I was already late for school so I grabbed an apple from the bowl, took the car keys from the table and rushed out in a hurry only to see Mom kissing Fox.

”Aehm!! I cleared my throat and mom disengaged from Foxs arms.

”Honey, Ill have Fox dropped you to school. ”

”But mom….. ”

”No buts, Ill be using your black SUV today. Im going back to work. ” She said glaring hard at me.

”Hey! Jump in and lets go. ” He spoke.

”Take care honey. ” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and watched me open the door of her red convertible which she willingly gave a stranger to steer on. Once settled, I saw his hand move to my side. ”I can buckle the seat belt on my own, no need to help me. ” I warned him.

”Feisty huh? ” He smirked.

”Can we get going, Im late as it is. ” I acted casually around him. I felt like resenting everything about him. He pulled away from the mansion and got on the road. Every day was a disappointment, from cutting me off my daily allowances to taking my SUV as her own, what else was she going to take itaway from me? Everything Dad had given me she began taking them away one by one. What was she up to?

It was a silent drive all the way to Primrose. I couldn let him take all the way to the reserved parking lot for students. ” You can drop me here. ” I unbuckled my seat belt and yanked the door open.

He stopped the car and I got out without looking back. I didn want him to create tension in school. I didn want Mabel and Lolita to see him either, theyd begin spreading rumors that Im dating a hot hunk. I took a few steps then stopped when I remembered my satchel, I was in such a hurry to have forgotten that I had my books in that satchel. I turned back and came face to face with him. I inhaled every ounce of his blueberry cologne before figuring out what I was doing.

”You forgot this, ” he said handing the satchel to me while making an eye contact. There was something in his eyes that was so interesting for a minute I just kept staring at him so intently.

”Have a good day. ” He said and I didn hear any of it until he snapped me out of my reverie.

”Uhh? What did you say? ”

”Have a good day. ” He whispered and my earlobes twitched.

”Thanks. ” I muttered.

He scratched his temple and left leaving me stupefied. I turned around and four pairs of eyes were shooting daggers at me or rather drooling for him.

”Where did you get that one? ” Lolita asked.

”For all we know, you
e so lame when it comes to guys, right Lolly? ”

”Of course. ” Lolita concurred with Mabels statement.

They were trying every possible way to provoke me and for sure they managed to pull a nice one on me but, I couldn let them troll on me. One time they were acting all nice and the next, they were little cranky devils pissing me off. Since I had a high IQ theyd used that to their advantage. They were class clowns more than anything else and they remembered me during the exam period. I was kind enough to give them my knowledge or otherwise theyd get poor grades.

It had been a while since the three of us hang out together and I didn give a damn about it. They were fake friends after all and I didn need them in my life, I was fine before they even showed up in my life.

”If I were you, Ill shut the ** up! ” I hissed and walked out on them.

”How dare you! ” Lolita caught up with me and I had no choice but to face her.

”You still have the guts to follow me, huh? Why don you do yourself a favor and get going….I mean you suck Jaxs dick better than Mabel does. ” I clasped back at her in a hard way.

”Is it true? ” Mabel was dumbfounded.

”No! Shes lying. Ill never date your Jax. Cmon, you should trust me more than her besides I was your friend before she came along. ” Lolita sounded convincing but didn know that I had the evidence on my phone. The evidence of her giving Mabels boyfriend a blowjob in the store room and he kept complimenting her.

”You think you know your friend here, wait till I show you this, in fact Ill send you the little surprise. ” I tapped Mabels inbox and shared some dirty pics of Lolita and Jax. Mabel pushed Lolita to the floor and pulled her hair.

”B*tch!! How could you do this to me! ” She hit her across the face as the rest of us watched the drama unfold. Some of the students were quick to make videos of them, uploading them to their insta to gain followers. That was the tradition at Primrose.

Jax and Blake arrived at the scene to salvage their fragile girlfriends from killing each other.

”Wasn I enough? Tell me Jax! ” Mabel pushed Jax with her little hands.

”Hey, what are you talking about? What the heck is going on here? ” Jax grabbed her arms trying to confront her.

”She knows that I gave you a blowjob. ” Lolita said without remorse.

”WTF! ” Blake cursed out.

”Blake, Im sorry…..I was going to… ” Her voice trailed off.

”Don touch me! I thought we had something beautiful going on sadly it turns out you loved the latters boyfriend more than you loved me. ”

”It was a mistake, Blake. I couldn bring myself to tell you that I couldn wait any longer for you. ” Lolita confessed.

”So, this was all about sex! ”

”You thought Id enjoy only foreplays without making most of it? I needed to feel like a woman, Blake, and you couldn bring yourself to give me that. It sulks when your dick can wake up even when I stroke it. ”

”Spill it out baby!! ” Some naughty guys shouted.

”So you thought of flirting with my boyfriend, you psychopath!! ” Mabel yelled at her.

”No, you
e wrong baby, I didn seduce Jax, I didn have to make an effort. It was him who initiated and you know why, he told me that you couldn make him come. ” Lolita didn think twice about Mabels feelings so, everyone booed her.

”F*** you Jax! ” Mabel cursed out and scurried away.

The show was over and I strode highly to class. I didn give a damn care of what everyone will think about me. Sometimes it was good to say the truth and not watch a friend stabbing another friend on the back. I broke that friendship that was hanging by the thread. Lolita was so selfish and Mabel, an idiot who couldn open her eyes to the truth.

Despite of having to start the day with a horrible experience, I felt on top of cloud nine. For once, I wasn the weak Azora everyone had loved to take advantage of, in fact, they had to watch the way they were going to speak with me from that day onwards if they didn want to invite trouble. One thing about me was that, I watched, learned and applied.

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