The next morning, I took breakfast alone, Mom was still out there doing whatever and she never cared to call or inform me when shed be back. Fox had left early. Thanks G! I had the dining table to myself and Lobelia, Akira, Masha, Amal and Alexa joined me.

”No school today? ” Alexa was the first one to notice that I hadn worn my usual school attire.

”My leave expires tomorrow. ”

”Since your mom isn around, any plans for today? ” Akira followed.

”Nope, any ideas? ”

”Theres this friend of mine hosting a party tonight and I want you guys to tag along. ” Masha informed us.

”Im in. ” Akira and Alexa chorused.

”Me too. ” Lobelia said.

”Why not? ” I said without giving it a second thought.

”What about you Amal, ain going? ” Masha realized she was gloomy and quiet. She nodded sadly indicating she couldn make it but I sensed something was wrong with her.

”Cmon girl, don be a party pooper, ” Masha persuaded her.

”Whats the use of going to a party when all I want is to be loved. He broke my heart into a million pieces, I loved him but he only saw me as a friend. He couldn even give me a tiny chance and all he could say was I love Aisha…Aisha is the one I have eyes on. ”

”That only means you were invisible and he couldn see you in any way. ” Alexa sneered.

”Who the heck does that? ” Lobelia questioned.

”Thats a good reason enough to get wasted and call him to pick you up and the rest… ”

”Will be history. ” We chorused.

Alexa was always enthusiastic and full of life. She was Miss Plan B when Plan A seemed not to work.

”Make sure Malik comes to pick me up when Im drunk, I want to take advantage of my vulnerability and kiss him. Even if I won be able to his life partner, I want to be the one to kiss him first before Aisha. ”

Amal was throwing tantrums and she made us laugh.

”So Malik loves Aisha and he hasn owned up to his feelings? Oh poor boy, he doesn know whats coming for him. ” Akira shook her head with a lot of fake sympathy.

”We are the girls of the night. Yall should dress to kill. And please, its red or black lipstick to steal the show. ” Masha swung her body with positive vibes.

All that while I was thinking of what to wear since I hadn given my closet an impeccable design. It was to rummage through my entire closet for that beautiful short flare dress mom gave me sometime back.


I was doing final touches on my face when they showed up, the five gang were dressed like strippers and I was the only one in a short dress.

”Oh girl, lets fix your mess. ” Alexa ripped off my short dress and threw me a pair of a revealing jamsuit.

”Five minutes. We will be waiting downstairs. ” She added as they walked out.

The black jamsuit hugged my curves and I wore black boots, looking at myself on the mirror, I was stunned. Striking and alluring beauty. I liked the new version of myself, with makeup on, I was glowing.

I went downstairs and we all crumbled into the Rolls-Royce. I pulled away from the mansion and stepped on the gas. Justin Bieber Intentions was playing as my girls sang along.

The party was being held at the newest club in town and many people had blocked the way trying to get access to the party.

Stepping down, we passed the rest and made quite a show when we walk in.

”Hey guys! Im glad that you made it. ” A skinny blonde gave us a quick hug and took us upstairs.

”My name is Maxine and welcome to my humble abode. ” She introduced herself to us.

The club was hers, according to Masha, Maxine was a spoilt brat and lived lavishly. Her parents were rich and absent always. They gave her everything except maternal and paternal love. She cared less if they didn check up on her because she was super fine. She liked partying.

She showed us around her huge house and later, we got to the party where the music was so loud. I took a glass of champagne and drank it and it was time to have fun. I joined Akira and the rest who were partying hard, dancing and wriggling their bums to male hunks.

Amal was already wasted after a few shots of tequila. I had only drank one glass of champagne planning not to get drunk because I was going to drive. Suddenly, a tall guy pulled me to the dance floor and made me dance, shaking my body seductively to him.

”I like that. ” He licked his lips dry and spanked me.

”Hey! You don get to touch a lady that way. Fuck off man! ” I yelled at him as I walked over to the bar stroller for another drink.

”One glass of whiskey please. ”

I drank it one go and it spiked me up. On my right side, a girl with glasses was smoking weed and her partner sniffing powder. If I were to do that, mom could skin me alive.

The alcohol was slowly taking over but I was a little bit sober to walk. I looked for Lobelia and the rest and they were nowhere to be found. I felt like puking all of sudden so I looked for the washrooms. I threw up and wiped my mouth with a napkin. I then rinsed my mouth and walked back to the crowd of people still searching for my girls.

I gave up and decided to stride to the garden for some air. The cold wind made me sick and I coughed several times. Suddenly, I felt something warm on my shoulders and someone was kind enough to offer me his jacket. I knew that scent, I hoped it wasn him.

I turned around and met his burning gaze. For sure it was him.

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