just makes the job easier.

Somebodys dead? I was performing at a concert. Deaths seem to happen wherever you go? Its a crazy fan. The president died watching your performance? He was a horny bastard.

Damn, now that I thought about it, I should have become an idol as a cover for my killings.

Welp, what was done was done, I couldn go back anyways.

So, onto the third and final difference that I had noticed, and that was the fact that Chaebeols were a thing in the fanfiction world.

It honestly looked like the addition of chaebeols into the world was just a way for the author to power up the MCs social standing quickly, but for me, this had led to some devastating consequences.

Like the fact that my wife was actually the heiress of the largest chaebeol family in Korea.

I certainly never knew that when we had married each other, and she had never told me, probably thinking somewhere on the lines of, ”I finally found a guy that loves me for who I am. ”

On the other side, I had basically screwed myself over, having already started doing some bitchy things.

Still, I never got why she endured all of my shit. She had the power to end my life with one word after all.

Yes, this was something I had to learn in this third life of mine, as I still didn know everything even with the original source of my first lifes world, it being a fanfiction with its shitty ass world building and bad writing quality.

I would just have to figure it out myself.

Anyways, back to my past, I had left the knowledge that my first lifes world was just a fanfiction in the back of my brain as I continued to live a ”regular ” life.

I wasn going to lie though, the best part of my second life was being the older brother.

You people with older siblings would never get this, but, being the older sibling was the best. I don care what you younger siblings have to say, because youll never be able to experience it anyways, but yes, once you become an older sibling, theres no going back.

And the feeling of using all the tricks my sister had used on me back on her, ooohh, that was the most satisfying feeling in the world.

But then again, it felt good to be pampered every once in a while, and that only happened when you were the younger sibling.

You know what? Now that I had experienced both world, I honestly wanted both.

No, that didn mean that I wanted to be the middle child, as that was obviously the worst sibling position, everybody knows that.

Its just…

Ah, that doesn matter anyways. I had now been set as the younger brother again, and so I would get into that mindset again.

Anyways, I already explained the end of my second life, dying after having made a rookie mistake.

So now, I was back in my first lifes world, as a changed man of course.

To put it all simply, I died, got transmigrated and became an assassin, died, and then got transmigrated back to the first world.

Basically a pseudo regression with double the memories.

And that was my past.

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