My Mother’s Hot Boy Toy

I have a crush on you

I was glad classes were over, I was tired of Miss Redmonds philosophies. Did she want to become Miss Socrates or what? It was time get home.

I stuffed my old dictionary into the locker and locked it. I walked down the hallway and someone hurried to catch up with me. I knew who walked like a kangaroo, it was Mabel.

”Can we talk? ” For once she asked politely without making a fuss.

”Sure thing. ” I simply said.

We walked to the school yard in silence and sat on the bench adjacent to the flower beds.

”So, what did you want to talk about? ” I asked plainly.

”Actually, I don know where to start from or whether I should give you credit for saving my ass from that freak. I don blame you though, it was better that way, for me to find out the truth. ” She faked a laugh and I knew she was hurting deep down. Tears brimmed in her eyes and she let them wash her white blouse.

”Im sorry, I didn mean to hurt you in any way. I was just trying to defend myself from you both. I was tired of your games because neither of you was a **ing honest friend to me. ”

”Yeah, we pretended to like you and I know its too late to make amends for everything. I was so stupid to believe Jax, he prefered to ** Lolita all along. To hell with them!! ”

”To hell with them. ” I comforted her and she leaned onto me, sobbing and whimpering.

”Hush now, hes a fool not to realize you can make any guy cum more than Lolita, it his loss. ”

Having said that, she withdrew from me and sat up straight.

”About that, Ive been wondering if I could ever make a man jizz on my tummy. Azora, theres a lot you don know about me. Im still a virgin, ** that! ” She was embarrassed.

”Im a virgin too. ” I assured her.

”But what….. ”

”That guy from earlier on, hes my mothers boy toy. ” There was nothing to hide about my mom. Everyone knew she was a bad mother.

”Any spark yet? ”

”No way! Mom will kill me if try to meddle in her love affairs. ” I was quick to dismiss her claims.

”It wouldn be bad if you screw him once. ” Mabel jested.

”If only a chance provided itself. ” I jested back.

”Im not ashamed to be a virgin. One day, Ill find my soulmate, one wholl understand my flaws and not only taste the waters but eat me whole. ”

She hoped and I was at least relieved that she wasn in a hurry or desperate to have her first time.

”Someone to love us even at our lowest. ” I added.

”Thanks for the pep talk, I appreciate it. I wish I had known you sooner and perhaps not judge you. We all have our shitty weaknesses and it makes us human because we bleed when we fall down. ”

”I concur with you. We
e only human. ”

I squeezed her hand and she smiled fondly in return. Despite hanging out with Lolita, she wasn like her, the latter was so full of herself wanting her cake and eating it too.


Mabel was a basketball player so she proceeded to the court as I went in search of a cab to take me home. I wasn a fun of co-curricular activities, Id rather get stuck in the library reading all novels, articles and doing research.

Moms old convertible pulled over and Fox, clad in a blue t-shirt and white shorts marching with a pair of white Snickers, stepped out. He walked towards me step by step and I avoided him by yanking the door open and getting in.

”You always surprise me. Are you perhaps afraid of me or what. Im not a freak and Im not going to **** you if thats what you think. ”

He blubbered nonsense and I buckled my seat belt ready to be driven out of school.

”I believe you
e not planning on keeping me here, lets go home for goodness sake! Unlike you, I have important things to do and not pulling my pants down for every peach I get my hands on. ”

That was enough to spite him. He stepped on the gas and used a shortcut to the woods.

”Thats not the way home, what the heck is wrong with you. ” I screamed at him but he continued to drive. I began to freak out and yanked the door open, jumping out and rolling on the road.

I writhed in pain when I touched the back of my head, I was bleeding. Suddenly, I began feeling dizzy and my vision became blurred. I could feel a pair of hands scooping me up from the ground and shaking me violently. I could not hang in and so I passed out.


I woke up and I was not in my bed. I rolled over and realized I was in a hospital bed. Fox was sleeping on the couch. I sat up and my head throbbed horribly. Groaning, I disturbed Foxs sleep and he woke up. He was so handsome even if he was smart from sleep.

”What time is it? ” I asked him.

”Its half past nine, I was worried you couldn make it here in time. ” He expressed his worries. So, he cared huh?

”And mom, does she know? ”

”Yes, perhaps shes on her way here. ”

”What did you tell her? ”

”Everything. ” He said.

”Fuck! You know how to put me into trouble, don you? ”

”Don get yourself worked up, just lie on the bed. The doctor will be here soon to check on you. ” He said all confident as if he knew everything about mom.

”You know nothing. ” I mumbled and lay back.

A few moments later, the door swung open and my mom stormed in like a gazelle escaping the jaws of a lion. Instead of checking on me first, she hugged Fox tightly asking him if he was alright.

”You should check on her, shes the one with the injury. ” Fox tried to reason out because she was making him uncomfortable with her touching his junk.

Mom turned around and scorned. She drew closer and whispered,

”You know how to invite trouble, don you? You little w*ore! ” She was spiteful and I was used to her scolding.

The doctor walked in and she pretended to rub my hair like she cared. I wished I could shove her away and reveal her true colors in front of Fox but what about the aftermath, she couldn think twice about throwing me out in the streets to fend for myself.

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