Three days had past and my head was no longer in pain. After taking the bandage off, my scalp was finally healing. Mabel texted me from time to time to know my condition and I was happy that someone cared for me apart from the maids. As for Fox, I didn know if he did because he was always in my mothers room.

It was sunny, a good time to swim. I changed into my bikini and went to the backyard. It had been so long since I last took swimming lessons. I wasn quite a good swimmer and I was yet to learn how to float on water.

I climbed down the pool and sat on the bottom end of the pool for some time until I had a splash like someone lifting me up.

”What the heck Fox! ” I shrilled.

”Are you trying to kill yourself? ”

I wasn planning on doing so, I just wanted to have some time alone. ”

Do you know that you can drown especially if you don know how to float? ”

”Wait, are you stalking me? ”

”No, Im not, isn it obvious that you don know? ”

”Lets cut the chase here, admit that you have been stalking me on insta. Someone liked one of my pics, I guess by accident and I knew it was you. So don try to act smart. ” I challenged him and he chuckled lightly.

”I can teach you if only you allow me to. ” He offered.

”No way! Id prefer someone else and not you. ” I was quick to reject him.

”Are you afraid of your mom? Don think Im a fool not to realize the tension between you two. I saw the way she was beating you the other day. When I realized I had left my passport, I returned only to see her beating you up. I just walked away to avoid unnecessary drama. ”

”And here I thought you were so blinded by her charms. ” I grunted inwardly.

”Shes not around, so don freak out, Ill protect you from her in case she shows up. ” He spoke like it was so easy to make her understand.

”Cmon, theres no harm in trying. ” He winked at me and he was too tempting to resist. His hot body at my disposal. I scanned his body from head to toe. His bare chest, tough biceps on his arms not forgetting his firm legs. What caught my attention was the junk inside his short pants. What if he sprang his cock free? I had only seen it once when he was thrusting my mom in her room but now he was so close, so close enough that I could see his bulge.

”Holy crap. Focus Azora, focus! ” I slapped myself twice snd I saw him knitting his brows. Was he disappointed? Did he think I was a psycho?

”Whats with the slapping? ” He asked out of the blues.

”Nothing. Maybe give me some basics how to float before I sink into something else. ”

”Are you ready? ”

I nodded as he drew closer, my breath hitched as I felt his hands on my waist. I flinched and thinking of him making love to mom made me move further away from him and then I walked out of the pool. I took my towel and went upstairs.

”Azora! Azora! I could hear him calling me until he barged into my room.

”Did I do something wrong? ”

”No, you didn . I don think Im ready to float. ” I lied.

”Oh really? Do you know that you
e bad at lying huh? ”

”Im not ready, you can leave. ” I tried to push him away but instead, he pushed me hard to the wall and locking the door, I had no way to escape. He then carried me to the bed and pinned me down.

”If you tell me whats bothering you, Ill let you go, if you don , Ill ** you harder and leave you sore! ”

”Is that a threat? ”

”Consider it as one. I know you
e lying, spill the beans now! ” He commanded.

”For **s sake! You
e my mothers boy toy, have some dignity. ”

”And who said I couldn screw the daughter who has been secretly crushing on me? Admit it Azora, you have a crush on me. Thats the reason why you can bear me touching you inappropriately. ”

He got me eventually, what I dreaded hed find out, finally came out. Provided that we were in awkward positions, I had to admit that I kinda felt attracted to him, maybe it was a crush.

”Okay! I have a crush on you, happy now? You can as well as let me go. ”

Just when I thought that hed let me go, I was mistaken. He held both of my hands against the headboard and brought his hot lips closer to mine. I wanted to resist so badly but at the same time I wanted to know how they tasted. Those lips had kissed my mom and now he was going to kiss me. I subconsciously closed my eyes and waited for him to kiss me but he didn dare to move. I opened my eyes and he was gone. Was I dreaming?

How stupid of me to make a fool of myself. Did I expect him to dive in as he did with mom? Now I was done for, he knew that I was in dire need of him. I was embarrassed and didn know if Id face him the next time I happened to be in his way.

I removed my bikini and stepped into the shower perhaps to cool off my burning body. I really needed a cold shower to kill those sensations between my thighs. I couldn believe I let my guard down for him to render me helpless as he wished. Now I tended to agree with Simones theory of women as weaklings in front of men. Fox pinned me down on the bed, I didn scream because I didn have the guts to. Men still ruled the world and the war against patriarchy was far from over.

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